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Meet Stay Safe On The Track

Essential Safety Tips For Racers

Motorsports are exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping, but reaching speeds as treacherous as 130 mph also makes them inherently dangerous. Fortunately, however, the number of racing deaths annually has declined in recent years from an average of over 20 to 15, the Charlotte Observer reports. Whether it’s formula racing, motocross racing, or rallycross driving, it’s essential all motorsport enthusiasts take proper safety precautions to ensure their safety behind the wheel.

Invest in safety gear

Investing in high-quality gear will go along way in keeping you safe on the road. Since you’re driving at such high speeds, you’ll need safety clothing, such as a fire-resistant suit, gloves and boots. Prices for safety gear can vary greatly; simply purchase the best you can afford. A good helmet is also essential to protect your head and brain from damage in case of an accident. If you can afford to spend extra money on a custom-fit helmet, it can boost your comfort and confidence levels, and therefore even improve your performance on the track.

Service your fire extinguisher

Don’t forget to get your fire extinguisher serviced regularly — at least once every two years. You’ll need a fully-functional extinguisher in case you’re ever in an accident where the car catches fire. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, it’s crucial you get one installed. A plumbed-in fire extinguisher offers immediate fire suppression directly to the engine bay. Alternatively, a handheld extinguisher is secured, usually under the driver’s seat, with quick-release straps, allowing it to be easily grabbed by the driver. The right one for you, however, will depend on your particular car.

Get legal help

No matter how safe you make yourself, accidents can still happen. 16% of NASCAR drivers experience injury during racing season. If you end up in a motorsport accident, JJS Justice advises contacting a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to help you navigate the situation. Often, insurance companies undervalue the financial compensation owed to injured parties. A personal injury lawyer can help negotiate with the insurance company so that you’re adequately compensated for physical pain, mental and emotional suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. They also help determine whether your accident was caused by negligence in design or manufacture of your car or equipment.

Prioritizing safety may seem like the least exciting part of the sport, but it’s the only way to avoid an accident and injury when racing. Make sure you practice these motorsports safety tips to ensure you stay safe behind the wheel and continue to enjoy racing for many years to come.

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