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Year: 1963

23.6.1963SCCA Divisional Riverside [DP+EP]138Austin-Healey 100Dennis AaseDennis AaseDNA
14.7.1963SCCA Regional Pomona [EP]138Austin-Healey Dennis AaseDennis AaseDNA

Year: 1973

3.11.1973US Champions Road Atlanta [ASR]88Porsche 908/02Dennis AaseBurns Porsche+Audi5th
4.11.1973US Champions Road Atlanta [BP]9Porsche 911Dennis AaseDon Burns Porsche+Audi11th

Year: 1974

21.4.19746 h Road Atlanta58Porsche 911In entry list onlyAdrian Gang50th
19.5.19744 h Ontario81Porsche 911 CarreraEgerton / AaseF.A.R. West Racing8th
7.7.1974Can-Am Road Atlanta16Porsche 908/02Dennis AaseDennis Aase7th
13.7.19746 h Watkins Glen16Porsche 908/02Aase / PatrickAase BrothersDNF
14.7.1974Can-Am Watkins Glen16Porsche 908/02Dennis AaseAase Brothers6th
11.8.1974Can-Am Mid-Ohio16Porsche 908/02Dennis AaseAese Brothers7th
25.8.1974Can-Am Road America16Porsche 908/02Dennis AaseAase Bros.8th
20.10.19741000 km Mexico58Porsche 911Gang / AaseAdrian Gang9th
3.11.1974US Champions Road Atlanta [CP]74Porsche 911Dennis AaseAase Bros.DNA

Year: 1975

10.5.19756 h Riverside86Porsche 911Borsos / Aase / Meister-13th
24.8.1975Road America Handicap76Porsche 908/02Dennis AaseJim Borsos Racing2nd
2.11.1975US Champions Road Atlanta [CP]14Porsche 911Dennis AaseAase-Meister Racing6th

Year: 1976

9.5.1976100 mile Ontario64Porsche 911Dennis Aase6th
25.7.1976100 mile Sears Point04Porsche 911Dennis Aase13th
22.8.1976200 mile Mosport16Porsche 908/02Dennis AaseDennis Aase16th
29.8.19766 h Mid-Ohio86Porsche 911Borsos / Aase13th
3.10.1976100 mile Laguna Seca II4Porsche 911Dennis AaseDennis Aase7th

Year: 1977

6.2.197724 h Daytona51Porsche 914Kirby / Hotchkis / *AaseKirby Hitchcock Racing52nd
19.3.197712 h Sebring51Porsche 914In entry list onlyKirby-Hitchcock Racing24th
19.3.197712 h Sebring88Porsche 911Borsos / *Aase68th
1.5.1977100 mile Laguna Seca I04Porsche 911Dennis AaseAase Bros.14th
12.6.197724 h Le Mans77Porsche 911 CarreraAase / Kirby / HotchkisWynn's International20th
31.7.1977Sears Point [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase1st
28.8.19773 h Mid-Ohio51Porsche 914Hotchkis / Aase18th
5.9.1977Road Atlanta II [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase1st
9.10.1977100 mile Laguna Seca II64Porsche 911Dennis Aase13th

Year: 1978

5.2.197824 h Daytona51Porsche 911Hotchkis / Kirby / AaseWynn's International58th
18.3.197812 h Sebring51Porsche 911Hotchkis / Kirby / AaseWynn's International32nd
2.4.19786 h Talladega51Porsche 911Hotchkis / AaseWynn's International37th
16.4.1978Road Atlanta [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseDennis Aase2nd
30.4.1978Laguna Seca [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase21st
7.5.1978Hallett [GTU]51Porsche 911Dennis Aase1st
29.5.1978Lime Rock [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase2nd
18.6.1978100 mile Brainerd64Porsche 911Dennis Aase28th
30.7.1978Sears Point [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase2nd
6.8.1978Portland [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase1st
27.8.1978250 mile Mid-Ohio64Porsche 911Aase / Cook38th
4.9.1978Road Atlanta [GTU] II64Porsche 911Dennis AaseDennis Aase3rd
26.11.1978250 mile Daytona Finale64Porsche 911Dennis AaseDennis AaseDNA

Year: 1979

4.2.197924 h Daytona62Porsche 914In entry list onlyKoll Motorsports17th
17.3.197912 h Sebring62Porsche 914Koll / Cook / AaseKoll Motor Sports22nd
8.4.1979Road Atlanta [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseDennis Aase4th
22.4.19796 h Riverside64Porsche 911Aase / JohnsonDennis Aase30th
29.4.1979Laguna Seca [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase22nd
13.5.1979Hallett [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase1st
28.5.1979Lime Rock [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis Aase4th
17.6.1979100 mile Brainerd64Porsche 911Dennis Aase37th
15.7.1979250 mile Mid-Ohio3BMW M1Busby / Aase3rd
15.7.1979250 mile Mid-Ohio64Porsche 911Dennis AaseDNA
5.8.1979Portland [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAase Bros.7th
2.9.1979500 mile Road America3BMW M1Busby / AaseJim Busby Racing4th
23.9.1979Road Atlanta [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAlan Johnson Racing20th

