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Top 10 Formula 1's best moments!

Here are the top 10 best moments that have occurred over the years in Formula 1 races. Not even your favorite online sports betting site would be able to predict some of the things that have happened on this list, so get ready for a mind-blowing read!


1991 Brazilian GP

Senna is, without a doubt, one of the greatest F1 drivers to ever exist. During the 1992 Brazilian Grand Prix, Senna was out to show why he is considered the best. There were seven laps left; however, Senna's gearbox began to fail, leaving him no choice but to continue the race using only his sixth gear. To make matters worse, the weather conditions were less than ideal. Somehow he was capable of using his mastery of the F1 car to pull out a victory ahead of Gerhard Berger and Riccardo Patrese. This win solidified his status as one of, if not the most gifted F1 driver at the time.

2011 Canadian GP

The 2011 Canadian Grand Prix had just about every dramatic turn you could think of in an F1 race. Several safety cars were used, it was pouring with rain, and there was even a crash between Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, who were teammates for Mclaren at the time. To add to the drama, Jenson Button was penalized and ended up in 15th place after the race was stopped for 2 hours due to rain. Somehow he was able to climb all the way back to second place over the course of the race and managed to overtake Sebastian Vettel, who sat in first place, after he made a small error on the final lap. This was one of the greatest comebacks in F1 history and is memorable for a lot of F1 fans to this day.

2008 British GP

The 2008 British Grand Prix marked the beginning of Lewis Hamilton's legacy as one of the greats. At this time, he had already taken first place as a rookie, and racing with a home crowd, Hamilton wasn’t going to let it slip this time. Even in unfavorable conditions, Lewis Hamilton was able to use his driving expertise and experience in the rain to win the title after a long and demanding race.

1959 US GP


This is truly one of the most unusual and unexpected moments to happen in F1. At the 1959 US Grand Prix, Jack Brabham had no fuel left for his final lap. As he neared the finishing line, he hopped out and pushed his F1 car across the line. Brabham finished in fourth place in the most unusual style that has never been repeated to this day.

1976 Italian GP

The 1976 Italian Grand Prix marked one of the most memorable comebacks in the history of F1 racing. Niki Lauda had been told that he didn’t have long to live, just 6 six weeks prior to the race after a horrendous crash that left him with damaged lungs and multiple injuries. Somehow he pulled through and raced to a remarkable fourth-place finish, which showed just how strong and courageous he was.

1979 French GP

When it comes to two racers fighting with each other to the very end, there aren’t many better examples than Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux at the 1979 French Grand Prix. The two went back and forth; trading places the entire race making it one of the most exciting Grand Prix clashes for fans. So much so that it is still ingrained in a lot of viewers' memories to this day.

1971 Italian GP

If you are looking for a close finish, then it doesn’t get much closer than the 1971 Italian Grand Prix. Peter Gethin, a British F1 driver, crossed the finish line 0.01 seconds ahead of Ronnie Peterson. This is the closest finish to a Grand Prix that has ever happened, and it is unlikely that it will be repeated any time soon.

1992 British GP


The 1992 British Grand Prix marked the moment that Nigel Mansell broke Jackie Stewart’s winning record, which was a mindblowing 27 wins in a row. From pole position, Mansell comfortably remained in first place for the entire race and took the victory with ease. When Mansell crossed the finish line, the crowd exploded in celebration of what he had just achieved.

1957 German GP

When it comes to the greatest F1 drivers to ever exist, Juan Manuel Fangio is a name that gets brought up frequently. The German Grand Prix in 1957 was a perfect example of how this man achieved this status. After just 12 laps, he had a pit stop that went wrong and left him in third place. Somehow, Fangio made it look like light work to climb his way back to first place and win his 24th race.

Senna’s Pole Lap, Monaco GP, 1988

At the number one spot is Senna’s pole lap at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1988. Senna was able to find 1.427 seconds ahead of Alain Prost on the Monte Carlo racetrack. This was Senna’s third race for McLaren, and he achieved something that was previously thought of as being impossible. After this happened, people understood that Senna had a special gift. He was capable of finding more from his car when it didn’t seem like there was anything left. This is why he will go down as one of the greats.

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