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5 Car Upgrade Options for a Better Vehicle

Image source: pixabay.com

Let’s face it: stock cars don’t always speak to us on a personal level. Unless you have a car custom-made, chances are you’ll encounter ten other cars that look the same as yours. That’s where upgrades come in.

But getting your car to look, feel, and handle better doesn’t always have to mean splurging thousands of dollars in order to achieve it. Pimping your ride can mean just a few performance and aesthetic upgrades that won't break the bank.

Swap Out Your Wheels

Changing your car wheels is probably the easiest thing you can do to make your ride feel more you. And if you know how to change your tires, you get to save more money as well.

Since the wheels of your car serve a very important function, prioritize performance over the aesthetics of the wheels. Getting better wheels will help improve the handling of your vehicle, especially if they’re made of high quality rubber.

Light It Up

The easiest way to make your car look cool and unique? With lighting of course! Not only will adding underside lighting to your car make it easier for passengers to step inside your vehicle, but having neon LED lights from XK Glow installed on your car will also up the cool factor of your ride.

If underside lighting isn’t your cup of tea, you can also opt to install interior mood lights that you can control via a smartphone app. But if having your car look like a street racing vehicle really isn’t your thing, you can go for something a bit more functional such as switching out your headlights for brighter LED bulbs.

Power Up Your Engine

Another method of making your car feel like an entirely new vehicle is to tune up your Engine Control Unit (ECU). Most manufacturers like to set the ECU so that it sits comfortably under its true performance capabilities — this is usually a safety precaution. Heading over to a reputable ECU tuner can help you unleash your car engine’s maximum potential, improving not only power and efficiency, but perhaps even your gas mileage.

Find Better Brakes

It might be counterintuitive to think that in order to upgrade your car to drive better you have to get better brakes, but it actually makes sense. Successfully navigating turns and performing drifts requires a trusty set of wheel brakes.

Getting carbon-ceramic brake pads can dramatically increase your car’s performance when handling turns. Carbon ceramic brake pads are lighter, and can handle higher brake temperatures better. They also produce a smaller amount of dust when braking. The dust they generate doesn’t stick to the wheels as much, which means your car’s performance isn’t affected by your braking.

Repaint the Exterior

Probably the most obvious way to really personalize your car is to give it a new coat of paint. While a lot of auto shops might charge you more than $5000 for a paint job, there are still a few shops out there that provide the same quality of work for half that price.

When selecting a paint color, make sure to choose a shade that most stock cars do not come in. Alternatively, you can also opt to vinyl wrap your car as it costs less than a paint job. The bonus is that it can be easily removed without damage to the car’s original coat.

These are just a few upgrades you can make to your car to make it look cooler and race-ready. Of course, there are other things you can upgrade, but these are the recommended parts you can tinker with without making a huge dent in your savings account.

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