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Can-Am Championship (page 2)

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Season: 1980 (SCCA Citicorp Can-Am Challenge)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
124.5.1980Can-Am Golden State
28.6.1980Can-Am Mid-Ohio
322.6.1980Can-Am Mosport
46.7.1980Can-Am Watkins Glen
520.7.1980Can-Am Road America
610.8.1980Can-Am Brainerd
724.8.1980Can-Am Trois-Rivières
87.9.1980Can-Am Road Atlanta
919.10.1980Can-Am Laguna Seca
1026.10.1980Can-Am Riverside

Season: 1981 (SCCA Budweiser Can-Am Challenge)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
114.6.1981Can-Am Mosport
228.6.1981Can-Am Mid-Ohio
311.7.1981Can-Am Watkins Glen
426.7.1981Can-Am Road America
516.8.1981Can-Am Edmonton
66.9.1981Can-Am Trois-Rivières
713.9.1981Can-Am Mosport II
84.10.1981Can-Am Riverside
911.10.1981Can-Am Laguna Seca
1016.10.1981Can-Am Caesars Pallace

Season: 1982 (Budweiser/7-Eleven Can-Am Series)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
123.5.1982Can-Am Road Atlanta
27.6.1982Can-Am Mosport
327.6.1982Can-Am Mid-Ohio
425.7.1982Can-Am Road America
55.9.1982Can-Am Trois-Rivières
612.9.1982Can-Am Mosport II
726.9.1982Can-Am Caesars Pallace
83.10.1982Can-Am Riverside
910.10.1982Can-Am Laguna Seca

Season: 1983 (SCCA Can-Am Challenge)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
15.6.1983Can-Am Mosport
24.7.1983Can-Am Lime Rock
317.7.1983Can-Am Road America
44.9.1983Can-Am Trois-Rivières
511.9.1983Can-Am Mosport II
69.10.1983Can-Am Sears Point

Season: 1984 (CRC Chemicals Can-Am Challenge)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
110.6.1984Can-Am Mosport
27.7.1984Can-Am Dallas
322.7.1984Can-Am Brainerd
44.8.1984Can-Am Lime Rock
519.8.1984Can-Am Road Atlanta
62.9.1984Can-Am Trois-Rivières
79.9.1984Can-Am Mosport II
830.9.1984Can-Am Sears Point
97.10.1984Can-Am Riverside
1028.10.1984Can-Am Green Valley

Season: 1985 (SCCA Can-Am Challenge)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
12.6.1985Can-Am Mosport
26.7.1985Can-Am Lime Rock
32.9.1985Can-Am Lime Rock II
415.9.1985Can-Am Mosport II
513.10.1985Can-Am St. Louis
63.11.1985Can-Am St. Petersburg

Season: 1986 (Can-Am Championship)

RoundDateRaceProgramme scans
11.6.1986Can-Am Mosport
25.7.1986Can-Am Summit Point
33.8.1986Can-Am St. Louis
414.9.1986Can-Am Mosport II
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