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Year: 1979

25.10.1979Giro d'Italia287Fiat RitmoFusaro / Alboreto / Perissutti8th

Year: 1980

16.3.19806 h Brands Hatch20Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboCheever / AlboretoLancia Corsa - Italy2nd
16.3.19806 h Brands Hatch20TLancia Beta Montecarlo TurboMichele AlboretoLancia Corsa - ItalyT-car
13.4.19806 h Mugello2Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboAlboreto / RöhrlLancia Corse2nd
11.5.19806 h Silverstone54Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboRöhrl / AlboretoLancia Corse - Italy4th
5.7.19806 h Watkins Glen32Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboAlboreto / CheeverLancia Corse2nd
6.11.1980Giro d'Italia699Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboAlboreto / Bettega / BernacchiniLancia2nd

Year: 1981

1.2.198124 h Daytona4Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboAlboreto / Ghinzani / GabbianiMartini Lancia Racing41st
12.4.19816 h Mugello1Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboAlboreto / GhinzaniMartini RacingDNA
12.4.19816 h Mugello8Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboAlboreto / GhinzaniMartini RacingDQ
3.5.1981GP San Marino4Tyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTyrrell RacingDNF
17.5.1981GP Belgium4Tyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTyrrell Racing12th
31.5.1981GP Monaco4Tyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTyrrell Racing TeamDNF
14.6.198124 h Le Mans65Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboCheever / Alboreto / FacettiMartini Racing8th
14.6.198124 h Le Mans66Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboIn entry list onlyMartini RacingDNF
21.6.1981GP Spain4Tyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTyrrell RacingDNQ
5.7.1981GP France4Tyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTyrrell Racing16th
12.7.19816 h Watkins Glen1Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboPatrese / AlboretoMartini Racing1st
18.7.1981GP Great Britain4Tyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTyrrell RacingTeamDNF
2.8.1981GP Germany4Tyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTeam TyrrellDNQ
16.8.1981GP Austria4Tyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTyrrell Racing TeamDNF
30.8.1981GP Netherlands4Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTyrrell Racing9th
30.8.1981GP Netherlands4TTyrrell 010Michele AlboretoTyrrell RacingT-car
13.9.1981GP Italy4Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTyrrell Racing TeamDNF
27.9.1981GP Canada4Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTyrrell Racing11th
17.10.1981GP USA - Las Vegas4Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTyrrell RacingDNF
6.11.19819 h Kyalami6Lancia Beta Montecarlo TurboAlboreto / PirroLancia Martini4th

Year: 1982

23.1.1982GP South Africa3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell7th
21.3.1982GP Brazil3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell4th
4.4.1982GP United States West3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell4th
18.4.19821000 km Monza51Lancia LC1Patrese / AlboretoMartini RacingDNF
25.4.1982GP San Marino 3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell3rd
9.5.1982GP Belgium3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam TyrrellDNF
16.5.19826 h Silverstone50Lancia LC1Alboreto / PatreseMartini Racing1st
23.5.1982GP Monaco3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell10th
30.5.19821000 km Nürburgring50Lancia LC1Alboreto / Fabi / PatreseMartini Racing1st
6.6.1982GP USA - Detroit3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam TyrrellDNF
13.6.1982GP Canada3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam TyrrellDNF
20.6.198224 h Le Mans50Lancia LC1In entry list onlyMartini RacingDNF
20.6.198224 h Le Mans51Lancia LC1Alboreto / Fabi / StommelenMartini RacingDNF
3.7.1982GP Netherlands3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell7th
18.7.1982GP Great Britain3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam TyrrellNC
25.7.1982GP France3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell6th
8.8.1982GP Germany3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell4th
15.8.1982GP Austria3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam TyrrellT-car
15.8.1982GP Austria3TTyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam TyrrellDNF
29.8.1982GP Switzerland 3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell7th
5.9.19821000 km Spa51Lancia LC1Ghinzani / AlboretoMartini RacingDNF
12.9.1982GP Italy3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell5th
19.9.19821000 km Mugello51Lancia LC1Ghinzani / AlboretoMartini Racing1st
25.9.1982GP USA - Las Vegas3Tyrrell 011Michele AlboretoTeam Tyrrell1st
3.10.19826 h Fuji50Lancia LC1In entry list onlyItalya Martini Racing2nd
3.10.19826 h Fuji51Lancia LC1Alboreto / GhinzaniItalya Martini RacingDNF
17.10.19821000 km Brands Hatch51Lancia LC1Alboreto / GhinzaniMartini RacingDNF
6.11.19829 h Kyalami1Porsche 936In entry list onlyLindsay Sakers/Joest Racing3rd

