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Year: 1957

21.7.1957LISCA Lime Rock [GP+GT]Volvo PV 444Art Riley7th

Year: 1958

27.4.1958SCCA Regional Lime Rock [GP+HM+Sedan]56Volvo PV 444Art Riley9th
8.6.1958SCCA Regional Thompson [FP+GP+HM+Sedan]57Volvo PV 444Art Riley6th
27.6.1958SCCA Regional Watkins Glen [FP+GP+Sedan]92Volvo PV 444Art RileyArthur Riley17th
13.9.1958Preliminary Bridgehampton [GT]3Volvo PV 444Art Riley6th
14.9.1958SCCA Regional Bridgehampton [BP+CP+DP+EP+FP+GP]3Volvo PV 444Art Riley16th
14.9.1958Preliminary Bridgehampton [BP+CP+DP+EP+FP+HP]3Volvo PV 444Art Riley23rd
14.9.1958Preliminary Bridgehampton [Handicap]3Volvo PV 444Art Riley6th
5.10.1958SCCA Regional Thompson [MG+Sedan]49Volvo PV 444Art RileyArthur Riley4th
18.10.1958SCCA Regional Lime Rock [FP]2Volvo PV 444Art Riley1st
18.10.1958Preliminary Lime Rock [GT]2Volvo PV 444Art Riley?th
16.11.1958Preliminary Marlboro [FP+GP]5Volvo PV 444Art Riley13th

Year: 1959

12.4.1959SCCA Regional Vineland [GT]Volvo PV 444Art Riley1st
26.4.1959SCCA Regional Lime Rock [P1+P2+P3]101Volvo PV 444Art Riley2nd
2.5.1959LISCA Lime Rock [GT+MG]20Volvo PV 444Art Riley1st
9.5.1959SCCA Regional Lime Rock [P2+P3]101Volvo PV 444Art RileyDNF
24.5.1959SCCA Regional Thompson [BP+CP+GT]2Volvo PV 444Art Riley4th
15.8.19598 h Lime Rock2Volvo PV 444Riley / RutanDNF
12.9.1959LISCA Lime Rock [GT]Volvo PV 444Art Riley1st
4.10.1959SCCA Regional Thompson [HM+2P+Sedan]2Volvo PV 444Art RileyDNF

Year: 1960

10.4.1960SCCA Regional Vineland [FP]Volvo PV 444Art Riley3rd
10.4.1960SCCA Regional Vineland [1300+750+MG]Volvo PV 444Art Rileyraced
6.8.1960Preliminary Montgomery [GT]3Volvo PV 444Art RileyDNA

Year: 1961

28.5.1961Preliminary Bridgehampton [GT]101Volvo PV 544Art Rileyraced
9.7.1961Preliminary Bridgehampton [FP]Volvo PV 544Art RileyDNF

Year: 1962

17.6.19626 h Marlboro1Volvo P1800Art Riley?th
30.6.1962SCCA National Lime Rock [EP]33Volvo P1800Art Riley7th
3.9.1962SCCA National Thompson [DP+EP]2Volvo P1800Art Riley19th
15.9.1962400 km Bridgehampton [GT2.0]3Volvo P1800Art RileyArt RileyDNF
10.11.1962Puerto Rico [GT2.0]Volvo P1800Art Riley6th

Year: 1963

6.1.1963Marlboro [FP+GP+HP]Volvo P1800Art Riley1st
23.3.196312 h Sebring49Volvo P1800Riley / ConeArt Riley23rd
7.4.1963SCCA National Marlboro [FP]4Volvo P1800Art Riley2nd
28.4.1963SCCA National Virginia [FP+GP+HM+HP]94Volvo P1800Art Riley2nd
12.5.1963SCCA National Cumberland [FP]8Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley3rd
1.6.1963Preliminary Bridgehampton [GT]3Volvo P1800Art Riley?th
1.6.1963SCCA National Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]3Volvo P1800Art Riley1st
15.6.1963SCCA National Lime Rock [FP+GP]1Volvo P1800Art Riley3rd
22.6.1963SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP]1Volvo P1800Art Riley8th
21.7.1963SCCA Interclub Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP+Sedan]Volvo P1800Art Riley1st
3.8.1963SCCA National Meadowdale [FP+HM]1Volvo P1800Art Riley4th
24.8.1963SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]16Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley8th
2.9.1963SCCA National Thompson [HM+FP+GP]3Volvo P1800Art Riley18th
14.9.1963500 km Bridgehampton [GT]10Volvo P1800Art RileyArt RileyDNF
15.9.1963500 km Bridgehampton10Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley17th
28.9.1963SCCA Divisional Lime Rock [FP]Volvo P1800Art Riley3rd
19.10.1963SCCA Regional Lime Rock [FP+GP]Volvo P1800Art Riley2nd
10.11.1963SCCA Divisional Marlboro [FP]Volvo P1800Art Riley4th
1.12.1963Nassau TT51Volvo P1800Art Riley9th
1.12.1963Preliminary Nassau TT [GT2.0]51Volvo P1800Art Riley9th
6.12.1963Governor's Trophy51Volvo P1800Art Riley21st
7.12.1963Nassau Classic51Volvo P1800Art Riley18th

