Event: Full International Canadian-American Challenge Cup Road AmericaDate: 1.9.1968
Track: Road America, Elkhart Lake (United States), 6.437 kmsOrganiser: Chicago Region SCCA

Can-Am Road America

(Race Results)

1st5Denny HulmeMcLaren M8A ChevroletMcLaren Cars Ltd.502:06:55.800321.869 kms152.147
2nd4Bruce McLarenMcLaren M8A ChevroletMcLaren Cars Ltd.502:07:30.700
3rd6Mark DonohueMcLaren M6B ChevroletRoger Penske Racing Ent.502:08:11.200
4th52Peter RevsonMcLaren M6B FordShelby Racing Co., Inc.502:08:46.700
5th66Jim HallChaparral 2G ChevroletChaparral Cars, Inc.49
6th11Lothar MotschenbacherMcLaren M6B FordMotschenbacher Racing Ent.48
7th25Charlie HayesMcKee Mk.10 OldsmobileRalph C. Salyer48
8th98George EatonMcLaren Elva Mark III FordGeorge Eaton Racing48
9th57John CordtsMcLaren Elva Mark III ChevroletPerformance Engineering, Ltd.48
10th1Sam PoseyCaldwell D7B ChevroletAutodynamics Corp.47
11th31George RalphLola T70 Mk.2B ChevroletGeorge L. Ralph46
12th2Brett LungerLola T160 ChevroletAutodynamics Corporation45
13th22Pedro RodriguezFerrari 330 P4 4.2North American Racing Team45
14th63Roy KumnickLola T70 Mk.3 ChevroletTero Corvette45
15th42Candido DaMotaMcLaren Elva Mark III ChevroletLand & Cattle Inc.44
16th61Fred PipinLola T70 Mk.3 ChevroletJack Douglas Chevrolet43
17th32Ronnie BucknumLola T70 Mk.3B FordAgapiou Racing42
18th9Jo BonnierMcLaren M6B ChevroletEcurie Suisse42
19th26Skip ScottLola T70 Mk.3 ChevroletCarl A. Haas Racing Teams, Ltd.41
20th18Ron CourtneyMcLaren Elva Mark III ChevroletRonald K. Courtney39


15Brian O'NeilLola T70 Mk.3B ChevroletAmerican Racing Motors12Push start

Did not finish:

21Mario AndrettiLola T70 Mk.3 FordBignotti Enterprises48Lost oil and blown engine
39Ludwig HeimrathMcLaren Elva Mark III ChevroletHeimrath Racing43Engine problems
77Leonard JankeMcLaren Elva Mark III ChevroletJanke Auto Co.38Gearbox
44Jerry HansenMcLaren M6A ChevroletJerry Hansen30Blown head gasket
28Dick BrownMcLaren M6B ChevroletEcurie Green, Inc.28Engine failure
19Gary WilsonMcLaren Elva Mark IIB ChevroletGary M. Wilson27Engine problems
10Chuck ParsonsLola T160 ChevroletCarl A. Haas Racing Teams, Ltd.26Blown engine
56Ralph TrieschmannMcLaren Elva Mark III ChevroletRalph Trieschmann16Blown head gasket

Did not start:

14Lynn KysarLola T70 Mk.3 ChevroletHomer J. Rader
33Tom SwindellMcLaren - ChevroletTom SwindellAccident in practice

Entered cars that did not arrive:

13F. P. Wedge RaffertyMcLaren Elva Mark IIIHillview Bakery
16Nat AdamsChinook Mk V ChevroletNat Adams
23Anson JohnsonLola T70 Mk.3B ChevroletAmerican Racing Motors
34Max BeimlerChinook Mk II ChevroletMax Beimler
36Swede SavageLola T160 FordAll American Racers
41Don BradyMcKee Mk.5A ChryslerDonald Brady
43Richard GallowayLola T70 Mk.3 ChevroletR. B. Galloway
48Dan GurneyMcLaren M6B FordAll American Racers
68Art KijekSpecial FordKay Tee Cars
76George DrolsomLola T70 Mk.3 ChevroletBurmester & Drolsom
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