Year: 1983

10.4.19831000 km Monza4Lancia LC2Alboreto / PatreseMartini Racing9th
8.5.19831000 km Silverstone4Lancia LC2Alboreto / PatreseMartini RacingDNF
29.5.19831000 km Nürburgring4Lancia LC2Patrese / AlboretoMartini RacingDNF
19.6.198324 h Le Mans4Lancia LC2Alboreto / Fabi / NanniniMartini RacingDNF
19.6.198324 h Le Mans5Lancia LC2In entry list onlyMartini RacingDNF
4.9.19831000 km Spa4Lancia LC2Patrese / Fabi / *AlboretoMartini Racing7th
4.9.19831000 km Spa5Lancia LC2Ghinzani / Fabi / AlboretoMartini Racing11th
18.9.19831000 km Brands Hatch4Lancia LC2Alboreto / PatreseMartini Racing4th
2.10.19831000 km Fuji4Lancia LC2Alboreto / FabiMartini RacingDNA
10.12.19831000 km Kyalami4Lancia LC2In entry list onlyLancia/Martini2nd

Year: 1995

9.1.1995Daytona Test33Ferrari 333 SPAlboreto / Evans / Groff3rd
5.2.199524 h Daytona3Ferrari 333 SPIn entry list onlyScandia Racing Team39th
5.2.199524 h Daytona33Ferrari 333 SPBaldi / Alboreto / JohanssonScandia Racing Team41st
18.3.199512 h Sebring33Ferrari 333 SPBaldi / Alboreto / van de PoeleScandia Motorsports4th
10.9.19953 h Texas World3Ferrari 333 SPIn entry list onlyScandia Racing Team24th
10.9.19953 h Texas World33Ferrari 333 SPAlboretoScandia Racing Team2nd
8.10.19951 h 45 min New Orleans3Ferrari 333 SPIn entry list onlyScandia Racing Team4th

Year: 1996

4.2.199624 h Daytona3Ferrari 333 SPBaldi / Alboreto / VelezScandia Engineering62nd
4.2.199624 h Daytona23Ferrari 333 SPEvans / Baldi / Alboreto / VelezScandia EngineeringDNA
17.3.199612 h Sebring3Ferrari 333 SPEvans / Baldi / AlboretoScandia Engineering2nd
28.4.1996Prequalifying Le Mans8TWR WSC95In entry list onlyJoest5th
16.6.199624 h Le Mans8TWR WSC95Theys / Alboreto / MartiniJoest RacingDNF

Year: 1997

12.1.1997Daytona Test9Courage C41Cottaz / Policand / Alboreto / Bouchut / PompidouCourage Competition8th
2.2.199724 h Daytona9Courage C41In entry list onlyCourage Competition80th
4.5.1997Prequalifying Le Mans7TWR WSC95Alboreto / JohanssonJoest2nd
15.6.199724 h Le Mans7TWR WSC95Alboreto / Johansson / KristensenJoest Racing GMBH1st

Year: 1998

3.5.1998Prequalifying Le Mans7Porsche LMP1/98Johansson / Murry / AlboretoPorsche AG21st
3.5.1998Prequalifying Le Mans8Porsche LMP1/98Dalmas / Raphanel / Wollek / AlboretoPorsche AG17th
7.6.199824 h Le Mans7Porsche LMP1/98Alboreto / Johansson / DalmasPorsche AGDNF
7.6.199824 h Le Mans8Porsche LMP1/98In entry list onlyPorsche AGDNF
10.10.1998Petit Le Mans77Porsche LMP1/98Alboreto / Johansson / MüllerPorsche AG2nd

Year: 1999

20.3.199912 h Sebring77Audi R8RAlboreto / Capello / JohanssonAudi Sport Team Joest3rd
2.5.1999Prequalifying Le Mans7Audi R8RAlboreto / Capello / AielloAudi Sport Team Joest11th
13.6.199924 h Le Mans7Audi R8RAlboreto / Capello / AielloAudi Sport Team Joest4th
13.6.199924 h Le Mans8Audi R8RIn entry list onlyAudi Sport Team Joest3rd

Year: 2000

18.3.200012 h Sebring77Audi R8Capello / McNish / AlboretoAudi Sport North America2nd
1.4.20002 h 45 min Charlotte77Audi R8RMcNish / Capello / AlboretoAudi Sport North America20th
30.4.2000Le Mans Test7Audi R8Alboreto / Capello / AbtAudi Sport Team Joest3rd
30.4.2000Le Mans Test9Audi R8In entry list onlyAudi Sport Team Joest1st
13.5.2000500 km Silverstone77Audi R8RMcNish / Capello / *AlboretoAudi Sport North America3rd
13.5.2000500 km Silverstone78Audi R8RIn entry list onlyAudi Sport North America4th
18.6.200024 h Le Mans7Audi R8Alboreto / Abt / CapelloAudi Sport Team Joest3rd
18.6.200024 h Le Mans9Audi R8In entry list onlyAudi Sport Team Joest2nd
9.7.20001000 km Nürburgring77Audi R8In entry list onlyAudi Sport North AmericaDNF
30.9.2000Petit Le Mans77Audi R8McNish / Capello / AlboretoAudi Sport North America1st
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