All Results of Alain Costa

Year: 2011

23.1.2011Winter Paul Ricard I4Radical Alain CostaRadical France10th/9th/10th
13.2.2011Winter Paul Ricard II4Radical Alain CostaRadical France15th/25th/13th
6.3.2011Winter Paul Ricard III4Radical Alain CostaRadical France19th/13th/16th

Year: 2016

17.7.20164 h Red Bull Ring5Ligier JS P3Jackson / CostaBy Speed Factory29th
28.8.20164 h Paul Ricard5Ligier JS P3Jackson / Costa / HartshorneBy Speed Factory32nd
25.9.20164 h Spa5Ligier JS P3In entry list onlyBy Speed FactoryDNF
23.10.20164 h Estoril5Ligier JS P3Costa / FusterBy Speed FactoryDNA
6.11.20166 h Estoril5Ligier JS P3Abello / Costa / FusterBy Speed Factory5th

Year: 2017

13.5.2017LM Cup Monza99Ligier JS P3Costa / PerroyN'Race6th
17.6.2017Road To Le Mans99Ligier JS P3Costa / PerroyN'Race9th/6th
22.7.2017LM Cup Red Bull Ring99Ligier JS P3Accary / CostaN'Race17th
26.8.2017LM Cup Paul Ricard99Ligier JS P3Costa / PaletouN'Race4th
23.9.2017LM Cup Spa99Ligier JS P3Costa / PerroyN'Race12th
22.10.2017LM Cup Algarve99Ligier JS P3Costa / TribaudiniN'Race13th

Year: 2018

11.4.2018LM Cup Paul Ricard Test99Ligier JS P3CostaN'Race24th
14.4.2018LM Cup Paul Ricard99Ligier JS P3Accary / CostaN'Race21st
12.5.2018LM Cup Monza99Ligier JS P3Accary / CostaN'Race13th
27.5.20184 h Paul Ricard99Ligier JS P3Costa / Carmes / PanepintoN'Race5th
16.6.2018Road To Le Mans99Ligier JS P3Accary / CostaN'Race38th/37th
21.7.2018LM Cup Red Bull Ring99Ligier JS P3Scheier / CostaN'Race18th
22.9.2018LM Cup Spa99Ligier JS P3Costa / ScheierN'Race11th
28.10.2018LM Cup Algarve99Ligier JS P3Costa / ScheierN'RaceDNA

Year: 2019

23.3.2019Ultimate Cup Estoril95Ligier JS P3Cimadomo / CostaTeam Virage10th
27.4.2019Ultimate Cup Dijon95Ligier JS P3Cimadomo / CostaTeam Virage10th
25.5.2019Ultimate Cup Slovakia Ring95Ligier JS P3Cimadomo / Costa / KaprzykTeam Virage13th
29.6.2019Ultimate Cup Mugello95Ligier JS P3Cimadomo / CostaTeam VirageDNF
20.7.2019LM Cup Barcelona43Ligier JS P3Jokinen / CostaKeo Racing19th
21.9.2019LM Cup Spa43Ligier JS P3Jokinen / CostaKeo RacingDNF
28.9.2019Ultimate Cup Valencia95Ligier JS P3Konôpka / CostaTeam Virage6th
27.10.2019LM Cup Portimão43Ligier JS P3Jokinen / CostaKeo Racing11th
3.11.2019Ultimate Cup Paul Ricard95Ligier JS P3Cimadomo / CostaTeam Virage10th

Year: 2020

6.9.2020Ultimate Cup Dijon77Ligier JS P320Cimadomo / CostaTeam Virage7th
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