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The Cost Of Owning A Race Car

It's An Expensive Hobby, But Can You Do It?

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The appeal that can be derived from owning and driving a race car is one that is unique and undeniably fun. However, beneath all the adrenaline and the thrill that undoubtedly follows are a lot of responsibilities that a race car owner needs to consider.

It’s common knowledge that race cars are expensive. They all come with specialized frames, engines, tires, roll cages, and they are even powered by higher octane fuel. While these financial hurdles are immediately apparent, there are many other aspects of race car driving that are simply overlooked by a lot of people.

Now, let’s start with the most obvious — the race car itself. We all know that this is most likely the most expensive thing to consider. On average a NASCAR Sprint Cup race car costs between $125.000 and $150.000. But that’s not all. You also need to consider:


No fuel, no power for your car. Depending on the make and model of your race car, you’re going to be spending a significant amount of money, not on regular fuel, but on high-octane methanol fuel that’s going to propel your race car with much more force. Consider that the longer the track and the more laps you’re competing on, the more fuel you’re bound to go through.

Maintenance and Repairs

Even when a race car is equipped with high-quality performance parts, you also need to consider the effects of wear and tear on the various components of your car. These routine maintenance procedures are important in order to keep your car in optimal condition and this also helps prevent any damage from occurring. This is true even with consumer-grade cars. Even though Fords are “built tough”, they, too need reliable specialists like the ones at https://www.bobgillinghamford.com/service/index.htm.

In similar fashion, whether it’s because of neglect or because of an accident, you’re going to need reliable specialists to help you get your race car back into peak condition. Again, take note that this, too, is a recurrent expense.

Car Shipping

One of the last things that a lot of would-be race car owners tend to overlook is the fact that whenever there’s a race, there’s also a need to transport the race car to the event. You can’t simply drive it to the event as this would subject the race car to unnecessary wear and tear and could hinder the car’s performance during race day.

Race Team Expenses

Finally, it’s also important to consider that a race team is essential in keeping a race car functional during race day. You need to pay the crew, after all. But besides that, you need to consider plane tickets (when applicable), hotel rooms, entry fees, and of course, food for your team.

To say that race car ownership is expensive is an understatement in and of itself. These figures vary between each owner and company but you can bet that they’re going to cost you at least a couple hundred thousand dollars yearly. For those who are fortunate enough to have the resources to support such a hobby, you’re also in for a treat — ad space on your car is a very lucrative source of income, especially since most Fortune 500 companies like to have their brands shown on race cars.

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