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Motorcycle Parts to Upgrade for a Faster and Smoother Ride


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A lot of people prefer to get motorcycles because of two primary reasons: mobility and affordability. Motorcycles are easy to move around in traffic and can allow riders to get to their destination more quickly. They can also be a lot cheaper than cars, especially in South and Southeast Asian countries.

A lot of motorcycle owners quickly become motorcycle enthusiasts and can join groups and clubs to share information about the latest in motorcycle technology, or share tips and tricks on how to take better care of their vehicle. Some of them even join message boards about motorcycles to ask “How do motorcycle title loans work?”

One of the most common things about getting title loans is that the better your vehicle, the higher your loanable amount will be. By upgrading a few parts of your motorcycle, you might be able to get a better going rate for a title loan, not to mention a much better ride.

Steering Dampers

Sometimes called a steering stabilizer, steering dampers improve the way you steer your motorcycle. Steering dampers provide more resistance when steering, which means that unintended motions from a pothole or a gravelly road will not have as much effect on the front wheel. This will allow more stability when navigating tight turns or going on long road trips on your motorcycle.

When riding a motorcycle, it’s often common to feel a lot of vibrations and shock from traveling on rough surfaces. Steering dampers use hydraulic systems to reduce the vibrations. When you upgrade steering damper components on your motorcycle, this can help prevent early fatigue from the transfer of the shocks from the handlebars to your hands and arms.


Traveling safely is always a priority when it comes to motorcycles. While most manufacturers outfit their motorcycles with good brake pads, the best brake pads in the market right now use a mixture of materials to help provide better bite on the wheels.

It might be overkill to install racing brake pads on a motorcycle you will use outside of a racetrack, but racing brake pads contain inorganic materials and metals that will help reduce brake fade. This will make them last longer than the standard brake pads provided by the manufacturer.

Air Filters

Contrary to popular belief, air filters do more than just clean the air being pumped into the engine of your motorcycle. Engines are essentially air pumps, which means that getting more air into the engine can result in more power and better fuel efficiency.

Air filters help facilitate this process by reducing the amount of dirt and particles that can scratch the engine and cause more wear and tear. But some air filters also restrict the airflow going into the engine, making it less efficient. Installing high performance filters in your motorcycle allows you to get the most out of your engine, boosting power and efficiency in fuel and battery consumption.

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