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Off-Road Racing


SUVs have firmly entered our everyday life. In the modern world, many people have several cars, one of which is certainly an SUV. Some use their SUVs exclusively for getting around the city, while others race off-road vehicles through the mud.

On the one hand, an SUV is not a cheap toy to kill off-road. Try, for example, a GMC hire in Dubai, and looking at the rental prices, smooth tracks, and the level of comfort that comes with a first-class rental service, you are unlikely to want to drive such a car off-road.

And on the other hand, it’s a sin not to try your hand at off-road racing. But in order to take part in competitions, a standard crossover may not be enough. That is, you can perform in the stock version, but you should not hope that you will take a worthy place.

Off-road racing on off-road vehicles means a serious refinement of the car. If the budget does not allow you to immediately do all the bells and whistles, then you can do everything gradually. The first and foremost thing you need to improve your SUV is, of course, the right tires and winch. Then you can set locks, increase ground clearance, install a snorkel, tune the engine and suspension.

What is off-road racing?

1. Ordinary driving. The most common and popular off-road racing. Roughly speaking, the men gathered in SUVs and drove through the mud. No experience or any special off-road driving skills are required from you. Often the crews participating in serious competitions use such races to train and run in their warhorse.

2. Orientation. This kind of off-road program discipline is attracting more and more participants in many countries. The essence of this race on off-road vehicles is as follows: you are given the coordinates of the points, they tell you the start and finish times, and then everything depends on the ability to use a GPS navigator, navigate the terrain, crew coordination, and, of course, good luck. The winner is the one who finds the maximum number of points in the shortest time.

3. Trial. Another type of off-road racing. 4x4 machine configuration is the main criterion for participation. In the Trial, you will need a filigree ability to drive your SUV. Typically, the trial is carried out on a small piece of land with difficult terrain. For example, a sandpit. Gates are set up here, which are slightly wider than the width of the SUV. The crew must pass through these gates without touching them. A certain time is given for the passage of the section.

Penalty seconds are charged for touching the gate or knocking it down, as well as for being late in the allotted time. In the trial, the crew is prohibited from leaving the car when it is in the section. The victory is celebrated by the crew that spent the least time overcoming the route.

4. Trophy raid. This type of off-road racing is the longest. A trophy raid can be calculated both for a day and for a month. The whole race is divided into special stages and takes place in stages. Start and finish in different places. The crew that completes the race in the shortest time wins.

In the USA, they make a whole exciting show out of it, which has been held for more than 50 years both in the form of off-road rallies and in stadiums with spectators. For such events, special cars are being prepared there - Trophy Truck, something between a pickup truck and a buggy. These vehicles come in two varieties - rear-wheel-drive PRO2 and all-wheel-drive PRO4 - and are equipped with motors of unlimited power - over 800 horsepower!

Suspensions of these cars have a very large stroke and energy intensity, which allows them, without fear of risky jumps, to fly almost a third of the distance through the air. On straight lines, Trophy Trucks accelerate to 180 km/h. Contact between cars is not prohibited, and the struggle in corners is completely uncompromising.


If you are the owner of an SUV and want to test it in harsh conditions, then take your friends, fill the tank under the cap and go into the forest. If this business drags you out, then join the jeep club of your city and participate in off-road competitions.

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