Year: 1964

15.2.1964250 mile Daytona58Volvo P1800Art Riley15th
16.2.19642000 km Daytona58Volvo P1800Riley / ConeVolvo Imports Inc.DNF
1.3.1964USRRC-GT Augusta11Volvo P1800Art Riley8th
21.3.196412 h Sebring51Volvo P1800Riley / ConeVolvo Imports, Inc.36th
12.4.1964SCCA National Marlboro [FP]1Volvo P1800Art Riley4th
19.4.1964SCCA National Virginia [CP+DP+EP+FP]12Volvo P1800Art Riley4th
26.4.1964SCCA Divisional Vineland [FP]Volvo P1800Art Riley2nd
17.5.1964SCCA National Cumberland [FP]Volvo P1800Art RileyDNF
31.5.1964SCCA National Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]2Volvo P1800Art RileyDNF
31.5.1964Preliminary Bridgehampton [GT]2Volvo P1800Art Riley6th
7.6.1964SCCA Divisional Vineland [FP]Volvo P1800Art Riley3rd
14.6.1964SCCA National Mid-Ohio [FP+HM]14Volvo P1800Art Riley5th
21.6.1964SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP]14Volvo P1800Art Riley2nd
28.6.1964USRRC-GT Watkins Glen24Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley15th
12.7.1964SCCA Interclub Bridgehampton [FP+GP+HP]Volvo P1800Art Riley1st
9.8.1964SCCA Divisional Connellsville [FP]1Volvo P1800Art Riley2nd
22.8.1964SCCA National Watkins Glen [FP]1Volvo P1800Art RileyArt RileyDNA
13.9.1964500 mile Road America4Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley18th
19.9.1964500 km Bridgehampton [2.0]31Volvo P1800RileyArt Riley Motors, Inc.7th
20.9.1964500 km Bridgehampton31Volvo P1800Art RileyVolvo Imports Inc.DNF
3.10.1964Preliminary Virginia [CP+EP+Sedan]32Volvo P1800Riley3rd
14.11.1964US Champions Riverside [FP]13Volvo P1800Art RileyArt RileyDNF
29.11.1964Nassau TT18Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley33rd
29.11.1964Preliminary Nassau TT [GT2.0]18Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley11th
4.12.1964Governor's Trophy18Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley22nd
5.12.1964Nassau Classic18Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley7th
6.12.1964Nassau Trophy18Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley28th

Year: 1965

28.2.19652000 km Daytona27Volvo P1800Riley / ConeArt RileyDNF
27.3.196512 h Sebring51Volvo P1800Riley / ConeArt RileyDNF
25.4.1965SCCA National Marlboro [FP]11Volvo P1800Art Riley19th
23.5.1965USRRC Bridgehampton49Volvo P1800Art Riley19th
27.6.1965GP Watkins Glen49Volvo P1800Art RileyArt RileyDNQ
27.6.1965Consolation GP Watkins Glen49Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley8th
11.7.1965SCCA National Mid-Ohio [HM+FP]49Volvo P1800Art RileyDNA
7.8.1965SCCA National Bryar Park [other]Volvo P1800Art Riley?th
14.8.1965SCCA National Bridgehampton [FP+Sedan]1Volvo P1800Art RileyDNA
19.9.1965500 km Bridgehampton [2.0]47Volvo P1800Art RileyArt Riley Motor Inc.9th
27.11.1965US Champions Daytona [FP]14Volvo P1800Art RileyDNA
3.12.1965Governor's Trophy49Volvo P1800Art Riley20th
5.12.1965Nassau Trophy49Volvo P1800Art Riley25th

Year: 1966

6.2.196624 h Daytona59Volvo P1800Yenko / Forte / RileyArt RileyDNF
6.2.196624 h Daytona75Yenko StingerRiley / MacGrottyMcMillan Ring Free Oil Co.27th
25.3.19664 h Sebring28Volvo 122Art RileyArthur MollinDNF
26.3.196612 h Sebring36Yenko StingerMacGrotty / Riley / MyersRoss MacGrotty ChevroletDNF
31.7.1966Trans-Am VirginiaVolvo 122Riley / MollinArt Mollin8th
14.8.196612 h Marlboro36Volvo 122Mollin / Riley / GrossmanDNF
4.12.1966Nassau Trophy29Volvo P1800Art Riley41st

Year: 1967

5.2.196724 h Daytona74Volvo 122Mollin / RileyArthur Mollin Racing Ent.NC
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