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Year: 2001

25.3.2001FFSA GT Le Mans56Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiFrédéric Dedours8th/15th
29.4.2001FFSA GT Magny-Cours56Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiNourry Compétition7th/41st
4.6.2001FFSA GT Pau [Coupe]56Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiNourry Compétition8th
15.7.2001FFSA GT Monza56Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiNourry CompétitionDNF/15th
9.9.2001FFSA GT Val de Vienne56Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiNourry CompétitionDNF/29th
23.9.2001FFSA GT Nogaro56Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiNourry Compétition13th/6th
6.10.2001FFSA GT Lédenon [Coupe]56Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiNourry Compétition1st

Year: 2002

1.4.2002FFSA GT Nogaro6Porsche 911 GT2Dedours / MakowieckiChâteau Sport3rd/8th
28.4.2002FFSA GT Lédenon6Porsche 911 GT2Dedours / MakowieckiChateau SportDNS
19.5.2002FFSA GT Pau6Porsche 911 GT2Dedours / MakowieckiChâteau Sport3rd
30.6.2002FFSA GT Dijon6Porsche 911 GT2Dedours / MakowieckiChâteau Sport8th/15th
8.9.2002FFSA GT Albi6Porsche 911 GT2Dedours / MakowieckiChâteau Sport5th/34th
6.10.2002FFSA GT Le Mans6Porsche 911 GT2Dedours / MakowieckiChâteau Sport3rd/DNF
20.10.2002FFSA GT Magny-Cours6Porsche 911 GT2Dedours / MakowieckiChâteau Sport6th/2nd

Year: 2003

21.4.2003FFSA GT Nogaro5Porsche 911 GT2Chateau / MakowieckiChâteau Sport7th/10th
18.5.2003FFSA GT Dijon5Porsche 911 GT2Chateau / MakowieckiChateau Sport5th/40th
8.6.2003FFSA GT Pau5Porsche 911 GT2Chateau / MakowieckiChâteau Sport-
22.6.2003FFSA GT Val de Vienne5Porsche 911 GT2Makowiecki / ChateauChâteau Sport22nd/DNS
28.9.2003FFSA GT Lédenon8Porsche 911 GT2Makowiecki / BervilléNourry Compétition3rd/DNS
26.10.2003FFSA GT Magny-Cours77Porsche 996 GT3 CupLacroix / MakowieckiNourry Compétition24th/29th
9.11.2003Spanish GT Barcelona62Porsche 996 GT3 CupMakowiecki / LacroixPsi Motorsport26th

Year: 2004

12.4.2004FFSA GT Nogaro64Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiNourry Compétition17th/14th
2.5.2004FFSA GT Lédenon64Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiCD Sport15th/30th
16.5.2004FFSA GT Val de Vienne64Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiCD Sport15th/16th
20.6.2004FFSA GT Dijon64Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiCD Sport35th/28th
5.9.2004FFSA GT Albi64Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiCD Sport15th/13th
26.9.2004FFSA GT Le Mans64Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiCD Sport13th/14th
17.10.2004FFSA GT Magny-Cours64Porsche 996 GT3 CupDedours / MakowieckiCD Sport23rd/17th
14.11.2004Spanish GT Barcelona45Chrysler ViperMakowiecki / DedoursMTO/Mirabeau Competicion6th
25.11.2004Bahrain [Heat 1]12Chrysler ViperMakowiecki / DedoursLarbre Competition2nd
26.11.2004Bahrain [Heat 3]12Chrysler ViperMakowiecki / DedoursLarbre Competition2nd
26.11.2004Bahrain [Heat 2]12Chrysler ViperDedours / MakowieckiLarbre Competition6th
26.11.2004Bahrain GT Festival12Chrysler ViperDedours / MakowieckiLarbre Competition2nd

