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Year: 1969

22.6.1969Trans-Am Bridgehampton1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Co. Inc.5th
6.7.1969Trans-Am Donnybrooke1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation3rd
20.7.1969Trans-Am Bryar1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation3rd
3.8.1969Trans-Am St. Jovite1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing CorporationDNF
10.8.1969Trans-Am Watkins Glen1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing CorporationDNF
17.8.1969Can-Am Mid-Ohio31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing Team7th
24.8.1969Trans-Am Laguna Seca1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation4th
31.8.1969Can-Am Road America31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing Team4th
7.9.1969Trans-Am Kent1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation4th
14.9.1969Can-Am Bridgehampton31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing TeamDNF
21.9.1969Trans-Am Sears Point1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing CorporationDNF
28.9.1969Can-Am Michigan31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jeffries Racing TeamDNF
5.10.1969Trans-Am Riverside1Ford MustangPeter RevsonShelby Racing Corporation4th
12.10.1969Can-Am Laguna Seca31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing TeamDNF
26.10.1969Can-Am Riverside31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jefferies Racing Team5th
9.11.1969Can-Am Texas31Lola T163Peter RevsonRobbins-Jeffries Racing TeamDNF
23.11.1969200 mile Fuji Can-AmLola T163Peter Revsonraced

Year: 1970

1.2.197024 h Daytona0AMC JavelinDonohue / RevsonRoger Penske RacingDNF
21.3.197012 h Sebring48Porsche 908/02McQueen / RevsonSolar Productions, Inc.2nd
19.4.1970Trans-Am Laguna Seca9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNF
9.5.1970Trans-Am Lime Rock9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNF
31.5.1970Trans-Am Bryar9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonRoger Penske Racing Enterprises2nd
7.6.1970Trans-Am Mid-Ohio9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNS
14.6.1970Can-Am Mosport26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas RacingDNF
21.6.1970Trans-Am Bridgehampton9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNA
28.6.1970Can-Am St. Jovite13McLaren M12Titus / RevsonTG Racing Tire Ltd.7th
28.6.1970Can-Am St. Jovite26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas RacingDNF
11.7.19706 h Watkins Glen8Porsche 908/02Dean / RevsonA. G. DeanDNF
12.7.1970Can-Am Watkins Glen26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl A. Haas Racing Teams, Inc.19th
19.7.1970Trans-Am Road America6AMC JavelinIn entry list onlyRoger Penske Racing1st
19.7.1970Trans-Am Road America9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonRoger Penske RacingDNF
26.7.1970Can-Am Edmonton26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas RacingDNF
2.8.1970Trans-Am St. Jovite9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske Racing5th
16.8.1970Trans-Am Watkins Glen9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonRoger Penske Racing5th
23.8.1970Can-Am Mid-Ohio26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl A. Haas Racing Teams, Inc.2nd
30.8.1970Can-Am Road America26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl A. Haas Racing Teams, Inc.DNF
13.9.1970Can-Am Road Atlanta26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas RacingDNF
20.9.1970Trans-Am Kent9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske Racing7th
27.9.1970Can-Am Donnybrooke26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas3rd
4.10.1970Trans-Am Riverside9AMC JavelinPeter RevsonPenske RacingDNF
18.10.1970Can-Am Laguna Seca26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl Haas3rd
1.11.1970Can-Am Riverside26Lola T220Peter RevsonCarl HaasDNF

