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Year: 1958

7.9.1958Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton [S+1.1]48Lotus Mark VIJohn WhitmoreJohn WhitmoreDNF

Year: 1959

2.5.1959Silverstone International [GT]16Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreJ. H. D. Whitmore5th
9.5.1959Snetterton [GT1.3+GT2.0]Lotus EliteJohn Whitmore2nd
21.6.195924 h Le Mans42Lotus EliteWhitmore / ClarkBorder Reivers10th
3.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]81Tojeiro John WhitmoreJ. Ogier?th
3.8.1959National Brands Hatch [GT1.6]93Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreJohn Whitmore1st
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [GT1.6 Race 1]51Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreJon Whitmoreraced
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]90Tojeiro John WhitmoreJ. Ogier5th
6.9.1959Snetterton [S+1.1]80Tojeiro John WhitmoreJ. Ogier3rd
12.9.1959Coppa Inter-Europa [GT1.3]Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreDNF
10.10.19593 h Autosport12Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreJohn WhitmoreDNA

Year: 1960

26.6.196024 h Le Mans7Aston Martin DBR1Clark / Salvadori / *WhitmoreBorder Reivers3rd
26.6.196024 h Le Mans31Lotus EliteIreland / WhitmoreTeam LotusDNS
26.6.196024 h Le Mans41Lotus EliteWagstaff / Marsh / *WhitmoreTeam Lotus14th
26.6.196024 h Le Mans62Lotus EliteSieff / Whitmore / MartynTeam LotusDNS
10.7.1960Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton [Formula Libre]127Cooper F2Maggs / WhitmoreJohn OgierDNA
16.7.1960GP Silverstone27Aston Martin John WhitmoreBorder ReiversDNA
13.8.19606 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]35PAustin SevenWhitmoreB.R.S.C.C. Mini Mice 848 c.c.DNA
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy9Aston Martin DB4 GTSalvadori / *WhitmoreEssex Racing Team2nd
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy10Aston Martin DB4 GTIreland / *WhitmoreEssex Racing Team3rd
16.10.1960Brands Hatch [GT]100Austin-Healey 3000In entry list onlyEcurie Chiltern3rd

Year: 1961

25.3.196112 h Sebring43MG ARiley / WhitmoreBritish Motors Corp. (USA)16th
28.5.19611000 km Nürburgring84MG AOlthoff / WhitmoreJ. R. Olthoff28th
28.5.19611000 km Nürburgring98Lotus EliteAllen / Wagstaff / *WhitmoreTeam Elite30th
11.6.196124 h Le Mans4Aston Martin DBR1In entry list onlyEssex Racing TeamDNF
8.7.1961British Empire Trophy20Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreChris Barberraced
15.7.1961GP AintreeAston Martin DB4 GTJohn WhitmoreEssex Racing Team3rd
12.8.19616 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]24AAustin SevenJohn WhitmoreMoore MinisDNA
19.8.1961Tourist Trophy46Lotus EliteWhitmoreChris Barber19th
3.9.1961500 km Nürburgring56Austin SevenWhitmore / CarlisleJohn WhitmoreDNF
30.9.1961Molyslip Trophy SnettertonLotus EliteJohn Whitmore11th
1.10.1961Peco Trophy Brands HatchLotus EliteJohn Whitmore3rd
22.10.19611000 km Paris16Aston Martin DB4 GTMaggs / WhitmoreEssex Racing Team9th

Year: 1962

24.3.196212 h Sebring53MG AWhitmore / Olthoff / MorrillEcurie Safety Fast20th
7.4.1962National Open Oulton Park [GT2.0]Lotus EliteJohn Whitmore2nd
23.4.1962Sussex Trophy GoodwoodLotus EliteJohn Whitmore?th
12.5.1962Silverstone International [GT]12Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreC. Barber7th
20.5.1962GP Spa [GT1.3]Lotus EliteJohn Whitmore1st
27.5.19621000 km Nürburgring76MG AOlthoff / WhitmoreJacob R. OlthoffDNF
24.6.196224 h Le Mans24Austin-Healey 3000Whitmore / OlthoffEcurie ChilternDNF
15.7.1962Snetterton [GT1.6]11Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreD. C. Barber2nd
5.8.1962Rheinland Nürburgring9Jaguar E-typeJohn WhitmoreJohn Whitmore5th
18.8.1962Tourist Trophy24Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreC. BarberDNF
2.9.1962World Cup ZandvoortLotus EliteJohn Whitmore3rd
29.9.19623 h Autosport24Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreC. BarberDNA
21.10.19621000 km Paris9Aston Martin DB4 GTClark / WhitmoreEssex Racing Stable (J. Ogier)DNF

