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How To Plan A NASCAR Viewing Party

Are you thinking about leveling up your NASCAR viewing experience this year? Having a NASCAR watch party with your friends can be a great chance to let loose. More people are getting into NASCAR as viewership is up by 17% from the first eight races last year. Moreover, it was found that more young adults are getting into NASCAR through fantasy sports, and some even want to learn how to drive like a pro. Watching the race with your friends who share your interest in the races can be lots of fun. But when it comes to party planning, there are a lot of things to consider. What kind of food should you provide? What do you do with everyone's kids? Read on to know more about throwing fun NASCAR-themed parties and to be a watch party pro.

Have a Dedicated Space for the Kids

If you and your friends can't get a sitter, don't fret. Just give the kids their own space while you're hosting the party at home. This could be anywhere from a spare room on the other side of the house, the den, or a safe outdoor space, like a backyard. Just make sure that there's an adult who can watch them if they're going to stay in your yard. Put on a movie or give the kids some board games so they'll be entertained for the duration of the race.

Once the kids are settled, put on your favorite NASCAR merch and encourage your guests to do the same. Dressing up for the occasion, even if it's just a t-shirt and hat, can add an extra bit of fun to the entire day. Maybe it could introduce a friendly debate over who's the better driver. If you really want to get into the NASCAR mood, consider giving your living room or where ever else you're watching the race a complete overhaul. Hang flags with your favorite racer's number on them, cook up tasty eats such as buffalo wings, chips and dip, sandwiches, and burgers, and just have fun with it! If you put in the effort, your friends are sure to appreciate it.

Have Some Party Games

If you're looking for a fun game to play with your friends, consider playing NASCAR cup bingo. There are tons of free bingo cards out there, but you can also use a bingo card generator and create your own auto-generated bingo cards. If you're looking for more adult activity, consider playing a drinking game. Set up some rules for when everyone will drink and let loose! Just make sure everyone has a safe way to get home, afterward.

Add Some Competition

Finally, no watch party would be complete without some fantasy NASCAR. Build your ideal racing lineup and compete against your friends. There are different ways to pick teams, such as the typical draft style where everyone is allowed to pick whatever racers they want, the salary style where players have to stay within a certain 'budget,' and a class-based style where each player is only allowed a certain number of A, B, and C class racers. Several different sites offer to keep track of players' scores and the like such as NASCAR itself. Pick your favorite racers, form an unstoppable team, and race your way to victory!

You now have all the tools needed to create an awesome NASCAR watch party. So grab your racing gear, cook up your favorite foods, and create the best dream team anyone's ever seen. Your friends are sure to start begging you to host all the parties from now on.

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