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Year: 1975

19.5.1975NTK Zandvoort57Simca 1000Jan LammersTeam Slotemaker DNQ
10.8.1975ETCC Zandvoort57BMW 2002Herrmann / LammersBMW-AlpinaDNF

Year: 1976

15.8.1976Zandvoort22Opel KadettJan LammersJan LammersDNA

Year: 1979

21.1.1979GP Argentina17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow RacingDNF
4.2.1979GP Brazil17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow Racing14th
3.3.1979GP South Africa17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow RacingDNF
8.4.1979GP United States West17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow RacingDNF
29.4.1979GP Spain17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow Racing12th
13.5.1979GP Belgium17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow Racing10th
27.5.1979GP Monaco17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow RacingDNQ
3.6.19791000 km Nürburgring20Ford Capri TurboLammers / HeyerZakspeed RacingDNF
1.7.1979GP France17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow Racing18th
14.7.1979GP Great Britain17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow Racing11th
14.7.1979GP Great Britain18Shadow DN9Bde Angelis / *LammersInterscope Shadow Racing12th
29.7.1979GP Germany17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow Racing10th
12.8.1979GP Austria17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow RacingDNF
12.8.1979GP Austria17TShadow DN9BJan LammersShadow RacingT-car
26.8.1979GP Netherlands17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow RacingDNF
9.9.1979GP Italy17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow RacingDNQ
30.9.1979GP Canada17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow Racing9th
7.10.1979GP United States17Shadow DN9BJan LammersSamson Shadow RacingDNQ

Year: 1980

13.1.1980GP Argentina10ATS D3Jan LammersTeam ATSDNQ
27.1.1980GP Brazil10ATS D3Jan LammersTeam ATSDNQ
1.3.1980GP South Africa10ATS D3Jan LammersTeam ATSDNQ
30.3.1980GP United States West9ATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATSDNF
26.4.1980Procar Donington99BMW M1Jan LammersBMW Netherlands1st
4.5.1980GP Belgium9ATS D4Jan LammersATS Wheel12th
11.5.1980Procar Avus99BMW M1Jan LammersBMW Netherland2nd
17.5.1980Procar Monaco99BMW M1Jan LammersBMW NetherlandsDNF
18.5.1980GP Monaco9ATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATSNC
18.5.1980GP Monaco9TATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATST-car
1.6.1980GP Spain9ATS D4Jan LammersA.T.S.DNF
1.6.1980GP Spain9TATS D4Jan LammersA.T.S.T-car
1.6.1980GP Spain10ATS D4Jan LammersA.T.S.DNA
22.6.1980Procar Norisring99BMW M1Jan LammersBMW Netherlands BV2nd
12.7.1980Procar Brands Hatch99BMW M1Jan LammersBMW Netherlands10th
13.7.1980GP Great Britain14Ensign N180Jan LammersUnipart Team EnsignDNQ
13.7.1980GP Great Britain14TEnsign N180Jan LammersUnipart Team EnsignT-car
9.8.1980Procar Hockenheim99BMW M1Jan LammersBMW Nederland BV5th
10.8.1980GP Germany14Ensign N180Jan LammersUnipart Team Ensign14th
10.8.1980GP Germany14TEnsign N180Jan LammersUnipart Team EnsignT-car
16.8.1980Procar Zeltweg99?BMW M1Jan LammersBMW Holland7th
17.8.1980GP Austria14Ensign N180Jan LammersUnipart Team EnsignDNQ
31.8.1980GP Netherlands14Ensign N180Jan LammersUnipart Team EnsignDNQ
31.8.1980Procar Zandvoort99BMW M1Jan LammersBMW Nederland6th
14.9.1980GP Italy14Ensign N180Jan LammersUnipart Team EnsignDNQ
14.9.1980Procar Imola99BMW M1Jan LammersBMW HollandDNF
28.9.1980GP Canada14Ensign N180Jan LammersUnipart Racing Team12th
5.10.1980GP United States14Ensign N180Jan LammersUnipart Racing TeamDNF
5.10.1980GP United States14TEnsign N180Jan LammersUnipart Racing TeamT-car

Year: 1981

7.2.1981GP South Africa 9ATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATSDNF
7.2.1981GP South Africa 9TATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATST-car
15.3.1981GP United States West9ATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATSDNF
29.3.1981GP Brazil9ATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATSDNQ
12.4.1981GP Argentina9ATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATS12th
3.5.1981GP San Marino9ATS D4Jan LammersTeam ATSDNQ
17.5.1981GP Belgium9ATS D4In entry list onlyTeam ATSDNQ
31.5.1981GP Monaco9ATS HGS1Jan LammersTeam ATSDNA
26.7.198124 h Spa22BMW 530iIn entry list onlyH. A Maasland18th

