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Year: 2015

26.4.2015GT Open Paul Ricard12Sini / CostantiniSolaris Motorsport9th/7th
26.4.2015ADAC GT Oschersleben66Wirth / KeilwitzCallaway Competition4th/14th
26.4.2015ADAC GT Oschersleben69Assenheimer / AlessiCallaway CompetitionDNF/13th
3.5.2015Italian GT Vallelunga22Sini / CostantiniOmbra Srl15th/14th
31.5.2015Italian GT Monza22Sini / KeilwitzSolaris Motorsport2nd/8th
7.6.2015ADAC GT Red Bull Ring13Barth / LipsRWT-Racing Team7th/7th
7.6.2015ADAC GT Red Bull Ring66Keilwitz / WirthCallaway Competition2nd/12th
7.6.2015ADAC GT Red Bull Ring69Alessi / AssenheimerCallaway Competition4th/15th
21.6.2015ADAC GT Spa13Barth / LipsRWT-Racing Team10th/12th
21.6.2015ADAC GT Spa66Keilwitz / WirthCallaway Competition12th/2nd
21.6.2015ADAC GT Spa69Alessi / AssenheimerCallaway Competition9th/14th
28.6.2015Italian GT Imola22Sini / PuglisiSolaris MotorsportDNF/22nd
5.7.2015ADAC GT Lausitzring13Lips / BarthRWT-Racing Team13th/11th
5.7.2015ADAC GT Lausitzring66Wirth / KeilwitzCallaway Competition9th/2nd
5.7.2015ADAC GT Lausitzring69Alessi / AssenheimerCallaway CompetitionDNF/DNF
12.7.2015Italian GT Mugello22Sini / PuglisiSolaris Motorsport12th/DNF
16.8.2015ADAC GT Nürburgring13Lips / BarthRWT-Racing TeamDNF/14th
16.8.2015ADAC GT Nürburgring66Wirth / KeilwitzCallaway Competition19th/DNF
16.8.2015ADAC GT Nürburgring69Alessi / AssenheimerCallaway Competition7th/12th
30.8.2015ADAC GT Sachsenring66Wirth / KeilwitzCallaway Competition3rd/10th
30.8.2015ADAC GT Sachsenring69Alessi / AssenheimerCallaway Competition4th/15th
13.9.2015Italian GT Vallelunga22Sini / PuglisiSolaris Motorsport17th/9th
20.9.2015ADAC GT Zandvoort13Lips / BarthRWT-Racing Team12th/15th
20.9.2015ADAC GT Zandvoort66Wirth / KeilwitzCallaway Competition7th/DNF
20.9.2015ADAC GT Zandvoort69Alessi / AssenheimerCallaway CompetitionDNF/DNS
27.9.2015Italian GT Misano22Sini / PuglisiSolaris Motorsport9th/13th
4.10.2015GT Open Monza12Sini / PuglisiSolaris Motorsport6th/7th
4.10.2015ADAC GT Hockenheim13Lips / BarthRWT-Racing Team13th/10th
4.10.2015ADAC GT Hockenheim66Wirth / KeilwitzCallaway Competition5th/9th
4.10.2015ADAC GT Hockenheim69Assenheimer / SimonsenCallaway Competition12th/DNF

Year: 2016

17.4.2016ADAC GT Oschersleben13Lips / BarthRWT - Racing team30th/14th
1.5.2016ADAC GT Sachsenring13Lips / BarthRWT - Racing team18th/27th
5.6.2016ADAC GT Lausitzring13Lips / BarthRWT - Racing team21st/DNF
24.7.2016ADAC GT Red Bull Ring13Lips / BarthRWT - Racing team8th/17th
7.8.2016ADAC GT Nürburgring13Lips / BarthRWT - Racing team21st/26th
21.8.2016ADAC GT Zandvoort13Lips / BarthRWT - Racing team13th/22nd
2.10.2016ADAC GT Hockenheim13Lips / BarthRWT - Racing team13th/10th

Year: 2017

30.4.2017Italian GT Imola76Del Castello / ColajanniMario Albert Colajanni14th/14th
4.6.2017Italian GT Misano76Del Castello / ColajanniMario Colajanni15th/16th
18.6.2017Italian GT Monza76Colajanni / Del CastelloMario Albert ColajanniDNF/DNF
16.7.2017Italian GT Mugello76Del Castello / ColajanniErreci Prora17th/18th
10.9.2017Italian GT Imola76Del Castello / ColajanniMario Albert Colajanni16th/14th
24.9.2017Italian GT Vallelunga76Del Castello / ColajanniErreci ProraDNF/DNS
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