Watkins Glen - List of Races

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Year: 2021

DateRaceProgramme scans
19.9.2021SRO GT America Watkins Glen
19.9.2021GT4 America Watkins Glen
2.7.20212 h 40 min Watkins Glen
2.7.2021IMSA PC Watkins Glen
27.6.20216 H Watkins Glen

Year: 2019

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.9.2019Pirelli GT4 America SprintX & East Watkins Glen
1.9.2019Pirelli GT4 America Sprint Watkins Glen
1.9.2019Blancpain GT World Challenge America Watkins Glen
30.6.2019Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2018

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.7.20186 h Watkins Glen

Year: 2017

DateRaceProgramme scans
2.7.2017Watkins Glen 6 Hours
1.7.2017IMSA Prototype Challenge Watkins Glen

Year: 2016

DateRaceProgramme scans
3.7.2016Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2015

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.6.2015Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2014

DateRaceProgramme scans
29.6.2014Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2013

DateRaceProgramme scans
30.6.2013Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2012

DateRaceProgramme scans
11.8.2012Watkins Glen 2 Hours
1.7.2012Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2011

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.8.2011Watkins Glen 2 Hours
4.6.2011Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2010

DateRaceProgramme scans
7.8.2010Grand-Am Watkins Glen
5.6.2010Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2009

DateRaceProgramme scans
7.8.2009Watkins Glen 200 Miles
6.6.2009Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2008

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.8.2008Watkins Glen 200 Miles
7.6.2008Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2007

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.8.2007Watkins Glen 200 Miles
9.6.2007Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2006

DateRaceProgramme scans
11.8.2006Watkins Glen 200 Miles
3.6.2006Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2005

DateRaceProgramme scans
24.9.2005Watkins Glen 250 Miles
12.8.2005Watkins Glen 200 Miles
12.6.2005Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2004

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.8.2004Watkins Glen 200 Miles
20.6.2004Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2003

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.8.2003Watkins Glen 250 Miles
22.6.2003Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2002

DateRaceProgramme scans
9.8.2002Watkins Glen 250 Miles
23.6.2002Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2001

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.8.2001Watkins Glen 250 Miles
19.5.2001Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 2000

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.8.2000Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1999

DateRaceProgramme scans
3.10.1999FIA GT Championship Watkins Glen

Year: 1998

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.8.1998Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1997

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.6.1997Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1996

DateRaceProgramme scans
9.6.1996Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1995

DateRaceProgramme scans
24.6.1995Watkins Glen 3 Hours

Year: 1994

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.6.1994Watkins Glen 3 Hours
26.6.1994IMSA Supercar Watkins Glen

Year: 1993

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.6.1993Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres
27.6.1993IMSA Supercar Watkins Glen

Year: 1992

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.6.1992IMSA Supercar Watkins Glen
28.6.1992IMSA GTP Watkins Glen

Year: 1991

DateRaceProgramme scans
22.9.1991Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres - Grand Touring
30.6.1991Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres
30.6.1991IMSA Supercar Watkins Glen

Year: 1990

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.9.1990Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres - Grand Touring
1.7.1990Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres

Year: 1989

DateRaceProgramme scans
24.9.1989Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres - Grand Touring
2.7.1989Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres

Year: 1988

DateRaceProgramme scans
25.9.1988Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres - Grand Touring
3.7.1988Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres

Year: 1987

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.9.1987Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres - Grand Touring
5.7.1987Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres

Year: 1986

DateRaceProgramme scans
21.9.1986Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres
20.9.1986Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres - Grand Touring
6.7.1986Watkins Glen 500 Miles

Year: 1985

DateRaceProgramme scans
29.9.1985Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres
25.8.1985Trans-Am Watkins Glen
7.7.1985Watkins Glen 3 Hours
6.7.1985Watkins Glen 3 Hours - Grand Touring

Year: 1984

DateRaceProgramme scans
30.9.1984Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres
19.8.1984Trans-Am Watkins Glen
8.7.1984Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1981

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.7.1981Watkins Glen 6 Hours
11.7.1981Can-Am Watkins Glen

Year: 1980

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.10.1980GP United States
6.7.1980Can-Am Watkins Glen
5.7.1980Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1979

DateRaceProgramme scans
7.10.1979GP United States
5.8.1979Trans-Am Watkins Glen
8.7.1979Can-Am Watkins Glen
7.7.1979Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1978

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.10.1978GP United States
9.7.1978Can-Am Watkins Glen
8.7.1978Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1977

DateRaceProgramme scans
2.10.1977GP United States
10.7.1977Can-Am Watkins Glen
9.7.1977Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1976

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.10.1976GP United States
10.7.19766 h Watkins Glen

Year: 1975

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.10.1975GP United States
12.7.1975Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1974

DateRaceProgramme scans
6.10.1974GP United States
5.10.1974Shadow Race Watkins Glen
14.7.1974Can-Am Watkins Glen
13.7.1974Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1973

DateRaceProgramme scans
7.10.1973GP United States
22.7.1973Can-Am Watkins Glen
21.7.1973Watkins Glen 6 Hours
16.6.1973Trans-Am Watkins Glen

Year: 1972

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.10.1972GP United States
10.9.1972Watkins Glen 500 Kilometres
13.8.1972Watkins Glen Nationals - Race 7 for A, B, C Sports-Racing
13.8.1972Watkins Glen Nationals - Race 6 for A, B, C Production and A Sedan
23.7.1972Can-Am Watkins Glen
22.7.1972Watkins Glen 6 Hours
17.6.1972Trans-Am Watkins Glen
17.6.1972Trans-Am Watkins Glen - Two Five Challenge