Year: 1963

15.4.1963Sussex Trophy Goodwood62Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreTeam Elite (62) Ltd.6th
5.5.1963Targa Florio162Austin Mini CooperWhitmore / FrèreDownton Engeneering27th
11.5.1963Silverstone International [GT]23Lotus EliteJohn WhitmoreC. BarberDNA
19.5.19631000 km Nürburgring108Lotus ElanIreland / WhitmoreStirling MossDNS
1.6.1963Player's 200 Mosport17Lotus ElanJohn WhitmoreStirling Moss Racing TeamDNF
16.6.196324 h Le Mans42Austin-Healey SpriteWhitmore / OlthoffAustin-HealeyDNF
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch28BMC Mini CooperWhitmore / Hopkirk6th
20.7.1963GP Silverstone24Lotus ElanJohn WhitmoreStirling Moss Automobile Racing Team14th
6.8.1963Brands Hatch [GT2.5]90Lotus ElanJohn WhitmoreStirling Moss Automobile Racing Team1st
24.8.1963Tourist Trophy18Lotus ElanJohn WhitmoreStirling Moss Automobile Racing TeamDNF
22.9.1963Tour de France174Ferrari 250 GTIn entry list onlyChris KerrisonDNF
28.9.19633 h Autosport9Lotus ElanJohn WhitmoreStirling Moss Automobile Racing TeamDNF
2.11.19639 h Kyalami12Ford Cortina LotusWhitmore / Love / SearsJohn Willment Automobiles Ltd.T-car
2.11.19639 h Kyalami12TFord Cortina LotusWhitmore / LoveJohn Willment Automobiles Ltd.DNF
28.12.1963GP East LondonAC CobraJohn Whitmore1st

Year: 1964

30.3.1964Lavant Cup Goodwood42Porsche 904John WhitmoreStirling Moss Automobile Racing Team6th
5.4.1964USRRC-GT Pensacola55Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann4th
11.4.1964National Open Oulton Park [GT]91Lotus ElanJohn WhitmoreIan Walker Racing Ltd.DNF
26.4.1964USRRC-GT Riverside1Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann12th
3.5.1964USRRC-GT Laguna Seca1Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreTeam Lotus12th
10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T1.6]320Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
23.5.1964Prix de Paris [GT1.6/T+2.5]Lotus ElanJohn Whitmore1st
31.5.19641000 km Nürburgring30Lotus ElanWhitmore / HegbourneIan WalkerDNF
6.6.19646 h Brands Hatch19Ford Cortina LotusWhitmore / ProcterAlan Mann Racing Ltd.1st
14.6.1964Hill Climb Mont VentouxFord Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann RacingDNF
21.6.19646 h NürburgringFord Cortina LotusWhitmore / HegbourneAlan Mann Racing2nd
22.6.196424 h Le MansPorsche 904Whitmore / Dibley / CasnerStirling Moss Auto Racing Team (SMART)DNA
28.6.1964USRRC-GT Watkins Glen11Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreTeam Lotus, Ltd.DNF
4.7.1964Martini Trophy Silverstone9Lotus John WhitmoreIan Walker-Team Lotusraced
11.7.1964GP Brands Hatch11Brabham BT8In entry list onlyTeam Elite ('62) Ltd.2nd
11.7.1964GP Brands Hatch [GT]46Lotus ElanJohn WhitmoreIan Walker6th
19.7.1964USRRC Greenwood15Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann10th
26.7.196424 h Spa301Ford Cortina LotusWhitmore / GardnerAlan Mann RacingDNF
9.8.1964USRRC-GT Meadowdale15Ford Cortina LotusIn entry list onlyTeam Lotus Limited7th
9.8.1964Kanonloppet61Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
23.8.1964Hill Climb St. Ursanne162Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
30.8.1964ETCC Zandvoort [T+1.3]121Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing3rd
13.9.1964Hill Climb Timmelsjoch54Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
20.9.19644 h Budapest22Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing2nd
11.10.19641000 km Paris12Aston Martin DB4 GTIn entry list onlyAndrew HedgesDNF
11.10.19641000 km ParisFord GT40Whitmore / HedgesFord Advanced VehiclesDNA
25.10.19644 h MonzaFord Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing23rd

Year: 1965

19.3.19654 h Monza [Div.2+3]Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann RacingDNF
19.3.19654 h Monza [Div.2+3]Ford Cortina LotusTaylor / WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing22nd
11.4.1965Le Mans Test7Ford GT40Whitmore / AttwoodFord Advanced Vehicles6th
11.4.1965Le Mans Test9Ford GT40Attwood / Whitmore / TrintignantFord Advanced Vehicles3rd
25.4.19651000 km Monza49Shelby Cobra Daytona CoupeSears / WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing9th
1.5.1965Tourist Trophy21Shelby CobraJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing Ltd.4th
9.5.1965Targa Florio194Ford GT40Bondurant / WhitmoreFord Advanced VehiclesDNF
16.5.1965500 km Spa21Shelby Cobra Daytona CoupeJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing TeamDNF
23.5.19651000 km Nürburgring10Ford GT40Attwood / WhitmoreFord Advanced Vehicles Ltd.DNF
6.6.1965Hill Climb Mont Ventoux125Ford Cortina LotusJohn WhitmoreAlan Mann Racing1st
13.6.19656 h Nürburgring30Ford Cortina LotusWhitmore / SearsAlan Mann Racing1st
20.6.196524 h Le Mans14Ford GT40Ireland / WhitmoreFord Advanced VehiclesDNF
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