Donation for Racing Sports Cars

The RSC project is purely private project generating no real profit but requiring a lot of effort and investments, not only in its own private webserver with unlimited traffic but also in high level programming skills as well as in maintenance of its large and quickly growing content. So in order to keep the whole project running and alive for a long time, we would like to kindly ask you to consider making any kind of donation. Even a very small amount is useful and worth it. It is also possible to subscribe for a regular donation, which would make our budget more predictable and would allow us to plan a middle term investments, research and development better.

Should you consider to donate to Racing Sports Car, please, select an option that suits you best:

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We still have a lot of data and photos available, actually in a TO-DO queue, and raising funds might help us to split the work among more people as well. If you were interested in adding something particular and would like to donate to speed up the process of updating, please, contact us directly by email to verify what is actually possible. Most of our TO-DO stuff is related to individual car photos, a lot of older SCCA race photos, car by driver galleries, recent race photos from official Media sources, adding sponsors & colours for races since 2005; and the following features: final point tables (actually available in our databases until 2004, needs filling in from 2005 onwards) and also programming entire feature. The same applies for planned overviews of chassis numbers by individual makes and type, containing also more recent ownership history, basic information about all cars, and many more. In other words, it is also possible to donate for a particular purpose, even new feature suggestions are welcome.