Monza - List of Races

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Year: 2020

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.11.20203 h Monza
18.10.2020Italian GT Monza
11.10.20204 h Monza
10.10.2020LM Cup Monza
27.9.2020GT Open Monza

Year: 2019

DateRaceProgramme scans
20.10.2019Italian GT Monza
13.10.2019GT Open Monza
13.10.2019GT Open Cup Monza
12.5.2019Monza 4 Hours
11.5.2019LM Cup Monza
14.4.2019Monza 3 Hours
14.4.2019GT4 Monza
14.4.2019GT Sports Club Monza
7.4.20193 h Monza

Year: 2018

DateRaceProgramme scans
7.10.2018Italian GT Monza
23.9.2018GT Open Monza
13.5.2018Monza 4 Hours
12.5.2018Le Mans Cup Monza
22.4.2018Monza 3 Hours
22.4.2018GT Sports Club Monza

Year: 2017

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.10.2017International GT Open Monza
18.6.2017Italian GT Monza [GT Cup]
18.6.2017Italian GT Monza
14.5.2017Monza 4 Hours
13.5.2017Le Mans Cup Monza
23.4.2017Monza 3 Hours
2.4.2017WEC Monza Test
29.3.2017Monza ELMS Test

Year: 2016

DateRaceProgramme scans
2.10.2016GT Open Monza
1.5.2016Italian GT Monza [GT Cup]
1.5.2016Italian GT Monza
24.4.2016Monza 3 Hours
24.4.2016GT4 Monza

Year: 2015

DateRaceProgramme scans
4.10.2015International GT Open Monza
31.5.2015Italian GT Championship Monza
12.4.2015Monza 3 Hours

Year: 2014

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.10.2014Italian GT Championship Monza
26.10.2014GT4 European Series Monza
28.9.2014International GT Open Monza
1.6.2014Italian GT Championship Monza
13.4.2014Monza 3 Hours

Year: 2013

DateRaceProgramme scans
20.10.2013Italian GT Monza
6.10.2013International GT Open Monza
14.4.2013Monza 3 Hours
7.4.2013GTSprint Monza

Year: 2012

DateRaceProgramme scans
21.10.2012Italian GT Monza
30.9.2012GT Open Monza
15.4.2012Monza 3 Hours
1.4.2012Superstars GTSprint Monza
25.3.2012Monza 4 Hours

Year: 2011

DateRaceProgramme scans
16.10.2011Italian GT Monza
2.10.2011International GT Open Monza
17.4.2011Monza 3 Hours
10.4.2011GTSprint Monza
27.3.2011Monza 4 Hours

Year: 2010

DateRaceProgramme scans
24.10.2010Italian GT Championship Monza
3.10.2010International GT Open Monza
28.3.2010Superstars GTSprint Monza

Year: 2009

DateRaceProgramme scans
18.10.2009Italian GT Championship Monza
4.10.2009International GT Open Monza

Year: 2008

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.10.2008International GT Open Monza
18.5.2008European GT4 Cup Monza
18.5.2008FIA GT Championship Monza
18.5.2008European GT3 Championship Monza
27.4.2008Monza 1000 Kilometres
6.4.2008Italian GT Championship Monza
14.3.2008Test FIA GT Monza

Year: 2007

DateRaceProgramme scans
21.10.2007Italian GT Championship Monza
7.10.2007GT Open Monza
24.6.2007FIA GT Championship Monza
24.6.2007European GT3 Championship Monza
15.4.2007Monza 1000 Kilometres
23.2.2007Test FIA GT Monza

Year: 2006

DateRaceProgramme scans
9.7.2006Italian GT Championship Monza
2.4.2006GT Open Monza

Year: 2005

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.7.2005Monza 1000 Kilometres
12.6.2005Italian GT Monza
10.4.2005FIA GT Championship Monza
23.3.2005Test FIA GT Monza

Year: 2004

DateRaceProgramme scans
9.5.2004Monza 1000 Kilometres
18.4.2004Italian GT Monza
28.3.2004FIA GT Championship Monza
5.3.2004Test FIA GT Monza

Year: 2003

DateRaceProgramme scans
19.10.2003FIA GT Championship Monza
4.10.2003Interserie Monza
29.6.2003FIA Sportscar Championship Monza
8.6.2003Italian GT Monza

Year: 2001

DateRaceProgramme scans
15.7.2001FFSA GT Championship Monza
6.5.2001Italian GT Monza
22.4.2001Monza 1000 Kilometres
22.4.2001Euro GT Monza
1.4.2001FIA GT Championship Monza
8.3.2001Test FIA GT Monza

