Chassis Numbers

One of the main efforts of the Racing Sports Cars project is to trace race histories of individual cars. An important part of this goal is to try to collect as many chassis numbers as possible. We list them usually next to the car name or at the top of individual race-by-race listings of individual cars. However in those listing you can sometimes find a particular entry indexed within the same chassis number history without the actual chassis number shown next to the car name. A plain hash symbol # is is then displayed instead. This means that we did a best guess the entry belongs to the enveloping chassis number history but was not confirmed by any source of information and is just based on our assumption, indirect information or evidence. So the entry of a car without chassis list, but still indexed under the chassis means that it is believed to be the same car but generally the entry can belong to a different one.

There are also situations when the chassis number was claimed to belong to that car by some of the sources, even trustworthy ones, but we still have enough reasons to doubt its correctness. In that case one or several questions marks can be added to the chassis, or it is not shown at all, similarly as described above.

Furthermorem, not all cars in the past were assigned either with a chassis number plate, eventually some other kind of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or it is almost impossible to find the number out. In this case we use own notation, which is usually standardised for a particular type of car followed by some clear and inuque identity, such as usual first driver or a team name, first year of appearance, registration number, etc. Such RSC notation of the car identity is always followed (suffixed) by a hash symbol # to distinguish it from standard VIN or chassis number.

Despite we put our best effort to show the correct chassis numbers and car identities, it is almost impossible to be quite correct in all cases due to large amount of data, lack of this kind of information in official sources and also a tendency to manipulate some car histories for business reasons to increase the value of certain cars. So it should be considered as just having an informative value providing race fans an opportunity to follow history of any car on race by race basis, often complemented by a photo documentation.

In the future we plan to expand this part of the RSC website and provide some kind of overview of built cars by chassis numbers for most notable makes and type models. For the time being we recommend you to visit another archive of this type at this link.