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What are NASCAR’s Next Gen cars and will they improve the sport?

Many will have already been rather excited by what they have seen in NASCAR at the moment, especially as this season will see the introduction of a new car, the NASCAR Next Gen car.

The new NASCAR car, which has debuted in the 2022 season, is a complete overhaul of the current model and has been built with the aim of making the sport more competitive, safer, and even more enjoyable for fans.

Ford’s Kevin Harvick has already said that teams are trying to learn how the new cars work and that the “first six weeks of races are going to be real hardcore races” as they all try to get used to them. Of course, this can be something that those betting on NASCAR can perhaps benefit from, as the market and odds available could be a lot better than if the car had not been changed ahead of this season.

What are some of the changes to have been made?

A couple of ways in which the new car is supposed to try and be better than previous editions is by being more aerodynamic and safer for drivers in regard to when collisions, with additional safety features to have been implemented within the designs and the final production of this vehicles.

One of the most notable changes is the addition of a rear spoiler. This will help increase downforce and make the car more stable at high speeds. The front splitter has also been lengthened and made taller to improve airflow under the car.

These changes should make the car faster and more competitive on the track. In addition, the new car is also designed to be safer for drivers in the event of a crash. The cockpit has been redesigned to provide more head protection, and the front of the car has been reinforced to absorb more energy in a collision.

Other changes include a new engine and aero kit, which will be used by all teams. The engine is a twin-turbocharged V6 that produces more power and better fuel economy. The aero kit will provide more downforce and help the car stick to the track in corners.

Additionally, the NASCAR Next Gen Car will be more affordable for teams. The price of the car is expected to cost significantly less than the models that have been used previously, although there are some that suggest it may be a little while before teams truly manage to benefit as much as they perhaps would like to immediately.

What is the horsepower of the car?

It is believed the NASCAR Next Gen car will have a package that will combine high horsepower with a level of low downforce; something that has over time proven to be rather popular with racers and fans of the sport.

It has been claimed that the engine will have an output of around 670 horsepower at most racetracks, with it being deemed enough to try and attract new automakers to join the sport and compete with the likes of Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota.


The NASCAR Next Gen Car is a major step forward for the sport. It should make the races more exciting to watch and provide drivers with a car that is more aerodynamic and safer to race.

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