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All Results of Ford Anglia

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Year: 1952

30.8.19526 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]Jackie Reece2nd

Year: 1953

29.8.19536 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]J. H. Carter2nd

Year: 1954

27.3.1954BARC Goodwood [Closed Cars Handicap]100raced
7.8.1954500 MRCI Kirkistown [Open Handicap Final]Wilbert ToddWilbert Todd6th
21.8.1954BARC Goodwood [Closed Car Handicap]55Ellis Cuff-MillerE. W. Cuff Miller2nd
7.11.1954Preliminary March [Novice 1.5]152Paul WintersDale HalidayDNA
28.11.1954Torrey Pines [FM+GM+HM]165Max BrineyDr. Paul WintersDNA

Year: 1955

13.3.195512 h SebringBeck / HoffsteinHarry R. Beck, Jr.DNA
30.4.1955NSMC Oulton Park [Closed Car Handicap]81W. M. CasselW. M. CasselDNA
14.5.1955ADMC Crimond [Production Handicap]15A. J. WattA. J. Watt3rd
18.6.1955Preliminary Hansen Dam [Production 1.5]108Charles MarshallCharles MarshallDNA
19.6.1955Consolation Hansen Dam [S1.5]108Charles MarshallCharles Marshall9th
19.6.1955Hansen Dam [S1.5]108Charles MarshallCharles MarshallDNA
2.7.1955National Silverstone [Handicap]70Ellis Cuff-Miller1st
9.7.19556 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]John MitchellTinlids Team1st
10.7.1955WJC Charterhall [Sports Handicap]10C. M. M. GillespieC. M. M. GillespieDNA
10.7.1955SCCA National Torrey Pines [S1.5]138Charles MarshallChas. W. MarshallDNF
10.7.1955Preliminary Torrey Pines [FP+GP+HP]138Charles MarshallCharles W. Marshall28th
21.8.1955Buchanan Field [Modified 1.5]43Carl GanschowCarl GanschowDNA
21.8.1955Buchanan Field [Production MG+VW]138Wallace ThomasWallace ThomasDNA
3.9.1955Preliminary Santa Barbara [Production 1.3]43John CoxJohn CoxDNA
4.9.1955Santa Barbara [Production 1.5]43John CoxJohn CoxDNA

Year: 1956

20.5.1956Santa Rosa [Sedan+MG]69Lawrence Hagin?th
20.5.1956Santa Rosa [Sedan+MG]90Jim Wiltshire?th
27.5.1956ICNSCC Deer Park [FP+GP+HP]30Foster Brown10th
9.6.1956NSMC Oulton Park [PS/S/T Handicap]81John MitchellJohn Mitchell2nd
9.6.1956Autosport Oulton Park [Production]81John MitchellJohn MitchellDNF
23.6.1956Autosport Aintree 100 [Production]97John Mitchell11th
30.6.1956MCC Silverstone [Handicap]33Jeff Uren2nd
30.6.1956MCC Silverstone [Handicap]33Jeff Uren3rd
1.7.1956Preliminary Buchanan Field [Sedan+Coupe 1.5]69Lawrence Hagin11th
8.7.1956YVSCC Ellensburg [FP+GP+HP]DNA
18.8.19566 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]Jeff Uren4th
18.8.19566 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]Jean Bloxam4th
18.8.19566 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]Ian Walker4th
26.8.1956WJC Charterhall [Handicap]8Jim McCaigForth Motor Co.DNA
26.8.1956WJC Charterhall [Handicap]10George PercivalG. A. PercivalDNA
26.8.1956WJC Charterhall [Handicap]12Phil WaltonP. G. WaltonDNA
15.9.1956PMC Silverstone [Closed Car Handicap]82Jeff Uren3rd
22.9.19563 h Autosport23John MitchellJohn Mitchell15th
22.9.1956Oulton Park International [GT/T]119James BaybuttJames BaybuttDNF
22.9.1956Oulton Park International [GT/T]133John MitchellJohn MitchellDNF
29.9.1956BARC Aintree [Closed Car Handicap]Harry Brierley3rd
29.9.1956BARC Aintree [Closed Car Handicap]James Baybutt4th

