All Results of Alistair Welch

Year: 1962

17.3.1962BARC Oulton Park [S1.0/GT1.0]83Lotus SevenAlistair WelchJ. R. Normanton14th
17.3.1962BARC Oulton Park [Handicap B]83Lotus SevenAlistair WelchJ. R. Normanton14th
16.6.1962LCCC Oulton Park [S1.1+FJr.]1Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair WelchDNF
30.6.1962BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Production B]126Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair Welch2nd
14.7.1962MCMC Oulton Park [S1.0+1172 Ford]26Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair Welch3rd
28.7.1962BRSCC Oulton Park [GT/Production B]158Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair Welch4th
11.8.1962BARC Oulton Park [S1.0/GT1.0]83Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair Welch2nd
11.8.1962BARC Oulton Park [Handicap A]83Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair Welch1st
25.8.1962750 MC Oulton Park [Open Sports]102Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair Welch8th
15.9.1962LCCC Oulton Park [S1.0 OHV+1172 Ford]39Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair Welch1st
15.9.1962LCCC Oulton Park [S2.0 EX]39Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair Welch5th
29.9.1962BARC Oulton Park [Sports]33Lotus SevenAlistair WelchAlistair WelchDNA

Year: 1963

4.5.1963LCCC Oulton Park [S2.0]7Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch2nd
4.5.1963LCCC Oulton Park [S1.15+1172 Ford]7Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch3rd
4.5.1963LCCC Oulton Park [S1.15]7Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch2nd
11.5.1963Silverstone International8Lotus 23Alistair WelchA. Welch14th
3.6.1963Whitsun Goodwood [Sports]40Lotus 23Alistair WelchA. J. WelchDNA
15.6.1963BRSCC Oulton Park [SR]51Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch3rd
15.6.1963BRSCC Oulton Park [Formula Libre]51Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch5th
6.7.1963MCMC Oulton Park [Formula Libre]72Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch3rd
6.7.1963MCMC Oulton Park [Sports]72Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch2nd
20.7.1963GP Silverstone6Lotus 23Alistair WelchA. J. Welch19th
24.8.1963750 MC Oulton Park [Formula Libre]101Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch2nd
24.8.1963750 MC Oulton Park [S1.1+1172 Ford]101Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch4th
31.8.1963BARC Oulton Park [Formula Libre]20Lotus 23Alistair WelchA. J. Welch4th
31.8.1963BARC Oulton Park [Sports]20Lotus 23Alistair WelchA. J. Welch5th
7.9.1963BRSCC Oulton Park [Formula Libre]52Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair WelchDNA
7.9.1963BRSCC Oulton Park [SR]52Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair Welch4th
21.9.1963Gold Cup Oulton Park36Lotus 23Alistair WelchAlistair WelchDNF
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