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What are the Benefits of Car Subscription Services?

Netflix, Hulu, Blue Apron, Pup Joy: subscription boxes are everywhere. And what’s not to like? They make life easier by bringing you a list of items you need every week or month. The only damage is a small subscription fee that could be cancelled at any time.

Subscription boxes weren’t always popular. They exploded in the last five years. And now we have services for nearly everything, including cars. All you need is a clean driving history, a decent credit rating and the commitment to pay monthly fees.

Interested? Here’s an overview of how car subscription service works and the benefits you get.

How Car Subscription Service Works

Car subscription service let you have your dream car for a flat monthly fee. They take care of everything else: insurance, maintenance, repairs. Your only role is to fuel the car drive wherever you want every month.

Who’s the ideal customer for car subscription services? Anyone can subscribe for these services. But in many cases, it’s young or middle-aged, working adults interested in saving time while driving a decent car.

Although a young industry, there are two main competitors in the car subscription business: manufacturers, and independent contractors. Car makers provide a broad range of exclusive automobiles, but they are more expensive.

Mercedes-Benz’s $1.595 plan, for example, gets you the E400, GLE350 and the C43AMG. Nissan has reasonably cheaper plans--$699 for the Rogue, and Altima or $899 for the Murano Leaf and 370Z. In contrast, independent contractors like Borrow charge $199 to $1000 for a broad range of cars.

Benefits of Car Subscription Service

If you’re like many people, your primary interest in a car is that it can take you from point A to B hassle-free. You probably don’t enjoy trips to the garage or working things out with insurance companies. In that case, here are a few reasons to try car subscription boxes:

Fast Access to a Reliable Car

Applying for car subscription is fast and convenient. Better yet, you get access to a reliable car immediately. This is particularly helpful if you can’t use your bike or the bus to work anymore and need a car.

Think about it. No down payment. No tedious application work and in some cases no credit checks. You apply for a car through an app and receiver a new (or slightly used) car that’s properly maintained and insured. Isn’t that what all drivers want?

Inclusive Packages

The best benefit of car subscription services is that you get an all-inclusive package. Repairs, roadside assistance, and insurance are not add-on services. They are covered in your monthly fee.

The only exemption is gas. Some companies could also charge you $500 to $1000 if you get into an accident. But partner with the right company and you won’t have to worry about anything except fueling your car and paying your monthly fee.

Get the Car you Want

Are you an electric car fan? You could drive the VW e-Golf, Nissan Leaf, BWM i3, or the Tesla Model S starting at $399 per month. With a bigger budget—say $2000—Porsche gives you the choice to drive the Cayman and Boxster or the 911 Carrera for $3000.

Essentially, your budget determines the car you get. Still, you have a broad choice of automobiles to choose from: family car, speedster, a spacious car, flashy car, you name it.

Short Term Commitments

Like most subscription boxes, car services let you commit to one month, 90 days, half a year or a full year. Interestingly, fees are lower when you subscribe for long-term deals. But that’s not the point.

The bottom line is that you can drive your dream car for cheap and without a long-term commitment. Think of driving around in an Escalade, BMW’s M series or the Porsche 911 for a month or two without breaking the bank.

No Car Depreciation

Most cars depreciate 15-35% of their value in the first year of buying. Within five years, most cars will usually have lost 50% of their market value. And that means you end up selling your well-maintained automobile for half of what you bought it.

Fortunately, depreciation isn’t something you worry about with car subscription services. In fact, you don’t need to worry about small dents or anything that reduces the value of the car you drive.

Free Collection

This is something you probably expect from a subscription service. And yes, you get it at the best car subscriptions. Beware, though, you must get to a collection point through your own means.

Alternatively, you could pay a fee to have the car delivered to where you are. Usually, you pay a fixed fee for short-distance deliveries. But if you’re in a different city, you might have to pay extra charges.

Competitive Prices

The number of car subscription services is on the rise. And the best part is that they provide plans for everyone. If you’re on a low budget, you can get reasonably reliable automobiles starting from $200.

Sure, you could lease a car for a slightly lower fee. But you don’t get the same benefits as a subscription box. For instance, switching car models is difficult. Also, you might have to deal with repairs and roadside assistance.

No Negotiating

So, you hate car negotiations? Subscribing for a car service might be what you need. You don’t need to argue with anyone over prices about anything. From the car’s cost, to repairs, insurance, anything.

Car subscription services get the negotiation process out of your way. You even don’t have to talk to anyone. All you need is to choose the car you want and pay for it. Once you pick it up, most of your interactions will be through a mobile app.

Your Turn

Ready to drive your dream car without expensive long-term commitments? Consider applying for a subscription service. You’ll have a wide range of automobiles to choose from. And you get them within a few hours or days of making your application.

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