Year: 2005

28.3.2005FFSA GT Nogaro3Chrysler ViperLagniez / MakowieckiMTO Mirabeau Compétition8th/8th
17.4.2005FFSA GT Lédenon3Chrysler ViperLagniez / MakowieckiMTO Mirabeau Compétition1st/14th
8.5.2005FFSA GT Pau3Chrysler ViperLagniez / MakowieckiMTO Mirabeau Compétition16th
29.5.2005FFSA GT Dijon3Chrysler ViperLagniez / MakowieckiMTO Mirabeau Compétition33rd/6th
26.6.2005FFSA GT Val de Vienne3Chrysler ViperLagniez / MakowieckiMTO Mirabeau Compétition21st/10th
4.9.2005FFSA GT Albi3Chrysler ViperLagniez / MakowieckiMTO Mirabeau Compétition3rd/6th
25.9.2005FFSA GT Le Mans3Chrysler ViperLagniez / MakowieckiMTO Mirabeau Compétition6th/7th
16.10.2005FFSA GT Magny-Cours3Chrysler ViperLagniez / MakowieckiMTO Mirabeau Compétition31st/5th

Year: 2006

17.4.2006FFSA GT Nogaro10Chrysler ViperMakowiecki / SourdMTO Mirabeau33rd/30th
30.4.2006FFSA GT Lédenon10Chrysler ViperMakowiecki / LesoudierMTO Mirabeau27th/11th
7.5.2006FIA GT3 Silverstone12Dodge ViperAdam / MakowieckiRacing Logistic25th/13th
5.6.2006FFSA GT Pau74Dodge ViperAdam / MakowieckiRacing LogisticDNS
25.6.2006FFSA GT Val de Vienne10Chrysler ViperMakowiecki / LesoudierMTO Mirabeau28th/1st
2.7.2006FIA GT3 Oschersleben12Dodge ViperAdam / MakowieckiRacing LogisticDNS
29.7.2006FIA GT3 Spa12Dodge ViperAdam / MakowieckiRacing Logistic13th/14th
10.9.2006FFSA GT Albi10Chrysler ViperMakowiecki / PoliceMTO Mirabeau18th/DNS
17.9.2006FIA GT3 Mugello10Dodge ViperBornhauser / MakowieckiRacing Logistic8th/4th
15.10.2006FFSA GT Le Mans10Chrysler ViperMakowiecki / PoliceMTO Mirabeau4th/8th
22.10.2006FFSA GT Magny-Cours54Dodge ViperAdam / MakowieckiRacing Logistic11th/38th
18.11.2006500 km Dubai3Ferrari 550 MaranelloGardel / Zacchia / MakowieckiLarbre Competition7th

Year: 2007

9.4.2007FFSA GT Nogaro3Aston Martin DBR9Bornhauser / MakowieckiLarbre Competition30th/5th
29.4.2007FFSA GT Lédenon3Aston Martin DBR9Bornhauser / MakowieckiLarbre Competition26th/4th
6.5.2007FIA GT3 Silverstone26Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing3rd/30th
13.5.2007FFSA GT Dijon3Aston Martin DBR9Bornhauser / MakowieckiLarbre Competition6th/3rd
20.5.2007FIA GT3 Bucharest26Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing25th/DNS
24.6.2007FIA GT3 Monza26Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing8th/DNF
8.7.2007FFSA GT Val de Vienne3Aston Martin DBR9Bornhauser / MakowieckiLarbre Competition2nd/3rd
9.9.2007FFSA GT Albi3Aston Martin DBR9Bornhauser / MakowieckiLarbre Competition23rd/24th
23.9.2007FIA GT3 Brno26Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis RacingDNF/9th
30.9.2007FFSA GT Nogaro3Aston Martin DBR9Bornhauser / MakowieckiLarbre Competition1st/10th
14.10.2007FFSA GT Magny-Cours3Aston Martin DBR9Bornhauser / MakowieckiLarbre Competition30th/1st
17.11.2007FIA GT3 Dubai26Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing5th/9th

