Event: The Grand Prix at MosportDate: 27.6.1999
Track: Mosport International Raceway (Canada), 3.957 kmsOrganiser: unknown

American Le Mans Series Mosport

(Car Information)

0Riley & Scott Mk III014Judd4000 cc V10 N/A
02Porsche 993 Carrera RSRWP0ZZZ99ZWS398017PorscheF6 N/A
03Porsche 993 Carrera RSRWP0ZZZ99ZTS398103PorscheF6 N/A
04Porsche 911 GT2WP0ZZZ99ZWS393PorscheF6 2v DOHC TurboPorsche -6
06Lola B98/10HU03FordV8 N/A
1Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S01ReynardFordYates/Elan Motorsports5999 cc V8/90° 2v OHV N/APanoz/X-trac -6
2Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S002ReynardFordYates/Elan Motorsports5999 cc V8/90° 2v OHV N/APanoz/X-trac -6
6BMW M3 E36E36/102292BMW N/A
7BMW M3 E36E36 STC 95 039BMWL6 N/A
10BMW M3 E36E36 STC 95 002aBMWL6 N/A
11Ferrari 333 SP017MichelottoFerrariF310E3997 cc V12/65° 5v N/A
12Ferrari 333 SP018MichelottoFerrariF310E3997 cc V12/65° 5v N/A
15Riley & Scott Mk III001Ford5000 cc V8 N/A
16Riley & Scott Mk III010FordV8 N/A
17Porsche 993 Carrera RSRWP0ZZZ99ZVS320611PorscheF6 N/A
18Ferrari 333 SP004bDallaraFerrariF310E3997 cc V12/65° 5v N/A
20Riley & Scott Mk III002FordV8 N/A
22Porsche 993 Carrera RSRWP0ZZZ96ZPS496069PorscheF6 N/A
23Porsche 993 Carrera RSRWP0ZZZ96ZPS496067PorscheF6 N/A
27Ferrari 333 SP025MichelottoFerrariF310E3997 cc V12/65° 5v N/A
28Lola B98/10HU01FordV8 N/A
29Riley & Scott Mk III017FordV8 N/A
36Ferrari 333 SP026MichelottoFerrariF310E3997 cc V12/65° 5v N/A
38Porsche 911 GT1005Porsche3164 cc F6 4v DOHC2xKKK K27
38TPorsche 911 GT1008Porsche3164 cc F6 4v DOHC2xKKK K27
40Porsche 996 GT3 CupWP0ZZZWS6998007PorscheF6 4v DOHC N/APorsche -6
42BMW V12 LMR004/99Williams-G ForceBMW5990.5 cc V12/60° N/A
43BMW V12 LMR003/99Williams-G ForceBMW5990.5 cc V12/60° N/A
55Saleen MustangSAR 97002FordV8 N/A
56Porsche 911 GT2WP0ZZZ99ZTS393079Porsche3600 cc F6 2v DOHC TurboPorsche -6
63Kudzu DLY010Mazda4R Rotary
75Lola B98/10HU08JuddGV44000 cc V10/72° N/A
76Porsche 993 Carrera RSRWP0ZZZ99ZVS39807PorscheF6 N/A
83Porsche 911 GT298 RST 530 002PorscheF6 2v DOHC TurboPorsche -6
91Dodge ViperC21Dodge356-T67986 cc V10/90° 2v OHV N/A
92Dodge ViperC17Dodge356-T67986 cc V10/90° 2v OHV N/A
96Dodge Viper200077Dodge7986 cc V10/90° OHV N/A
99Porsche 911 GT2WP0ZZZ99ZTS393104PorscheF6 2v DOHC TurboPorsche -6

Entered cars that did not arrive:

61Porsche 911 GT2WP0ZZZ99ZTS394063PorscheF6 2v DOHC TurboPorsche -6
90Porsche 993 Carrera RSRWP0ZZZ99ZRS398076PorscheF6 N/A
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