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TCM Racing At The Bathurst 500


The known retro car pioneers of the Touring Car Masters, will be making additional trips to the mountains this coming year. This has been announced after the confirmation of Round 2 for the series of the Supercars to go full steam ahead, much to fans excitement and eagerness. Bathurst approaches this coming next month!

While racing is a huge superpower and one that many fans enjoy all over the world, you can get all the latest Touring Car Masters racing tips, here and now, to ensure you are fully prepared for the anticipated full throttle of a race.

The Australian Grand Prix was where the Supercars were originally scheduled, however the TCM will therefore engage at Bathurst on the last week of February, from the 26-28th, alongside the Super2, Australia 86 series, Toyota Gazoo Racing and the Aussie Racing Cars. With all the cancelations that are occurring across the world, to every competing calendar, it is absolutely sure that fans are grateful to see such a dynamic moment occur simultaneously across the board at once. There is no doubt that this will be a very eventful way to end a rather slow month. This 6.213km visit to the Bathurst venue, is the 13th one by the TCM to date within racing history!

The TCM opened its doors to the Symmons Plains, to kick start the season, to which John Bowe has managed to hit his 100th winning competition and race. It also left him equal in points status with fellow racer the Tasmanian Adam Garwood.

The TCM manager for the categories, named Paul Taylor, mentioned his delight from the announcement to finally set a date to the Supercar event. He said that having not one, but two visits to the Bathurst is definitely a nice kick for the beginning of 2021. The TCM has still yet to release the date of the Mountain issue for the Australian Racing Groups meeting, this is what will conclude the TCM season for 2021.

Having the TCM join the Repco Mount Panorama 500 event, will see the unification of international locations, which again after a year with lack of social activities, should set peoples year running many more miles an hour than it currently is, with exhilaration and positivity. Sure, it is a short notice for such a huge event to change and come forward, however the opportunity was far too large for Paul Taylor, manager of TCM to give up and call a day. He had to seize it as so many people were counting on it to commence. The fans, the racers, the management who put countless hours a day to ensure its all smooth and full steam ahead. Essentially, it is an exciting event to look forward to.

The track available at Bathurst is one of a kind and very beautiful. It has always been considered quite the bonus track by participating racers within the community of Supercars, so being that the race has been brought forward from the usual time of the year, there is no doubt that it will stir up some very healthy competition amongst racers that have been very, very, restless and anxious from the delayed season.

Of course, there will be countless media outlets that will attend and be covering the racing communion of the year so far, with many expected, such as the big names of the sports world presently, such as CBS, Fox News and many, many more!

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