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An Update on Formula 1 Events 2020

The Formula 1 events scheduled for 2020 calendar year have been dealt a blow by the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at some of the updates regarding major Formula 1 events this year.

The Coronavirus pandemic dealt a blow to many sporting events scheduled for this year. With several sports being canceled or postponed, Formula 1 events also met the same fate. Well, the event organizers have had to revise its original 22 race calendar schedule on the 2nd of June. At least 8 Grand Prix races have been revisited as the F1 team tries to compress the races to between 15 and 18. The final calendar will, however, depend on how the Covid-19 pandemic transpires around the world. Now, let us do a quick update on the Formula 1 events in 2020 as we know thus far.

1. Austrian Grand Prix

The Austrian Grand Prix will open the way for other Grand Prix events to get rolling. This event is scheduled to take place on July 3rd to 5th at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

This is one of the best F1 circuits that packs much into a short lap. The circuit mimics a tranquil natural bowl, and watching it from the Nord presents a perfect view of the Austrian Grand Prix. This is one race that will attract a lot in Formula 1 betting for most fans around the globe. The Steiermark Grand Prix will also take place in this Red Bull Ring from 10th -12th July.

2. Hungarian Grand Prix

The Hungarian Grand Prix will take place from 17th -19th July 2020 at Hungaroring Circuit. The circuit’s length is 4.381 km, and the race will involve up to 70 laps. The total distance that will be covered in the entire race will be 306.630 km. Since its first Grand Prix in 1986, Hungaroring has a lap record of 1:17.101 held by Max Verstappen in 2019. Drivers will be fighting to be among the top drivers earning more prizes for their teams.

3. British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix is finally on the cards. The much-awaited event in the UK will unfold from 31st July to 2nd August. This great F1 racing event will take place on the 5.891 km Silverstone Circuit. The race will involve 52 laps translating to a total distance of 306.198 km.

The Silverstone Circuit lap record stands at 1:27.369 set by the legendary Lewis Hamilton in 2019. Despite having many circuit changes, it remains as one of the fastest tracks in F1. It is perhaps worth mentioning that the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix will take place from 7th -9th August on this circuit.

4. Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix is scheduled to run from 14th to 16th August at the Catalunya Circuit. This circuit held its first Grand Prix racing in 1991, and the lap record is 1:18.441 set by Ricciardo in 2018. The racing drivers will have to navigate a total distance of 307.104 km, meaning they will do 66 laps. The perfect mix of high and low-speed racing points makes it one of the most loved circuits by drivers. Well, the main challenge with this circuit is getting the balance on the Turn 3 right-hander.

5. Belgian Grand Prix

The Belgian Grand Prix 2020 series will take place from 28th -30th August in the Spa Francorchamps Circuit. The circuit was built in 1921, and the track length is 7.004 km.

The race will see drivers go for 44 laps and cover a total racing distance of 308.052 km. The latest lap record on this circuit is the 1:46.286 record set by Bottas in 2018.

6. Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix is now scheduled to commence from 4th to 6th of September in Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy. The 5.793 km track will see drivers navigate a distance of 306.720 km in the 53 laps they are supposed to cover. The race will start on 6th after a series of practices from 4th to 5th September.

Wrapping up

The F1 is, no doubt, an exciting sporting event loved by fans around the world. The anticipated return is finally around the corner! So, get ready to enjoy the F1 sport, albeit under a new norm owing to the situation at the moment.

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