Year: 2000

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.5.2000Italian GT Monza
27.5.2000GT Monza
16.4.2000FIA GT Championship Monza
16.4.2000SportsRacing World Cup Monza

Year: 1999

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.8.19992 h Monza
15.5.19992 h Monza
11.4.1999FIA GT Championship Monza
11.4.1999500 km Monza
27.3.1999GT Monza

Year: 1998

DateRaceProgramme scans
29.3.1998Monza 1000 Kilometres

Year: 1997

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.3.1997Monza 1000 Kilometres

Year: 1996

DateRaceProgramme scans
14.4.1996Italian GT Monza
24.3.1996Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1995

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.3.1995Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1994

DateRaceProgramme scans
1994Targa Tricolore Monza
20.3.1994Italian GT Monza

Year: 1993

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.3.1993Italian GT Monza

Year: 1992

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.4.1992Monza 500 Kilometres
15.3.1992Italian GT Championship Monza

Year: 1991

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.5.1991Sportscar World Championship Monza

Year: 1990

DateRaceProgramme scans
29.4.1990World Sports Prototype Championship Monza
15.4.1990SM Monza

Year: 1989

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.3.1989SM Monza

Year: 1988

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.4.1988Monza 1000 Kilometres
3.4.1988SM Monza
27.3.1988Monza 500 Kilometres

Year: 1987

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.4.1987Monza 1000 Kilometres
22.3.1987500 km Monza

Year: 1986

DateRaceProgramme scans
20.4.1986Monza 360 Kilometres
23.3.1986500 km Monza

Year: 1985

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.4.1985Monza 1000 Kilometres
31.3.1985Monza 500 Kilometres

Year: 1984

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.4.1984Monza 1000 Kilometres
1.4.1984Monza 500 Kilometres

Year: 1983

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.5.1983SM Monza
10.4.1983Monza 1000 Kilometres
20.3.1983Monza 500 Kilometres

Year: 1982

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.9.1982GP Italy
18.4.1982Monza 1000 Kilometres
21.3.19824 h Monza

Year: 1981

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.9.1981GP Italy
24.5.1981CI Gr.2/4/5 Monza
26.4.1981Monza 1000 Kilometres
22.3.19814 h Monza

Year: 1980

DateRaceProgramme scans
18.5.1980SM Monza
27.4.1980Monza 1000 Kilometres
23.3.1980Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1979

DateRaceProgramme scans
7.10.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Monza
9.9.1979GP Italy
9.9.1979Procar Monza
2.9.1979Gr.4/5/6 Coppa Intereuropa
20.5.1979SM Monza
22.4.1979Monza 1000 Kilometres
25.3.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Monza [Div.IV+V]
25.3.1979Monza 4 Hours
25.3.1979CI Gr.2/4/5 Monza [Div.VI+VII+VIII]

Year: 1978

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.9.1978GP Italy
23.4.1978320 km Monza
16.4.1978SM Monza
26.3.19784 h Monza

Year: 1977

DateRaceProgramme scans
11.9.1977GP Italy
4.9.1977CI Gr.4 Monza
4.9.1977CI Gr.5 Monza
4.9.1977Coppa Intereuropa
24.4.1977Monza 500 Kilometres
17.4.1977SM Monza
27.3.1977Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1976

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.9.1976GP Italy
5.9.19766 h Monza
23.5.1976SM Monza
2.5.1976CI Gr.5 Monza
25.4.1976Monza 4 Hours
28.3.1976Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1975

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.9.1975Monza 6 Hours
7.9.1975GP Italy
4.5.1975CI Gr.5 Monza
20.4.1975Monza 1000 Kilometres
23.3.1975Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1974

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.9.1974GP Italy
1.9.1974Monza 6 Hours
25.4.1974Monza 1000 Kilometres
7.4.1974European GT Championship Monza
24.3.1974Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1973

DateRaceProgramme scans
9.9.1973GP Italy
2.9.1973Monza 6 Hours
27.5.1973Coppa AGIP Monza [GT1.6]
27.5.1973Coppa AGIP Monza [Sport]
27.5.1973Coppa AGIP Monza [GT+1.6]
25.4.1973Monza 1000 Kilometres
25.3.1973Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1972

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.9.1972GP Italy
10.9.1972European GT Championship Monza
3.9.1972Coppa Sport Monza
29.6.1972Monza [Sports]
29.6.1972Monza [GT]
21.5.1972SM Monza
25.4.1972Monza 1000 Kilometres
19.3.1972Monza 4 Hours

Year: 1971

DateRaceProgramme scans
3.10.1971Monza [GT]
3.10.1971Monza [S/P]
5.9.1971GP Italy
5.9.1971Coppa Inter-Europa
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