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Best Retro Movies about Muscle Cars to Watch with Your Girlfriend


American culture cannot exist without muscle cars, and therefore they appear quite often in films. The muscle car craze was at its peak during the 60s and 70s. So let’s look into some of the best retro movies about muscle cars.

1. Bullitt (1968)

A famous politician from San Francisco, Senator Walter Chalmers, got a chance to move up the career ladder. In his hands turned out to be an important witness, John Ross, who is ready to testify against the bosses of a major crime syndicate. Ross's life is in danger, and Chalmers places him under the protection of local police. Responsibility for the safety of the witness falls on the shoulders of Lieutenant Frank Bullit ...

2. Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

A driver and his mechanic travel around the country in their Chevy 55, simultaneously earning money for drag racing. A little later, they are joined by a hippie girl – she was also homeless. Later they meet a driver named GTO, after short a few conversations, they decide to join the race around the country, the winner of which will get the loser’s car...

3. Vanishing Point (1971)

Making a living by driving cars from town to town, Kowalski gets another task – to deliver a white Dodge Challenger to San Francisco from Denver. When the police are trying to stop him for an unclear reason, Kowalski defiantly refuses to obey the authorities and stubbornly runs away from persecution, making sure that none of the policemen chasing him will get hurt...

4. American Graffiti (1973)

The second film by George Lucas is dedicated to the cultural changes that began to occur in America in the late 50s. The film has become very popular and even somewhat iconic. This is a great movie to enjoy in the company of a person you love, but if you don’t have one, then be sure to check out RU-BRides.com, the best dating site one can find online.

5. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974)

An avid race driver, Larry and his mechanic Dick Sommers dream of winning a NASCAR race. To get the money that will help them get into the world of big races, friends decide to rob a supermarket. Grabbing one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, future champions start hiding from the scene of the crime. They are then joined by Larry’s girlfriend, Mary Coombs. Captain Franklin is organizing the pursuit of the trio but very quickly realizes that his patrol cars have a hard time catching up with Larry’s high-speed vehicle...

6. Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)

His job is car theft. His last contract: steal 40 cars in one week. But the police won’t just let him do it; thus, an exciting race begins!

7. Cannonball (1976)

The prize of a big sum of money will be received by one of the participants of the transnational automobile race, who will be the first to reach the finish line. It is an all-out race with no disqualification, no rules, and the most desperate and reckless racers of the world came to participate in it. There is only one goal – to come first, nothing else is important.

8. Corvette Summer (1978)

A guy likes to design and build exotic cars. When he was in high school, he collected all sorts of junk and scraps and ended up making the Corvette of his dreams, but it was soon hijacked and our protagonist goes on an exciting search for his car. A long and exciting journey is ahead of him.

9. Mad Max (1979)

It is the 20th century, after a global catastrophe, all the cities on Earth were destroyed, and people live along the roads. People turned into savages since there is no normal government and police, chaos, and lawlessness reign everywhere. Angry motorcyclists run rampant; they are ready to kill anyone for their own profit. Only one police officer named Max dared to fight them, and as a result, his partner was killed, and he himself managed to escape. In such a situation, Max needs to worry not only about himself but also about his family. Will he be able to protect people that are close to him?

10. More American Graffiti (1979)

The film is a story about how the hopes, dreams, and love of our good old high-school friends. The fire of youth is slowly fading away. Now they have to find a new meaning in life. Here’s an article about this often overlooked classic movie.

11. The Blues Brothers (1980)

Jake and Elwood Blues are brothers, and they are in love with music. However, things get dour when they find out that their home church will be demolished if they won’t pay $5.000 in time for it. The brothers do not have much time to search for money, and they decide to give a concert. However, Jake just got out of prison, and Elwood has his own troubles with the law, and everybody wants to get to them: the police, gangsters, and neo-Nazis. Before they save the church, the Blues brothers will have to deal with a real mess on the streets of Chicago ...

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