Event: Date: 18.4.1959
Track: Aintree (United Kingdom), unknown lengthOrganiser: BARC

Aintree 200 Meeting - Sports over 1100 cc

Non championship race

(Car Information)

1Maserati 300SMaserati2991 cc N/A
2Cooper MonacoMaserati2489 cc L4 N/A
3Cooper MonacoCM/4/59Climax1960 cc N/A
4Cooper MonacoCM/3/59Climax1960 cc N/A
5Cooper MonacoClimax1960 cc N/A
6Cooper MonacoClimax1960 cc N/A
8Tojeiro TAD-1-58JaguarXK3781 cc N/A
9Lister BHL109RSF301 JaguarXK3781 cc N/A
10Lister CostinJaguarXK3781 cc N/A
11Lister CostinJaguarXK3781 cc N/A
12Lister CostinBHL126Jaguar3781 cc N/A
14Lister BHL5 (2)HCH736 JaguarXK3781 cc L6 N/A
15Lister CostinJaguar3781 cc N/A
16Lister BHL120Jaguar3781 cc N/A
17Lister CostinBHL130Chevrolet5555 cc N/A
18Lister CostinBHL125Chevrolet5752 cc N/A
20Jaguar D-typeJaguarXK3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
21Jaguar D-typeXKD 502JaguarXK3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
22Jaguar D-typeXKD 504JaguarXK2986 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A
23Aston Martin DB3SAston Martin2922 cc L6 N/A
24Aston Martin DBR1Aston Martin2922 cc L6 N/A
25Lotus 15ClimaxFPF1960 cc N/A
26Lotus 15Climax1475 cc N/A
27Lotus 15Climax1475 cc N/A
28Lotus 15Climax1475 cc N/A
29Lotus 15Climax1475 cc N/A
31JBW FerrariMonza2983 cc L4 N/A
32Lotus 15Climax2208 cc N/A
33Jaguar D-typeXKD 515JaguarXK3442 cc L6 2v DOHC N/A

Entered cars that did not arrive:

7Cooper MonacoClimax2494 cc N/A
19Lister CostinBHL121Chevrolet5752 cc N/A
30Lotus 15Climax1475 cc N/A
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