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Top Car Racing Games in 2024

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Racing is a popular sport that has millions of fans globally. As such, it has inspired many big game development industries to create games with this theme. The most iconic game that comes to everyone’s mind is Need for Speed. One of the longest-running racing game series created by EA Games. However, over the years, many competitors in different subgenres created their own versions of racing simulators.

For instance, one of the most popular themes in online games includes cars. That’s not a surprise, as millions of men are car enthusiasts. It’s possible to find a large number of racing titles in legalne kasyno online, which are fully legal in Poland and safe to use. The list of these games includes the top operators from this country, and each of them features some slots that have some car-racing theme. Let’s explore the most popular car racing games in public places and on computers and consoles for 2024.

F1 2024

Formula 1 is the most popular sport where athletes compete to be the fastest drivers in the world. Being a part of this organization is an exclusive privilege that only hundreds of drivers have experienced so far. This exclusivity is the only reason why so many people want to buy and play this game with its every new iteration. In 2024, this title remains one of the top picks when it comes to this game genre.


Developed by the Nordic THQ team, this game is an excellent example of how fun racing games can be. Players can compete with one another on unique racetracks. If you’re interested in something exciting to try with cars, this game is an excellent pick for players of all ages. You’ll find a massive selection of vehicles, ranging from supercars to old-timers, that pack a punch.

Japanese Drift Master

Japan has a unique culture when it comes it car racing. Its auto industry has created one of the most iconic vehicles in the racing world. Additionally, drifting is a big part of the local culture, and the game is the perfect fit for all drifting fans. Use your skills as an outsider to outperform the locals in the drifting simulation. Unique graphics give this game an authentic feel and will teleport you to the era when drifting was most popular on the streets of Tokyo.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

If you’re into open-world driving games, you should keep an eye on this one. It’s going to feature a huge number of supercars, but what’s truly unique about this one, the open world is a 1 to 1 replica of Hong Kong. It completely replicates the actual city, giving a chance to everyone to explore this amazing city.


You’ll find many titles for racing fans in 2024. Those are some of the top picks to consider for 2024. However, if you’re a true fan, you can always head over to Steam and explore different games with this theme. There are dozens of amazing options, including some extremely popular Rally titles. The same applies to online games with numerous slots featuring this theme available. Check out multiple virtual game environments to see your options and pick a game that suits your needs the most.

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