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Why is NASCAR not popular in Europe?

The NASCAR racing series is iconic in the USA and other North American countries. These competitions annually attract tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of spectators who watch the struggle of the racers from the first to the last minute. At the same time, NASCAR cannot boast of many European fans. There are many reasons for the low popularity of the American racing series among Europeans. Let's try to understand each of them together.

Perception of NASCAR by fans from different continents

NASCAR races are perceived differently by spectators. These competitions have been adored in the USA since childhood, and this love is passed on from generation to generation. Thanks to the influence of the American media, many racers are glorified, which is why the audience better perceives the races themselves. Something similar is happening in countries neighboring the United States. However, in Asia and Europe, where racing is valued much more than in America, NASCAR is lost and becomes an alternative to more traditional competitions. The situation is challenging in Europe. Here, the legendary American racing series often receives minimal attention and the problem is unlikely to change shortly. All attempts to attract a European audience have been failed by NASCAR management, so, most likely, these competitions will remain predominantly American.

Reasons for NASCAR's low popularity in Europe

The low popularity of NASCAR on the European continent is due to several objective reasons. All of them are becoming insurmountable obstacles, which are unlikely to provide an opportunity to win the attention and love of European viewers shortly. Below, we will look at each of these reasons and try to predict the situation for the future.

Availability of a large number of alternatives

Europeans have a way of thinking that is often radically different from the American one. For example, despite any situation, US residents remain faithful to their Ford, Chevrolet, and Jeep at a time when there are many good alternatives to the models of these automakers. At the same time, Europeans even perceive a damaged or wrecked Evo 9 for sale as a possible option for purchase and are not afraid to discover cars created on other continents.

A similar principle of perception applies to NASCAR. This racing series has historically been the main one for Americans, so they often want to keep everything the same. At the same time, Europeans are considering many alternatives and finding the most exciting racing series for themselves. Today, famous leaders in Europe are Formula 1, MotoGP, and WRC. These competitions have long become part of the daily life of Europeans, which is why there is simply no free time left for NASCAR.

The boringness of NASCAR racing in recent seasons

In America, they love to make heroes out of ordinary people. Therefore, many NASCAR drivers who participated in past championships became legendary figures known worldwide, including in Europe. There are no competitors in NASCAR these days who can claim that status. This is mainly due to the peculiarities of modern racing and changes in regulations aimed at improving safety. All of them force riders into certain limits, which prevents them from taking risks and creating a real show on the track that a demanding European audience could appreciate. The result of all the changes was the appearance of similar races, most of which were so dull that even the spectators at the race track could not stand it and left their seats prematurely. Nowadays, the situation is the same. NASCAR leaders are not taking any measures that could make the competition as dynamic and spectacular as Formula 1, MotoGP, and WRC, which are popular in Europe.

Commitment to tradition

One of the main advantages of Europeans is their commitment to existing traditions. They are passed down from generation to generation and do not change for decades. It is this feature that prevents NASCAR from taking root in Europe. Here, motorsport fans are accustomed to watching many exciting races in Formula 1 every year, worrying about their favorites in MotoGP and being amazed at the skill of the WRC participants. Each listed racing series has its legends whose presence on the starting grid or the race track (as a spectator) arouses interest.

Approximately half of all races on the Formula 1, MotoGP, and WRC calendar are in Europe. For many, this becomes a reason to create new traditions, consisting of annual attendance at competitions. Gradually, such events became the most anticipated of the year and further strengthened the ties of Europeans with their traditional racing series. However, NASCAR races are held exclusively in America, which makes them inaccessible to many European residents. If we change something and bring NASCAR to famous European racetracks, the situation may change for the better.

Media influence

European media that pay attention to sports often mention Formula 1, MotoGP, and WRC but almost wholly ignore NASCAR. This is usually because journalists and article authors know little about this racing series and cannot objectively assess a particular race. Because of this, European motorsport fans do not receive much exciting information about NASCAR, which makes it impossible to popularize this competition. The only exceptions are cases when serious accidents or incidents occur on the circuit.

Low availability of NASCAR

The minimal availability of this racing series can explain NASCAR's low popularity in Europe. As mentioned earlier, most of the races occur in the USA, where not all Europeans can go. A similar problem exists with television broadcasts. Most well-known sports television channels prefer to acquire the rights to show racing series that are more popular and attractive to potential advertisers. Where NASCAR is broadcast in Europe, viewing figures for the event are pretty low.

The situation can only be corrected by making non-standard decisions. NASCAR management should do this, of course, if it has a desire to promote its product to the European television market. This could be beneficial for all parties, from broadcast organizers to the owners of the racing series themselves.

Lack of famous racers in the series

If a simple viewer who knows at least a little about auto racing carefully examines the list of NASCAR drivers, he is unlikely to find famous names there. The legends of this racing series ended their careers long ago, and no new personalities have appeared claiming this status. This contrasts especially strongly against the backdrop of popular competitions in Europe. Almost every racing series has its legends whose mere presence makes many turn on the TV or buy tickets to the race track.

Celebrities such as Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton participate in Formula 1 today. Each has fan clubs consisting of hundreds of thousands of people from different countries, while most NASCAR drivers do not have even a third of this number of fans. MotoGP has its legends. For example, Valentino Rossi, who relatively recently finished his racing career, remains in the public eye and perfectly manages his team. Today, celebrities such as Francesco Bagnaia, Marc Marquez, and Fabio Quartararo participate in these motorcycle races. The WRC championship is no less rich in celebrities. Here, every race weekend, you can watch Sebastien Ogier, Thierry Neuville, Elfyn Evans, and other famous racers.

NASCAR is a fascinating racing series, but only those who regularly follow it understand this. This is done mainly by Americans and people who have visited the USA several times. At the same time, the European audience, accustomed to Formula 1, MotoGP, WRC, and other legendary competitions, perceives NASCAR as an addition to the listed races and follows it only if they have a lot of free time. The situation is likely to remain the same in the future. However, there is hope that some revolutionary decisions will be made to give NASCAR a second chance and help it gain the attention of European motorsport fans.

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