Year: 2008

14.3.2008FIA GT Test Monza9Aston Martin DBRS9Makowiecki / VanneletHexis Racing26th
6.4.20081000 km Catalunya50Saleen S7-RBouchut / Makowiecki / BornhauserLarbre Competition18th
20.4.2008FIA GT3 Silverstone10Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing12th/9th
27.4.20081000 km Monza50Saleen S7-RMakowiecki / Bornhauser / BouchutLarbre CompetitionDNA
11.5.2008FFSA GT Dijon8Saleen S7-RMerafina / MakowieckiLarbre Compétition3rd/2nd
18.5.2008FIA GT3 Monza10Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing9th/4th
29.6.2008FFSA GT Val de Vienne8Saleen S7-RMerafina / MakowieckiLarbre Compétition1st/4th
6.7.2008FIA GT3 Oschersleben10Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis RacingDNS/12th
20.7.2008FFSA GT Spa8Saleen S7-RMerafina / MakowieckiLarbre Compétition3rd/27th
14.9.2008FIA GT3 Brno10Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing2nd/4th
21.9.2008ADAC GT Sachsenring29Aston Martin DBRS9Hohenadel / MakowieckiHexis Racing1st/2nd
5.10.2008FIA GT3 Nogaro10Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing10th/7th
12.10.2008FFSA GT Magny-Cours8Saleen S7-RMakowiecki / BervilléLarbre Compétition33rd/7th
23.11.20082 h San Luis7Saleen S7-RMakowiecki / BervilléLarbre CompetitionDNF
6.12.2008FIA GT3 Dubai10Aston Martin DBRS9Lagniez / MakowieckiHexis Racing26th/DNS

Year: 2009

5.4.20091000 km Catalunya50Saleen S7-RIn entry list onlyLarbre Competition22nd
13.4.2009FFSA GT Nogaro52Ferrari F430Makowiecki / AdamAS Events22nd/DNF
3.5.2009FIA GT3 Silverstone4Aston Martin DBRS9Makowiecki / RodriguesHexis Racing AMRDNF/5th
3.5.2009Tourist Trophy80Aston Martin V8 VantageMakowiecki / MückeHexis Racing AMR17th
10.5.2009FFSA GT Dijon52Ferrari F430Makowiecki / AdamAS Events15th/16th
17.5.2009FIA GT3 Adria4Aston Martin DBRS9Makowiecki / RodriguesHexis Racing AMR3rd/1st
31.5.2009FFSA GT Magny-Cours52Ferrari F430Makowiecki / AdamAS EventsDNF/DNF
21.6.2009FIA GT3 Oschersleben4Aston Martin DBRS9Makowiecki / RodriguesHexis Racing AMR13th/4th
21.6.20092 h Oschersleben80Aston Martin V8 VantageMakowiecki / MückeHexis Racing AMR11th
5.7.2009FFSA GT Val de Vienne52Ferrari F430Makowiecki / AdamAS Events17th/DNS
6.9.2009FFSA GT Albi52Ferrari F430Makowiecki / GuillotAS EventsDNF/DNF
13.9.2009FIA GT3 Algarve4Aston Martin DBRS9Makowiecki / RodriguesHexis Racing AMRDNF/DNF
4.10.2009FIA GT3 Paul Ricard4Aston Martin DBRS9Makowiecki / RodriguesHexis Racing AMR15th/4th
4.10.2009FFSA GT Paul Ricard52Ferrari F430Makowiecki / AdamAS Events15th/16th
18.10.2009FFSA GT Lédenon52Ferrari F430Makowiecki / SnobeckAS Events16th/10th
25.10.2009FIA GT3 Zolder4Aston Martin DBRS9Makowiecki / RodriguesHexis Racing AMR5th/13th
1.11.2009GT Open Barcelona88Ferrari F430Makowiecki / DayrautTeam AS Events7th/17th

Year: 2010

5.4.2010FFSA GT Nogaro23Ferrari F430Jakubowski / MakowieckiLuxury Racing9th/DNF
17.4.2010FIA GT1 Abu Dhabi9Aston Martin DBR9Delétraz / MakowieckiHexis AMRDNF
25.4.2010FFSA GT Lédenon23Ferrari F430Jakubowski / MakowieckiLuxury Racing3rd/1st
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