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The Greatest Destinations for Racing

Racing fans are known to be a nomadic bunch, travelling from one destination to another to attend the biggest events on the planet. Racing circuits take up a lot of space, and only certain cities around the world can claim to host the biggest racing events. As you will see, many of these destinations have a long standing history as being the go-to destinations for racing. This list covers some of the most famous racing destinations in the world, from continent to continent.

Abu Dhabi

Starting off we have this incredibly luxurious place that is often considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. Naturally, with this much wealth around, it is also a hotbed for exotic sports cars and world class racing. For Ferrari enthusiasts, there is a lavish Ferrari theme park located in the city that suitingly boasts the world’s fastest roller coaster. Abu Dhabi is home to the Yas Marina, a race track that hosts some of the biggest international racing events in the world, like the Formula 1, the Ferrari Finali Mondiali, and the Formula Drift. World class drivers can be found here any day of the week, either for an international race or the local circuit races held regularly. After years of development, Abu Dhabi has established themselves as a mecca for racing and exotic supercar lovers in the Middle East.


Barcelona is an incredible city, often described as one of Europe's hippest destinations. Between the amazing weather and rich culture, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world. There are numerous recurring events that take place every year showing that this is a city that keeps bringing people back. Well known to those that follow motorsports, Barcelona is also a world-class destination for racing events.

The main track in this city is the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya which has numerous events throughout the year. Everything from Formula 1 to Moto GP motorcycle racing, and even bicycle racing is held here, bringing in fans from across the globe every year. Some of the biggest international racing championships can be found in Barcelona and cement the city’s legacy as a destination for drivers and racing enthusiasts.

Daytona Beach

Florida may be known for a lot of things, but their reputation for high-octane action in Daytona Beach is known the world over. First off, Daytona is the home of the premier racing league NASCAR and the world’s most famous motor race, the Daytona 500. In fact, the first NASCAR races took place here on the actual beach, sand and all. Another huge attraction, the national “Bike Week,” draws in tens of thousands of motorcyclists from around the country to show off their motorcycles under the blistering Florida sun.

Racing culture is embedded in the history and daily life of residents here, going as far back as before the 1900s when the first races in the US were held by the Winston and Oldsmobile car manufacturers. No list would be complete without mentioning this world-famous racing destination.


The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the most famous racing circuits in the world, and arguably the most historic as well. For drivers and enthusiasts around the world, Indianapolis is racing royalty. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been deemed one of the “Triple Crown of Motorsports,” a title referring to the three most prestigious racing events in the entirety of international races. The Indianapolis 500 is part of the Triple Crown and is held annually at the tracks here. In addition to being one of the most prestigious racing events in the world, the Indy 500 is also the oldest racing event in the world. The racing history of Indianapolis runs deep, and they have not slowed down over the years.


Through a collection winding narrow streets, the Monaco Grand Prix is raced every year on the Circuit de Monaco. This race is one of only three events worldwide that make up the Triple Crown of Motorsports. For six weeks prior to the event, the streets are prepared and made into an efficient race track that hosts some of the absolute best drivers in the world.

The magic of the Monaco Grand Prix cannot be understated. A completely mythical course, drivers barrel down narrow streets on a temporary race track for a chance at winning. The course famously favors the skills of the driver over the performance of the car, a noticeable challenging aspect. The narrow course allows little opportunity to overtake the competition meaning complete focus is required at all times to perform well as the slightest mistake can cost you the entire race.

Being one of the most famous races in the world, this event draws thousands of spectators every year and is spoken about with incredible reverence in the racing world. This race and other events throughout the year make Monaco truly one of the best-racing destinations in the world.

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