Year: 1980

3.2.198024 h Daytona17Mazda RX-7Bohren / *AaseRacing Beat62nd
13.4.1980Road Atlanta [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseDennis Aase2nd
27.4.19805 h Riverside64Porsche 911AaseAlan Johnson Racing56th
4.5.1980Laguna Seca [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAlan Johnson Racing3rd
26.5.1980Lime Rock [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAlan Johnson Racing2nd
15.6.1980100 mile Brainerd64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAlan Johnson Racing15th
27.7.1980Golden State [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAlan Johnson RacingDNS
3.8.1980Portland [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAlan Johnson Racing16th
17.8.19806 h Mosport64Porsche 911Aase / JohnsonAlan Johnson Racingunused
31.8.1980500 mile Road America64Porsche 911Aase / BergstromAlan Johnson Racing9th
21.9.198050 mile Road Atlanta 164Porsche 911 CarreraDennis AaseAlan Johnson Racing13th
21.9.198050 mile Road Atlanta 264Porsche 911 CarreraDennis AaseAlan Johnson Racing9th

Year: 1981

21.3.198112 h Sebring58Porsche 911 CarreraKendall / Smith / AaseCharles Kendall5th
26.4.19816 h Riverside11BMW M1Aase / SmithKendall Racing25th
26.4.19816 h Riverside58Porsche 911 CarreraIn entry list onlyKendall Racing48th
26.4.19816 h Riverside64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAlan Johnson RacingDNA
3.5.1981100 mile Laguna Seca64Porsche 911 CarreraDennis AaseAlan Johnson Racing15th
3.5.1981Laguna Seca [GTU]64Porsche 911Dennis AaseAlan Johnson RacingDNS
26.7.1981100 mile Sears Point11BMW M1Dennis AaseKendall Racing6th
2.8.19811 h Portland11BMW M1Dennis AaseDennis Aase22nd
23.8.1981500 mile Road America11BMW M1Aase / Kendall / SmithKendall Racing Enterprises9th
30.8.1981500 km Mid-Ohio111BMW M1Aase / CookCharles Kendall4th
13.9.1981150 mile Road Atlanta II11BMW M1Dennis AaseKendall Racing5th

Year: 1982

31.1.198224 h Daytona11BMW M1AaseKendall Racing68th
20.3.198212 h Sebring11BMW M1AaseKendall Racing67th
4.4.1982150 mile Road Atlanta11BMW M1Dennis AaseKendall Racing5th
25.4.19826 h Riverside11BMW M1Aase / KendallKendall Racing17th
2.5.1982100 mile Laguna Seca11BMW M1Dennis AaseKendall Racing20th
11.7.1982200 km Brainerd3Pontiac FirebirdAase / Hotchkis13th

Year: 1983

6.2.198324 h Daytona98Toyota CelicaAase / Unser, Jr. / ChandlerAll American Racers51st
27.2.1983GP of Miami [GTU]98Toyota CelicaDennis AaseAll American Racers4th
10.4.1983500 km Road Atlanta98Toyota CelicaDennis AaseAll American Racers53rd
24.4.19836 h Riverside98Toyota CelicaDallenbach, Jr. / Ganz / AaseAll-American Racers Toyota Motorsports10th
24.4.19836 h Riverside99Toyota CelicaAase / ChandlerAll-American Racers Toyota Motorsports31st
1.5.1983Laguna Seca [GTU]99Toyota CelicaDennis AaseAll American Racers6th
15.5.1983500 km Charlotte99Toyota CelicaDennis AaseAll American Racers31st
30.5.19833 h Lime Rock99Toyota CelicaAase / MorenoAll American Racers31st
19.6.19836 h Mid-Ohio99Toyota CelicaAase / MorenoAll-American Racers19th
10.7.1983500 km Brainerd5Porsche 935Akin / AaseBob Akin Motor Racing4th
14.8.19836 h Mosport5Porsche 935Akin / O'Steen / AaseBob Akin Motor Racing12th
21.8.1983500 mile Road America5Porsche 935In entry list onlyBob Akin Motor Racing42nd
11.9.1983500 mile Pocono14March 83GHolbert / AaseHolbert Racing36th

Year: 1984

5.2.198424 h Daytona98Toyota CelicaDallenbach, Jr. / Chandler / AaseAll American Racers76th
5.2.198424 h Daytona99Toyota CelicaIn entry list onlyAll American Racers39th
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