Year: 1971

DateRaceProgramme scans
3.10.1971GP United States
15.8.1971Trans-Am Watkins Glen
15.8.1971Trans-Am Watkins Glen - Two Five Challenge
25.7.1971Can-Am Watkins Glen
24.7.1971Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1970

DateRaceProgramme scans
18.10.1970SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [BSR+CSR+DP+EP]
18.10.1970SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Main]
4.10.1970GP United States
16.8.1970Trans-Am Watkins Glen [U2L]
16.8.1970Trans-Am Watkins Glen
15.8.1970SCCA National Watkins Glen
12.7.1970Can-Am Watkins Glen
11.7.1970Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1969

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.8.1969Trans-Am Watkins Glen
13.7.1969Can-Am Watkins Glen
12.7.1969Watkins Glen 6 Hours

Year: 1968

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.9.1968Watkins Glen
11.8.1968Trans-Am Watkins Glen
14.7.1968Watkins Glen 6 Hours
13.7.1968USRRC Watkins Glen
19.5.1968SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [AP+BP+CP+DP+CSR+AS+BS+CS+DS]

Year: 1967

DateRaceProgramme scans
20.8.1967500 miles Watkins Glen
19.8.1967SCCA National Watkins Glen [CP+DP]
19.8.1967SCCA National Watkins Glen [CSR+DSR+ESR+FSR]
25.6.1967Watkins Glen Grand Prix
24.6.1967SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP]
21.5.1967SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [CSR+DSR+ESR+FSR+GSR+AP+BP+CP+DP]

Year: 1966

DateRaceProgramme scans
16.10.1966Preliminary Watkins Glen [ESR+FSR+GSR+CP]]
16.10.1966SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [ESR+FSR+GSR+CP]]
16.10.1966Preliminary Watkins Glen [ESR+FSR+GSR+CP]]
21.8.1966500 mile Watkins Glen
20.8.1966SCCA National Watkins Glen
26.6.1966Watkins Glen Grand Prix
25.6.1966Watkins Glen [Production]
22.5.1966SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [SR]
21.5.1966SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [SR]

Year: 1965

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.10.1965SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Main]
22.8.1965Watkins Glen 500 Miles
21.8.1965SCCA National Watkins Glen - Classes: CM+DM+EM+FM
21.8.1965SCCA National Watkins Glen - Class EP
21.8.1965SCCA National Watkins Glen - Class FP
21.8.1965SCCA National Watkins Glen - Classes: GM+HM
21.8.1965SCCA National Watkins Glen - Class GP+HP
17.7.1965SCCA Regional Watkins Glen
27.6.1965Production Handicap Watkins Glen
27.6.1965Watkins Glen Grand Prix
27.6.1965Glen Region Watkins Glen [Modified]
27.6.1965Consolation GP Watkins Glen
26.6.1965SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Modified]
26.6.1965SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [FP+GP+HP]
26.6.1965SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [AP+BP+DP]
26.6.1965SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [CP+EP]
23.5.1965SCCA Regional Watkins Glen

Year: 1964

DateRaceProgramme scans
13.9.1964SCCA Regional Watkins Glen
23.8.1964500 mile Watkins Glen
22.8.1964SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]
22.8.1964Watkins Glen Grand Prix - Glen Trophy
22.8.1964Watkins Glen Grand Prix - Schuyler Carrera
22.8.1964Watkins Glen Grand Prix - Queen Catherine Cup
22.8.1964Watkins Glen Grand Prix - Harold Jacques Memorial
28.6.1964USRRC Watkins Glen - GT Race
28.6.1964Watkins Glen Grand Prix
27.6.1964SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP+BP]
27.6.1964SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [GP+HP+HM]
27.6.1964SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [FP]
27.6.1964SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [CP+DP+EP]

Year: 1963

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.9.1963SCCA Regional Watkins Glen
24.8.19637th Annual Glen Classic - Glen Trophy
24.8.19637th Annual Glen Classic - Queen Catherine Cup
24.8.19637th Annual Glen Classic
24.8.19637th Annual Glen Classic - Dix Cup
24.8.19637th Annual Glen Classic - Schuyler Carrera
24.8.19637th Annual Glen Classic - Collier Brothers Memorial
24.8.19637th Annual Glen Classic - Harold Jacques Memorial
30.6.1963USRRC Watkins Glen - Grand Touring
30.6.1963Watkins Glen Grand Prix
29.6.1963SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Race 6]
29.6.1963SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Race 2]
29.6.1963SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Race 3]
29.6.1963SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Race 1]
29.6.1963SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [Race 5]
28.6.1963Preliminary Watkins Glen [Race 3]
28.6.1963Preliminary Watkins Glen [Race 1]
28.6.1963Preliminary Watkins Glen [Race 2]

Year: 1962

DateRaceProgramme scans
22.9.1962SCCA National Watkins Glen [DP]
22.9.1962SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]
22.9.1962SCCA National Watkins Glen [GM+HM]
22.9.1962Watkins Glen Grand Prix
22.9.1962SCCA National Watkins Glen [EP]
22.9.1962SCCA National Watkins Glen [CP]
22.9.1962SCCA National Watkins Glen [AP+BP]
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