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Who Is The Next Lewis Hamilton?


Lewis Hamilton is going to go down as one of the greatest F1 drivers that there has ever been and if he can push on for a couple more years then he does have the opportunity to put himself right at the top of that list. Hamilton’s 5 Driver’s Championships over the last 10 years has put him 2nd in the list of all time trophies and he is also second in most races won. When the curtain comes down on Lewis’ career he will be rightly remembered as a great, but who will fill his shoes once he goes? If I were to have a bet, these are the 4 drivers who I think have what it takes.

Charles Leclerc

2018 is the first season which Leclerc has had in Formula 1 and diving for Ferrari he is already showing his worth. Everyone expected Leclerc to be good but nobody was expecting him to perform the way that he has this season with a brilliant 6th place finish in Baku and his incredible drive in France where he reached Q3 for the first time. Currently Leclerc is rightly behind Sebastian Vettel in the pecking order but that will change very soon indeed, especially given the poor performances from the German this season.

Max Verstappen

Even Lewis himself has commented on the high probability that Max Verstappen has to become a World Champion and the Dutchman has shown little to suggest that this was hyperbole. Verstappen, still just 20 years of age, is already in his 4th season in Formula 1 and he has already achieved the feat of being the youngest F1 driver to win a race. Verstappen is now number 1 at Red Bull and whilst he has struggled from time to time this season, he will learn how to own that number 1 spot and we expect to see him challenging very soon indeed. Eddie Irvine recently commented on Verstappen in an interview with Novibet Sports, saying that he “is probably the ultimate talent.”

Valterri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas is waiting in the wings for Hamilton’s downfall and when that happens he will be more than ready to step in and take over where the Brit left off for Mercedes. Bottas is showing race-in and race-out the kind of class he has on the track and the talent which he possesses when it comes to squeezing every last drop out of his car. Bottas has already raked up 3 F1 wins but sitting at number 2 behind Hamilton means that he’ll have to settle for some more P2 finishes until Mercedes give him the green light.

Esteban Ocon

Ocon has showed his abilities during his time with a Force India car which shouldn’t be performing anywhere near the levels that it is. This is his 2nd season in F1 and he has already shown real quality and driving skill with a 5th place finish in both Spain and Mexico. I expect that if Ocon really wants to find the success that his driving skill deserves, he’ll have to move to another team with more money and faster cars.

Which do you think has the most chance of being the next Lewis Hamilton?

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