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Why Motorcycle Mirrors Matter

Rearview mirrors play an important role when you are on the road. This is the main reason why all automobile companies are required, by law, to add them to the design of their vehicles. When considering the vulnerability of 2-wheeler users, it becomes clear that mirrors are even more essential for the safeness of riders.

However, in the attempt to improve the looks of motorcycles that they ride, it has become a common practice so to say for riders to get rid of the mirrors. As you probably intuit, this trend is harmful as it actively hampers with the safety of both the rider and that of the other traffic participants.

The law

If you are a seasoned rider, you probably know that not all states, such as Nebraska, require motorcyclists to have mirrors installed. However, the fact that you won’t get fined because you do not have mirrors on your ride should not be the ultimate argument that encourages you to get rid of them.

Per their design, bike mirrors can help you navigate traffic safely and they are an essential piece of gear you should not overlook.


The main purpose of the mirrors is to provide riders with a better view of the road behind them. By using the mirrors, the motorcyclist is able to ride his bike in a safer way and, consequently to avoid the other vehicles that are approaching him/her at considerable speeds.

A good awareness of the surroundings is key when it comes to road safety, especially for motorcycle riders because they are much more exposed in case of accidents. According to statistics made available by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017 alone, no less than 5.172 motorcyclists died as a result of injuries caused in motorcycle crashes.

Even more worryingly, studies show that more than half of all the traffic deaths are motorcycle riders. In 2018 and 2019, the number of those who died in motorcycle accidents increased by 3.3 percent.


If you are using the mirrors on your motorcycle as intended, you are provided with better visibility. This is important because this allows you to make smarter and safer riding decisions. As you probably know, all vehicles have what the specialists refer to as a blind spot. This happens because mirrors simply cannot give drivers a complete coverage of the road behind them.

As a rule of thumb, when you are on the road, behind a car, and you cannot see the mirrors of the vehicle, there is a high chance that the driver cannot see you. If you find yourself in the blind spot of a car, the best decision that you can make is to move and to position yourself in such a way so that you are visible to the driver.

In the case of trucks, because these vehicles do not have central mirrors, the blind spot for truckers is even bigger. A good way to avoid putting your life in danger is to ride to the side of the truck so that you are visible to the driver.

How to adjust the mirrors on your bike

To make sure that you have a good view of the road behind you, you have to take the time to adjust the mirrors on your ride. To start, you have to get on the bike and to sit in your normal riding position.

While doing so, you can also spare a few minutes to review your position. For instance, it is recommended that you avoid slouching, as this might interfere with the view that you get in the mirrors. Instead, try to keep your back straight and keep yourself centered on the seat. Of course, it should be added that, depending on the type of motorcycle that you own and ride, your position might vary.

If your mirrors are mounted on the handlebars of your bike, you can adjust them. The same cannot be said about those mirrors that are positioned on the front fairing. Before you start the adjusting process, make sure that the wheel of the bike points straight ahead. While you adjust them, it is vital that you make sure that your elbows and shoulders are visible in the mirrors.

If you are not happy with the mirrors that you have and you are now searching for mirrors for your moto, you should consider investing in blind spot mirrors, as they can provide you with a wider view of the road.

Stay alert

When you are on the road, it is crucial that you understand that you cannot solely rely on what you see in your mirrors. As we have mentioned before, mirrors have blind spots.

This is why, before you make any riding decision, you also do a shoulder check. However, this does not mean that you do not need to use and adjust the mirrors on your ride.

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