Event: 6-Hours Trans-Am and The Can-Am for the SCCA Citicorp Can-Am ChallengeDate: 10.7.1977
Track: Watkins Glen Grand Prix Circuit (United States), 5.435 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Can-Am Watkins Glen

(Race Results)

Pos.No.DriversCarEntrantLapsTimeDistanceKm/hReasonGr.FL Time
1st1Patrick TambayLola T333 CS ChevroletCarl A. Haas Racing Terms, Ltd.491:29:31.967266.346 kms178.462-1:46.590
2nd4Peter GethinLola T333 CS ChevroletRacing Team V.D.S.491:30:17.956-1:47.514
3rd40Elliot Forbes-RobinsonLola T333 CS ChevroletBill Freeman Racing49-1:48.712
4th77Don BreidenbachLola T332C ChevroletBriggs Racing48-1:49.525
5th71John David BriggsLola T332 ChevroletBriggs Racing48-1:50.749
6th9Bob NagelLola T332 RNF ChevroletNagel Racing47-1:51.171
7th37Horst KrollLola T300 ChevroletTeam Canada46-1:55.054
8th79Bob BrownMarch 77S HartBob Brown Racing44U2L1:58.241
9th47Tony CicaleChevron B26 HartAnthony Cicale44U2L1:57.734
10th99Tex ArnoldLola T294 FordCar Shop Enterprises42U2L2:03.988
11th39Gary HirschPorsche 908R & H Racing42-
12th60Dave JohnsonLola T290 FordDave Johnson42U2L
13th38T. Patrick McGonegleChevron B24 ChevroletMcGonegle Racing41-
14th13Brian BurgessChevron B21/23 FordBrian Burgess40U2L
15th6Tom KlauslerSchkee DB1 ChevroletSchkee Cars14Differential-
16th54S. Peter SmithChevron B19 FordRed Roof Inns11Broken shockU2L
17th56Leonard JankeMcLaren M8 ChevroletJanke Auto Co.7Overheating-
18th2Gilles VilleneuveWolf-Dallara WD1 ChevroletWalter Wolf Racing6Gearbox failure-
19th41Chris BenderMcLaren - FordChris Bender5Heating-
20th11John GunnLola T332 ChevroletRacing Consultants0Accident/suspension-

Did not start:

24Evan NoyesLola T332 ChevroletEvan Noyes, Jr.Mechanical-

Entered cars that did not arrive:

00Randy LewisShadow DN4B DodgePhoenix Racing-
3Warwick BrownLola T333 CS ChevroletRacing Team VDS-
6Doug SchulzSchkee DB1 ChevroletSchkee Cars-
22Bruce LangsonLola T310 ChevroletBruce L. Langson-
36Graham McRaeMcRae GM3 ChevroletJongbloed Racing Wheels-
78Jeff JonesMcLaren-Elva Mark IIIB FordJeff Jones-
80Mike RocheLola T332 ChevroletRoche Racing-
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