Event: Can-Am/CRC Trans-Am Road AmericaDate: 26.7.1981
Track: Road America, Elkhart Lake (United States), 6.437 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Can-Am Road America

(Race Results)

1st3Geoff BrabhamLola T530 ChevroletRacing Team V.D.S.401:23:21.340257.495 kms185.346-
2nd1Jeff WoodLola T530 ChevroletCarl Haas Racing401:23:35.540-
3rd5Al UnserMarch 817 ChevroletNewman Racing39-
4th14Al HolbertHolbert CAC-2 ChevroletHolbert Racing39-
5th25Jim TruemanRalt RT2 HartRed Roof Inns, Inc.371stU2L
6th68Richard GuiderMarguey - FordElite Racing362ndU2L
7th36Mike FrebergLola T300 ChevroletRace Safe Racing36-
8th37Horst KrollLola T330 ChevroletHorst Kroll Racing34Engine-
9th77John GrahamChevron B26Midland Racing343rdU2L
10th2Randy LewisHolbert CAC-1 ChevroletCribari Racing34-
11th0Jeff MillerLola T496Wynnfurst, Ltd.31Overheating4thU2L
12th10Rocky MoranFrissbee - ChevroletAmerican Spirit Racing29Out of gas-
13th4Danny SullivanLola T530 ChevroletGarvin Brown Racing26Out of gas-
14th31Gerre PayvisLola T332 ChevroletChristine B. Snyder23Shift linkage-
15th38Danny JohnsonChevron B24/28 ChevroletDan Johnson Racing17Overheating-
16th8David KennedyFrissbee - ChevroletU.S. Racing-Herb Caplan11Dropped valve-
17th92Robert GouletMcKee Mk.18C ChevroletRobert Goulet Racing10Unknown-
18th73Joe SalyerChevron B26/31Systems Mechanical Constractors8Unknown5thU2L
19th61E. B. LunkenMarch 73/77SSodes Racing5Unknown6thU2L
20th41Greg SorrentinoMarch 802Different Drummer Racing2Unknown7thU2L

Did not start:

6Teo FabiMarch 817 ChevroletNewman RacingAccident in practice-
91Jay JacobsChevron B21/23Genoa RacingU2L
22Graham McRaeMcRae GM9 ChevroletSkoal Bandits-

Did not qualify:

56Leonard JankeLola T332Janke Auto Co.-
76Rick ParsonsConquest I ChevroletDy-Con, Inc. Charles Parsons-

Entered cars that did not arrive:

23Duane EitelMLR-002 ChevroletEKR Racing/M. L. Eitel-
46John MortonFrissbee - ChevroletJohn Morton Racing-
52Gary GoveWilliams FW07B Ford Can-AmPete Lovely Volkswagen-
54S. Peter SmithBobsy - FordRed Roof Inns, Inc.U2L
74Paul MaceyLola T294 FordGeorge Macey/IntercicleU2L
99Jake JeppesenChevron B23G C. Jeppeson RacingU2L
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