Year: 1957

10.2.1957New Smyrna Beach [FP+GP+HM+VW]Eve Wagner17th
10.2.1957New Smyrna Beach [Sports]Eve WagnerDNS
16.3.1957Stockton [MG+Sedan]134Lawrence Hagin28th
20.4.19576 h South Africa19Woodley / GilinskyA. B. Woodley8th
11.5.1957BARC Goodwood [Closed Car Handicap]M. Barker3rd
25.5.1957LCCC Oulton Park [1172F/750F]133J. M. DunlopMalcolm DunlopDNA
15.6.1957BARC Aintree [Handicap E Closed Cars]Harry BrierleyH. Brierley4th
30.6.1957WJC Charterhall [Production Handicap]40Jim McCaigJ. S. McCaig?th
30.6.1957WJC Charterhall [Production Handicap]41George PercivalG. A. Percival?th
30.6.1957WJC Charterhall [Production Handicap]42Harry BrierleyH. BrierleyDNA
8.7.1957East London-EsplanadeH. Theron2nd
4.8.1957Cotati [Sedan]164Lawrence HaginLawrence R. Hagin7th
17.8.1957BARC Mallory Park [Closed Car Handicap]Harry BrierleyH. Brierley3rd
1.9.1957WJC Charterhall [S1.5]36Joe MurphyJ. Murphyraced
29.9.1957WJC Charterhall [S2.7]1Joe MurphyJ. MurphyDNA
5.10.1957BMRC Charterhall [BMRC Trophy Handicap]10Jim McCaigJ. McCaig8th
5.10.1957BMRC Charterhall [BMRC Trophy Handicap]24George Percival11th
12.10.1957LCCC Oulton Park [Handicap B]42Harry BrierleyHarry Brierley6th

Year: 1958

29.3.1958BARC Mallory Park [Closed Handicap]75J. M. DunlopJ. Dunlop1st
29.3.1958BARC Mallory Park [Closed Handicap]76J. MenziesJ. Menzies5th
5.4.1958BRSCC Full Sutton [PS1.5]35J. M. Dunlop13th
5.4.1958BRSCC Full Sutton [PS1.5]36H. A. Haxton15th
5.4.1958BRSCC Full Sutton [PS1.5]41L. Gibson9th
11.5.1958SCCA Regional Tracy [MG+Ladies+Sedan+FIII]44Don Sgamba8th
11.5.1958SCCA Regional Tracy [MG+Ladies+Sedan+FIII]161Lawrence HaginLawrence R. Hagin3rd
21.6.1958ADMC Crimond [Production Handicap]10E. C. CartwrightE. C. CartwrightDNA
6.7.1958Preliminary Vaca Valley [Ladies+Sedan+FIII+MG-T]23Jack LeeJack LeeDNA
6.7.1958SCCA Regional Vaca Valley [FM+GM+HM]199Lawrence HaginLawrence HaginDNA
26.7.1958MCMC Oulton Park [Closed]26Grahame JohnGrahame John?th
16.8.1958Harewood Acres [Le Mans]114C. D. ManneyReid & Mathew MotorsDNA
16.8.1958Harewood Acres [FP+GP+MG]114C. D. ManneyReid & Mathew MotorsDNA
28.9.1958WJC Charterhall [GT]59George PercivalG. A. PercivalDNA
15.11.19589 h Johannesburg32Denham / DavisEcurie Omegaraced

Year: 1959

4.4.1959BARC Mallory Park [Closed Handicap D]Angus ClydesdaleMarquis of Clydesdale4th
20.6.1959BARC Aintree [Closed Handicap E]J. White3rd
11.7.1959MCMC Oulton Park [Closed]61Grahame JohnGrahame JohnDNA
11.7.1959MCMC Oulton Park [Closed]64C. R. JugglerC. R. JugglerDNA
26.7.1959ECMC Snetterton [T/GT]162Bob JankelR. JankelDNA
26.7.1959ECMC Snetterton [T/GT]171D. P. MerfieldD. P. MerfieldDNA
8.8.1959NDMC & BMRC Ouston [S1.1C/S1.5/R500]72George PercivalG. A. PercivalDNA
8.8.1959NDMC & BMRC Ouston [GT+1.0]72George PercivalG. A. PercivalDNA
8.8.1959BARC Oulton Park [Closed 1.2]74D. P. MerfieldDoc MerfieldDNA
15.8.19598 h Lime Rock22Diffenderfer / Wessells11th
29.8.1959BARC Aintree [Closed Handicap]D. P. MerfieldD. P. Merfield4th
19.9.1959BARC Mallory Park [Closed Handicap B]Bob JankelR. Jankel3rd
19.9.1959BARC Mallory Park [Closed Handicap B]D. P. MerfieldD. P. Merfield2nd
27.9.1959WJC Charterhall [GT]64George PercivalG. A. Percival?th
27.9.1959WJC Charterhall [GT]68Grahame JohnG. W. JohnDNA

Year: 1960

25.3.19604 h Sebring33Richard TolandHenry W. Wessels8th
26.3.1960Snetterton [GT]John M. Young?th
16.4.19606 h South Africa20Philp / HumphreysFord Motor Co. of S.A. (Pty.) Ltd.DNA
16.4.19606 h South Africa21Perry / HallDonnellan Perry Ltd.DNA
24.4.1960WJC Charterhall [GT/T]54George PercivalG. A. Percival?th
21.5.1960BARC Mallory Park [Closed Handicap]D. P. MerfieldD. P. Merfield4th
22.5.1960SMRC Snetterton [GT]112John M. YoungJohn Young?th
28.5.1960MCMC Oulton Park [750F+C1.0]79D. P. MerfieldDoc MerfieldDNA
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