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How Are Sports Cars Safely Transported

Your dream has now come true–you’ve finally bought the sports car you’ve been eyeing for years! Now that you’re ready to ride on those shiny wheels around the city, how do you even take them home from the dealership?

In this article, we’re giving you some tips on how you can transport your sports car into your home and why doing such is critical in expensive cars, like sports, vintage, classic, antique, and exotic cars.

Why Transport Sports Cars Separately?

Your joy, pride, and, of course, money is on that new car. After all, it’s not just an ordinary compact car but a luxury sports car that you’ve been saving up for years. It’s only fair to want the best for your vehicle by transporting them safely into your possession.

When saving money for your sports car purchase, it’s also essential to factor in the shipping or transporting costs since you’re less likely to drive them home yourself or trust someone inexperienced to do the driving for you. Since sports cars are made with the finest parts and equipment, sometimes, even exotic and expensive pieces of materials to replace, it’s important to transport them safely and efficiently.

How To Transport Sports Cars Safely

Transporting your car with the help of professionals is the best and safest way to avoid damage. Saving on shipping costs by paying for subpar transportation services or transporting the car yourself can be more devastating than helpful.

Instead, you can rely on the following ways to safely transport your sports car:

1. Land Shipping

If you only require transporting your sports vehicle through the land, trailers are unbeatable for this purpose. Depending on your needs, preferences, budget, and weather conditions, you can choose between these two trailer shipping options:

Open Auto Transport: Since your sports car should be transported via individual shipping, car trailers can be adjusted according to your needs by using custom-made car float trailers. An open trailer for shipping is commonplace in the auto transport industry.

Professionals in open auto transport are well-trained–from securing your vehicle into the trailer and driving them safely to the destination. However, this isn’t the best option during inclement weather since it may damage your expensive car.

Depending on how much they can haul and transport, opened trailers have different types, such as single-vehicle hotshot, single-level multi-vehicle, and multi-level multi-car trailers.

Enclosed Car Shipping: Meanwhile, enclosed car shipping uses a container with the top and sides. Since your sports car is enclosed in the container, it’s safe from rain, snow, and dirt and dust from the road.

An enclosed car shipping is typically the option for rare and expensive cars as they offer better protection than open auto transport, but their enclosed auto transport services are relatively more costly.

Enclosed trailers also have the same types of carriers: single-level single-vehicle, single-level multi-vehicle, and multi-level multi-vehicle enclosed trailers. The only difference is the cars are confined in a closed space.

2. Domestic or International Shipping

If you decided to purchase a car overseas or travel along with your sports car, it’s no use hauling them in land vehicles. Instead, your transport options would be:

Ocean Freight Shipping: Domestic or international auto travel uses ocean freight shipping by loading vehicles into a ship.

Ocean freight shipping can be a roll-on/roll-off service, where the vehicle is hauled onto the ship and fastened securely in the containment desk.

On the other hand, you can load your sports car into an enclosed container for added protection before hauling it into the ship.

Air Freight Shipping: Air freight has been booming in popularity since it’s a quicker alternative to ocean freight shipping as they’re shipped by a plane, not a ship that can be delayed for numerous, anticipated reasons. Since it provides faster, specific service, expect that air freight shipping is expensive.


Securing a plan to take your luxury sports car home is as important as making a plan to purchase it in the first place. If you’re finding foolproof, efficient ways to transport your sports car safely into your desired location, these methods can save your vehicle from potential mistakes along the way.

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