Event: World Championship 6-Hours including The Trans-Am and The Can-Am for the SCCA Citicorp Can-Am Challenge, The GlenDate: 9.7.1978
Track: Watkins Glen Grand Prix Circuit (United States), 5.435 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Can-Am Watkins Glen

(Race Results)

Pos.No.DriversCarEntrantLapsTimeDistanceKm/hReasonPos.Gr.FL Time
1st2Warwick BrownLola T333 CS ChevroletRacing Team VDS551:40:03.333298.855 kms179.249-1:46.282
2nd10Al HolbertLola T333 CS ChevroletHogan Racing, Ltd.551:40:31.897-1:47.116
3rd58Rocky MoranLola T333 CS ChevroletRocky Moran54-1:48.637
4th39John GunnLola T332 Chevrolet (GG-4)Gunn's Godies53-1:49.482
5th59Michael AllenLola T332 CS ChevroletDon Weber53-
6th3Elliot Forbes-RobinsonSpyder NF-10 ChevroletNewman-Freeman Racing52-1:46.396
7th9Bob NagelLola T332 RNF ChevroletNagel Racing Enterprises52-1:51.609
8th47Tony CicaleRalt RT1 FordCicale Champion Racing521stU2L
9th7Tom SpaldingSchkee DB1 ChevroletTom Spalding Racing52-1:47.157
10th56Leonard JankeLola T332 ChevroletJanke Auto50-
11th37Horst KrollLola T300 ChevroletHorst Kroll Racing49Broken axle mount-
12th54S. Peter SmithChevron B19/21 FordRed Roof Inns492ndU2L
13th13Brian BurgessChevron B21/23 FordDog Ring Services483rdU2L
14th61E. B. LunkenMarch 73S FordE. B. Lunken Racing474thU2L
15th1Alan JonesLola T333 CS ChevroletCarl A. Haas Racing Team, Ltd.45-1:45.194
16th12Michael BraytonWolf Brayton 001 ChevroletMichael Brayton41Accident-
17th30Howard KellyLola T330/2CA ChevroletHoward Kelly Racing41Overheating-1:48.889
18th43Dean DietrichMarch 76A ChevroletDietrich Racing Ltd.34-
19th73Bill PhaneufChevron B26/31 FordSystems Mechanical Contractors32Accident5thU2L
20th00Randolph TownsendShadow DN10 DodgeShadow Cars25Gearbox failure-
21st35Dwight ZilligLola T332 ChevroletPhantom Racing Team21Fuel spill on driver-
22nd80Mike RocheLola T332 ChevroletRoche Racing19Suspension-
23rd0Jean-Pierre JarierShadow DN10 DodgeShadow Cars17Gearbox-1:48.081
24th68Ray PetryChevron B21 FordDNFU2L
25th4Alain De CadenetDe Cadenet Lola LM FordBritish Post OfficeDNF-
26th15Bill TemperoChevron B78C ChevroletCloverleaf TexacoDNF-
27th8George FollmerProphet - ChevroletU.S. RacingDNF-

Did not start:

60Dave JohnsonLola T290 FordP.S.B. SpeakersU2L

Entered cars that did not arrive:

5Lola T333 CS ChevroletRacing Team VDS-
11Vern SchuppanElfin MR8A ChevroletVern Schuppan/Robert Boxx-
26Rick VillateLola T294RVR, Inc.U2L
46John MortonLola T333 CS ChevroletJohn Morton-
51Warren PurdyLola T290 FordWarren PurdyU2L
52Don ChabChevron B19/26C & H SpecialtiesU2L
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