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Contact Us

Before contacting us, we recommend you to select the most appropriate heading and read the instructions and associated FAQ to ensure quicker and cleaner answer, also avoiding being considered a spammer. Due to a large number of messages, we are unlikely to reply emails like "I have a photo of a missing car, are you interested" (of course we are), "how to send a photo, what format of photos do you prefer", or "I have found information about my father, who was racing in 19xx. How can I update his data.", or "How can I contact Mr. YXZ" etc. We will try to reply them here and in FAQ and will not continue replying them individually in order to improve our RSC service and not wasting time with replying basic questions.

Note that a preferred communication language is English. You can also write in your native language but include also some translation to English using for example Google Translator (Android) or any other mobile app or website you are familiar with. Pure non-English messages are most likely to be considered a spam and thus ignored.

Photo Contribution

First and most importantly - do not send us photo you just found 'somewhere' on the Internet, you scanned from a book, magazine or any other source without being able to give us a proper permission for publishing it on RSC. This is really not a help at all. If we wanted to steal photos, we could do it ourselves. We very much appreciate really original photos from any of the races covered by this website. We also appreciate it if you ask for a permission other photographers or website owners, and send us their photos once you have their permissions for publishing here.

All information about contributing the photos can be found in the section FAQ. Ensure you have read them carefully before. The basic rules are: avoid PDF format, use an image format, preferably JPEG. Do not post thumbnails but if possible keep the pictures at least 800 pixels wide and try to avoid having watermarks in them because watermarking texts will be added by our system anyway regardless your photos are watermarked or not and thus they would duplicated.

The following photos are very unlikely to be used though you can feel free to submit them if you like us to check them or keep them without being used:

  • unsorted photos that cannot be determined by race meeting, track location and it is unlikely there would ever be identified (e.g. unsorted bunch of files of family photos which cannot be sorted and identified in any way cannot be used for the gallery)
  • photos of drivers (we have available many of them and if someone wished to take care of drivers' photo galleries, leave us a message - at the moment we have no resources for such feature though it would be nice to have)
  • recent photos of old, restored cars (unless posted with an article, which could be included into News and Reports section)
  • photos of trophies, tickets or support races, which are not part of the RSC archive

Please, provide us with correct credits to be used for the submitted photos (name, contact/email, website, URL - only the name is mandatory). If not specified, name and email of the submission will be used.

Advertising Inquiry

Are you considering an advertising campaign on our Racing Sports Cars website? Send us your offer and specify what you expect from your advertising and we will try to give you the best options fitting our general advertising policy.

Programme Covers

Along with the race photo galleries we do collect also official race programme front covers, entry lists, race schedules and track maps. All that should come from an official programme, not any sources such as posters, magazines or even other website PDF documents. They may be sent to us as a source of information, or if official programme did not exist or any of the collected part was missing in it. However keep in mind to inform us which documents come from other sources than official race programme.

Corrections & New Information

You may feel some information on our website is incomplete or incorrect. Please, check twice that we are really wrong and send us correct or new information. We will verify it and update the website as soon as possible. Particularly new information about chassis numbers and missing race results are very much appreciated.

It is also possible to write own report from a race meeting, write an history article, or a driver biography story, all supported with photos. It is better to contact us beforehand though.

Website Comments

Feel free to send us any feedback regarding the RSC website in general. What you like, what you dislike, what could be improved.

Other Reasons

If your request does not fit any of the options above, you may try to reach us here. However, be aware that we do not provide services like contacting and locating motorsport personalities or car sellers, we do not offer any special history research (all available data are online), etc. Most of such requests will not be accepted or replied but if you feel we can be of any help, you can give it a try.