Year: 1982

9.5.1982GP Belgium33Theodore TY02Jan LammersTheodore RacingDNQ
23.5.1982GP Monaco33Theodore TY02Jan LammersTheodore Racing TeamDNQ
6.6.1982GP USA - Detroit33Theodore TY02Jan LammersTheodore Racingunused
13.6.1982GP Canada33Theodore TY02In entry list onlyTheodore Racing TeamDNF
3.7.1982GP Netherlands33Theodore TY02Jan LammersTheodore RacingDNF
18.7.1982GP Great Britain33Theodore TY02Jan LammersTheodore RacingDNQ
25.7.1982GP France33Theodore TY02Jan LammersTheodore RacingDNQ
29.8.1982GP Switzerland 33Theodore TY02In entry list onlyTheodore RacingDNQ

Year: 1983

10.4.19831000 km Monza14Porsche 956Lammers / Needell / LloydCanon Racing6th
8.5.19831000 km Silverstone14Porsche 956Lammers / BoutsenCanon Racing3rd
29.5.19831000 km Nürburgring14Porsche 956Rosberg / Lammers / PalmerCanon Racing3rd
19.6.198324 h Le Mans14Porsche 956Lammers / Palmer / LloydCanon Racing8th
3.7.1983Norisring Trophäe21Porsche 956Jan LammersCanon Racing14th
3.7.1983DRM Norisring21Porsche 956Jan LammersCanon Racingraced
4.9.19831000 km Spa14Porsche 956Lammers / BoutsenCanon Racing9th
18.9.19831000 km Brands Hatch14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersCanon Racing9th
2.10.19831000 km Fuji14Porsche 956Lammers / PalmerRichard Lloyd RacingDNA
10.12.19831000 km Kyalami14Porsche 956Lammers / PalmerTeam Gunston5th

Year: 1984

23.4.19841000 km Monza14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersGTi Engineering5th
13.5.19841000 km Silverstone14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersGTi Enginnering5th
17.6.198424 h Le Mans14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersGTi EngineeringDNF
15.7.19841000 km Nürburgring14Porsche 956Palmer / Lammers / DannerCanon Racing - GTI Engineering4th
29.7.19841000 km Brands Hatch14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersGTi Engineering/Canon Racing1st
2.9.19841000 km Spa14Porsche 956Lammers / PalmerCanon Racing GTI EngineeringDNF
16.9.19841000 km Imola14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersGTi Engineering/Canon Racing2nd
30.9.19841000 km Fuji14Porsche 956Lammers / PalmerGTI Engineering9th
2.12.19841000 km Sandown Park14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersGTI Engineering3rd

Year: 1985

24.2.19853 h Miami84March 85GLammers / GuerreroR. Sanchez Racing9th
14.4.19851000 km Mugello14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersRichard Lloyd RacingDNA
28.4.19851000 km Monza14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersRichard Lloyd Racing with Porsche5th
12.5.19851000 km Silverstone14Porsche 956Palmer / LammersRichard Lloyd Racing with Porsche5th
16.6.198524 h Le Mans14Porsche 956In entry list onlyR. Lloyd Racing2nd
16.6.198524 h Le Mans16Porsche 956Palmer / LammersRichard Lloyd RacingDNA
22.9.19851000 km Brands Hatch51Jaguar XJR-6In entry list onlyJaguarDNF
22.9.19851000 km Brands Hatch52Jaguar XJR-6Lammers / HeyerJaguarDNF
1.12.1985800 km Selangor51Jaguar XJR-6Thackwell / Nielsen / LammersTWR Jaguar2nd
1.12.1985800 km Selangor52Jaguar XJR-6Lammers / BrancatelliTWR JaguarDNF

Year: 1986

2.2.198624 h Daytona68Porsche 962Lammers / Morton / WarwickB.F. Goodrich12th
1.6.198624 h Le Mans14Porsche 956In entry list onlyLiqui Moly9th
3.8.1986360 km Jerez52Jaguar XJR-6Warwick / LammersSilk Cut Jaguar3rd
3.8.1986360 km Jerez53Jaguar XJR-6In entry list onlySilk Cut JaguarDNF
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