Event: Date: 2.9.1933
Track: Belfast (United Kingdom), 21.990 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Tourist Trophy

Non championship race

(Race Results)

1st17Tazio NuvolariMG Magnette K3Whitney Straight355:56:34.000769.650 kms126.5811st1.1
2nd25Hugh HamiltonMG Midget J4H. C. Hamilton355:57:14.000750
3rd5Tim Rose-RichardsAlfa Romeo 8C 2300T. E. Rose-Richards (F. Abecassis)356:10:06.0001st3.0
4th19Eddie HallMG Magnette K3E. R. Hall356:12:14.0002nd1.1
5th4Earl HoweAlfa Romeo 8C 2300 LMCount Giovanni Lurani356:18:01.0002nd3.0
6th14Bobbie BairdRiley Brooklands 9Victor Gillow356:24:21.0003rd1.1
7th18Manby ColegraveMG Magnette K3G. F. A. Manby-Colegrave356:24:31.0004th1.1
8th8WhitcroftRiley TT6V. Riley356:27:07.0001st1.5


16Freddie DixonRiley Brooklands 9 (Dixon Spl.)F. W. Dixon351.1

Did not finish:

23FontesMG Midget J4L. FontesBroken rod750
27H. R. AttwoodMG MidgetH. R. Attwood39DQ750
7EystonRiley TT6V. Riley33DQ1.5
10MaclureRiley TT6V. Riley33DQ1.5
20YallopMG Magnette K3R. A. Yallop33DQ1.1
9StanilandRiley TT6V. Riley32Accident1.5
28FordMG Midget CJ. L. Ford22Steering, engine750
1A. C. LaceInvicta SA. C. Lace20Bearings5.0
22Stan HailwoodMG MidgetS. W. B. Hailwood20DNF750
2George FieldInvicta SF. Abecassis18Head gasket5.0
26CrabtreeMG MidgetS. A. Crabtree17DNF750
12Victor GillowRiley Brooklands 9Victor Gillow14Accident1.1
30Billie SullivanSullivan Special Morris MinorW. Sullivan14Blower failure750
29D. K. MansellMG MidgetD. K. Mansell12Broken oil pipe750
3Brian LewisAlfa Romeo 8C 2300N. Rees and A. W. Fox10Rear axle3.0
24T. SimisterMG MidgetT. Simister9Accident750

Did not start:

6Whitney StraightMaseratiWhitney Straight3.0
11"V. Karachi"Alvis'V. Karachi'1.5
15Hector DobbsRiley Brooklands 9H. G. Dobbs1.1
21Tommy HortonMG Magnette K3R. T. Horton1.1
31R. A. JensenSullivan Special Morris MinorMajor R. G. Heyn750
32Low / BalmainMG MidgetG. H. S. Balmain and J. G. C. LowFatal accident in practice750

Entered cars that did not arrive:

Robin MereMG Magnette K3Robin Mere
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