Year: 1971

31.1.197124 h Daytona21Ferrari 312 PIn entry list onlyNorth American Racing Team5th
31.1.197124 h Daytona22Ferrari 512 MRevson / Posey / Parsons / Chinetti, Jr.North American Racing TeamDNF
20.3.197112 h Sebring22Ferrari 512 MRevson / SavageNorth American Racing TeamDNF
28.3.1971GP Questor31Surtees TS8Peter RevsonMilestone Racing Team24th
8.5.1971Trans-Am Lime Rock69AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing AssociatesDNF
31.5.1971Trans-Am Bryar68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates3rd
6.6.1971Trans-Am Mid-Ohio68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing AssociatesDNF
13.6.1971Can-Am Mosport7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.2nd
27.6.1971Can-Am St. Jovite7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.3rd
4.7.1971Trans-Am Donnybrooke68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates2nd
11.7.1971Can-Am Road Atlanta7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
17.7.1971Trans-Am Road America69AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing AssociationDNA
25.7.1971Can-Am Watkins Glen7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
1.8.1971Trans-Am St. Jovite68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates4th
15.8.1971Trans-Am Watkins Glen68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates9th
22.8.1971Can-Am Mid-Ohio7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.7th
29.8.1971Can-Am Road America7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
6.9.1971Trans-Am Michigan68AMC JavelinPeter RevsonAmerican Racing Associates3rd
6.9.1971Trans-Am Michigan69AMC JavelinIn entry list onlyAmerican Racing Associates4th
12.9.1971Can-Am Donnybrooke7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
26.9.1971Can-Am Edmonton7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.12th
3.10.1971GP United States10Tyrrell 001Peter RevsonElf Team TyrrellDNF
17.10.1971Can-Am Laguna Seca7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.1st
31.10.1971Can-Am Riverside7McLaren M8FPeter RevsonMcLaren Cars Ltd.2nd

Year: 1972

23.1.1972GP Argentina18McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLarenDNF
6.2.19726 h Daytona7Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Revson / StommelenAutodelta, S.P.A.DNF
4.3.1972GP South Africa14McLaren M19APeter RevsonBruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd.3rd
19.3.1972Race of Champions56McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren8th
25.3.197212 h Sebring31Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Stommelen / Revson / de AdamichAutodelta, S.p.A.DNF
16.4.19721000 km Brands Hatch8Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Revson / StommelenAutoDelta SpA3rd
23.4.1972International Trophy4McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren5th
1.5.1972GP Spain20McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren5th
7.5.19721000 km Spa6Alfa Romeo T33/3Stommelen / RevsonAuto DeltaDNA
4.6.1972GP Belgium10McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren7th
11.6.1972Can-Am Mosport4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd Jefferies3rd
11.6.197224 h Le Mans19Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3In entry list onlyAutodelta S.P.A.DNF
11.6.197224 h Le MansAlfa Romeo T33/TT/3Hezemans / RevsonAutodeltaDNA
25.6.19721000 km Zeltweg6Alfa Romeo T33/TT/3Stommelen / RevsonAutodelta SpADNA
9.7.1972Can-Am Road Atlanta4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd JefferiesDNF
15.7.1972GP Great Britain19McLaren M19APeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren3rd
23.7.1972Can-Am Watkins Glen4McLaren M20Peter RevsonBruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd.2nd
6.8.1972Can-Am Mid-Ohio4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boys JefferiesDNF
13.8.1972GP Austria12TMcLaren M19AHulme / RevsonYardley Team McLarenT-car
13.8.1972GP Austria14McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren3rd
27.8.1972Can-Am Road America4McLaren M20RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd JefferiesDNF
10.9.1972GP Italy14TMcLaren M19AHulme / RevsonYardley Team McLarenT-car
10.9.1972GP Italy15McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren4th
17.9.1972Can-Am Donnybrooke4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd JefferiesDNF
24.9.1972GP Canada18TMcLaren M19AHulme / RevsonBruce McLaren Motor RacingT-car
24.9.1972GP Canada19McLaren M19CPeter RevsonBruce McLaren Motor Racing2nd
1.10.1972Can-Am Edmonton4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd Jefferies6th
8.10.1972GP United States20McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren18th
15.10.1972Can-Am Laguna Seca4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/Boyd Jefferies19th
29.10.1972Can-Am Riverside4McLaren M20Peter RevsonMcLaren Cars/B. Jefferies2nd

Year: 1973

28.1.1973GP Argentina16McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLaren8th
11.2.1973GP Brazil8McLaren M19CPeter RevsonYardley Team McLarenDNF
3.3.1973GP South Africa6McLaren M19CPeter RevsonTeam Yardley McLaren2nd
8.4.1973International Trophy10McLaren M23Peter RevsonYardley Team McLaren4th
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