Event: Date: 8.3.2020
Track: Circuit of the Americas (United States), 5.514 kmsOrganiser: unknown

GT4 America Austin [SprintX]

(Qualifying Results)

Pos.No.DriversCarEntrantQ TimeQ1 TimeQ2 Time
1st2Bell / DavisPorsche 718 Cayman GT4GMG Racing2:14.6122:20.7882:14.612
2nd15Putt / KochAston Martin Vantage GT4Bsport Racing2:14.9662:20.1792:14.966
3rd47Travis / HartPorsche 718 Cayman GT4NOLASPORT2:14.9932:17.3732:14.993
4th37Belluardo / HeylenPorsche 718 Cayman GT4RS12:15.3662:18.5802:15.366
5th21Dinan / FoleyAston Martin Vantage GT4Flying Lizard Motorsports2:15.5762:18.3952:15.576
6th71Siljehaug / ElghanayanKTM X-BowMarco Polo Motorsports2:15.6522:17.2272:15.652
7th33Dalton / GallagherAston Martin Vantage GT4RS12:15.8492:23.7752:15.849
8th82Walker, Jr. / AuberlenBMW M4 GT4BimmerWorld2:15.9792:20.7522:15.979
9th8Sabo / LeeAudi R8 LMS GT4GMG Racing2:16.0752:24.2092:16.075
10th63Anderson / DexterGinetta G55Dexter Racing2:16.3222:20.2172:16.322
11th19Quinlan / LiefoogheBMW M4 GT4Stephen Cameron Racing2:16.5442:19.2842:16.544
12th54Pappas / BleekemolenPorsche Cayman CS MRBlack Swan Racing2:16.6772:19.4402:16.677
13th7Gibbons / AndersonPorsche 718 Cayman GT4NOLASPORT2:16.7412:19.2712:16.741
14th91Burton / KozarovAston Martin Vantage GT4Rearden Racing2:16.8092:18.2152:16.809
15th34Fassnacht / SzymczakMercedes-AMG GT4Murillo Racing2:16.8102:20.0682:16.810
16th36Mullan / AndrettiMcLaren 570S GT4Andretti Autosport2:17.1932:17.7652:17.193
17th30Vogel / CooperMcLaren 570S GT4Flying Lizard Motorsports2:17.2202:21.2992:17.220
18th28Wittmer / GottsackerBMW M4 GT4ST Racing2:17.7012:40.0332:17.701
19th14Welch / McGrathAudi R8 LMS GT4GMG Racing2:17.7352:17.9632:17.735
20th17Rappaport / DeBoerPorsche 718 Cayman GT4TRG - The Racers Group2:17.7942:31.1882:17.794
21st46Smith / Capestro-DubetsPorsche Cayman CS MRNOLASPORT2:17.8982:21.8002:17.898
22nd22Radisic / WittmerBMW M4 GT4Precision Driving Tech2:18.2562:19.3772:18.256
23rd25Ciraulo / BarberBMW M4 GT4CCR Team TFB2:18.4292:18.7162:18.429
24th38Tan / MillerBMW M4 GT4ST Racing2:18.9672:18.9672:22.988
25th3McAleenan / RogersMcLaren 570S GT4Motorsport USA2:20.0252:20.0252:21.561
26th77Geraci / GolinelloMcLaren 570S GT4Compass Racing2:20.9612:23.1962:20.961

Other present cars:

23Lyons / PumpellyPorsche 718 Cayman GT4TRG - The Racers Group
26Rader / GrahovecBMW M4 GT4Classic BMW
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