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Racing Sports Cars & Video Games

How Far Have They Gone?

Racing sport cars are entertaining, even when you’re not behind the steering wheel. Even little children get to experience the thrill of driving a racing sport car, in a way. Video games made this possible, and even people who are not that much into racing sport cars, get to experience the high speed adrenaline.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen some kind of a racing car video game, not necessarily sport cars. Or even better, you’ve actually played one! If so, you will definitely have a better sense of what’s discussed in the this article.

Technology Drives both the Car and the Gaming Industry

The advent of technology from any aspect reshaped both the car and the gaming industry. The Volkswagen Golf revolutionized the car industry, whereas game consoles like Atari and Nintendo hinted at what the latest generation processor units can do for us. If you have a smartphone in your hands or in your pocket, you can play a racing sport car game right away! By now, you probably have the image of the franchise Need for Speed, but there are other kinds of games, the likes of Drive: Multiplier Mayhem, where real money is at stake. As you can see, both industries have changed a lot!

Latest Generation Racing Sport Car Video Games

Probably the most important and most distinctive element is the graphics. Powerful GPUs (Graphic Processing Units) and processor compile the beautiful scenery, making the experience tenfold more enticing. Using the special steering wheel and the pedals further add to the excitement.

Let’s not forget that virtual reality and 3D have almost been mastered. Basically, there’s no need to spend a fortune on a luxurious, expensive sport car. Well, not unless you can afford, in which case, it’s perfectly reasonable and acceptable by all means.

You can turn the average household PC into a powerful simulation unit, allowing you to test drive your next, dear, sport car. At the very least, you can double check if you like the interior and if some modifications are needed. For what it’s worth, this technology has been used by car designers for more than a decade already.

Racing Car Games on a Competitive Level – A Crushed Dream

This is, after all, an article about video games with racing cars. Esports is on the rise! It has gotten the attention of bookmakers, and big time companies which are eager to provide the necessary resources to keep this virtual sport on the rise and expanding.

However, racing car video games have not managed to pass the ultimate test of the gaming community. That being said, this dream died long ago. Nevertheless, we cannot but mention that the idea of competitive racing car video games was conceived 10 years ago.

Frankly speaking, we already have Formula 1, NASCAR, Dakar and other rallies that are popular among avid petrolheads. Nothing can match the thrill of what these “vehicles” can do. No wonder racing car video games never became a thing on a competitive level.

A Milestone – Seeing Tesla’s Electric Cars in Video Games

One thing still hasn’t happened! It could be due to the downfall of this kind of video games. Nonetheless, in spite of Tesla’s revolutionary electric cars reaching stardom, we still haven’t seen any of them in more recent video games. Now, we can’t be harsh on game designers, because in our opinion, it’s not feasible to put electric vs. conventional, internal combustion engine cars.

If this happens, if something exceptionally important happens, this will only prove that technology truly drives both of these industries.

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