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Year: 1949

18.4.1949Goodwood Easter [Formula Libre Handicap 2]51Cooper Stirling Moss1st

Year: 1950

10.4.1950Goodwood Easter [Formula Libre Handicap 3]6HWM Stirling Moss2nd
11.6.1950GP RomaHWM Mossraced
16.9.1950Tourist Trophy7Jaguar XK120Stirling MossTommy Wisdom1st
7.10.1950National Castle Combe [S2.0]Frazer Nash Le Mans ReplicaStirling Moss1st
7.10.1950National Castle Combe [Formula Libre]HWM Stirling Moss3rd

Year: 1951

26.3.1951Goodwood Easter [4th Formula Libre Handicap]1HWM Stirling Moss6th
29.4.1951Mille Miglia432Jaguar XK120Moss / RainbowJaguarDNF
5.5.1951Silverstone International [PS+2.0]26Jaguar XK120Stirling MossS. Moss1st
14.6.1951British Empire Trophy22Frazer Nash Le Mans ReplicaStirling MossSid Greene1st
23.6.195124 h Le Mans22Jaguar C-typeMoss / FairmanStirling MossDNF
8.9.1951Wakefield Trophy [Formula Libre]3HWM Stirling MossHWM1st
15.9.1951Tourist Trophy7Jaguar C-typeStirling MossJaguar Cars1st
29.9.1951Goodwood September [3rd Handicap Formula Libre]6HWM Stirling Moss2nd
29.9.1951Goodwood September [Sports]60Jaguar C-typeStirling Moss1st
29.9.1951Goodwood September [2nd Handicap Sports]60Jaguar C-typeStirling Moss1st

Year: 1952

14.4.1952Goodwood Easter [1st Handicap Sports]8Jaguar C-typeStirling MossW. Lyons4th
4.5.1952Mille Miglia619Jaguar C-typeMoss / DewisJaguar Cars Ltd.DNF
10.5.1952Silverstone International40Jaguar C-typeStirling MossW. Lyons1st
10.5.1952Silverstone International [Champions]Jaguar XK120Stirling Moss1st
29.5.1952British Empire Trophy20Frazer Nash Le Mans ReplicaStirling MossSid GreeneDNF
1.6.1952Prix de Monte Carlo26Frazer Nash Le Mans ReplicaStirling MossFrazer Nash16th
2.6.1952GP Monaco78Jaguar C-typeStirling MossJaguar CarsDNF
15.6.195224 h Le Mans17Jaguar C-typeMoss / WalkerPeter WalkerDNF
29.6.1952GP Reims50Jaguar C-typeStirling MossT. H. Wisdom1st
2.8.1952Boreham International [S+2.0]40Jaguar C-typeStirling MossBill Cannell/Tommy Wisdom1st
16.8.19529 h Goodwood1Jaguar C-typeMoss / WalkerW. Lyons5th
23.8.1952National Turnberry [S+1.5 final]106Jaguar C-typeStirling Moss1st
23.8.1952National Turnberry [S+1.5 heat 2]Jaguar C-typeStirling Moss1st
27.9.1952Goodwood International [S3.5]70Jaguar C-typeStirling MossWisdom/Cannell2nd
4.10.1952National Castle Combe [S+1.5]Jaguar C-typeMossDNS
11.10.1952Charterhall International [Sports Unlimited]Jaguar C-typeStirling MossT. Wisdom2nd

Year: 1953

26.4.1953Mille Miglia542Jaguar C-typeMoss / Morris-GoodallJaguar Cars Ltd.DNF
9.5.1953Silverstone International35Jaguar C-typeStirling MossJaguar Cars Ltd.7th
14.6.195324 h Le Mans17Jaguar C-typeMoss / WalkerJaguar Cars Ltd.2nd
14.6.195324 h Le Mans18Jaguar C-typeRolt / Hamilton / *MossJaguar Cars Ltd.1st
14.6.195324 h Le Mans18TJaguar C-typeIn entry list onlyJaguar Cars Ltd.T-car
18.6.1953British Empire Trophy52Jaguar C-typeStirling MossJaguar Cars4th
5.7.195312 h Reims4Jaguar C-typeWhitehead / MossP. N. Whitehead1st
26.7.1953Monsanto26Jaguar C-typeStirling MossJaguar Cars2nd
22.8.19539 h Goodwood1Jaguar C-typeMoss / WalkerW. LyonsDNF
30.8.19531000 km NürburgringJaguar C-typeMoss / CollinsJaguar Cars Ltd.DNA
5.9.1953Tourist Trophy7Jaguar C-typeMoss / WalkerJaguar Cars Ltd.3rd

Year: 1954

7.3.195412 h Sebring56Osca MT4Lloyd / MossB. S. Cunningham1st
10.4.1954British Empire Trophy7Leonard Stirling MossLionel LeonardDNF
15.5.1954Silverstone International7Jaguar Stirling MossW. LyonsDNA
13.6.195424 h Le Mans12Jaguar D-typeMoss / WalkerJaguar Cars Ltd.DNF
4.7.195412 h Reims1Jaguar D-typeMoss / WalkerJaguar Cars Ltd.DNF
17.7.1954British GP [S1.5]33Porsche 550In entry list onlyW. H. Aldington3rd
11.9.1954Tourist Trophy20Jaguar D-typeMoss / WalkerJaguar Cars Ltd.14th
25.9.1954Goodwood International [S2.0]87Lister Stirling MossG. Lister & Sons2nd
10.10.1954Coupes du Salon [Sports]44?Connaught ALSRStirling MossPeter Bell10th

Year: 1955

13.3.195512 h Sebring44Austin-Healey 100Moss / MacklinDonald Healey Motor Co.6th
12.4.1955Goodwood Easter [S1.5]54Beart-Rodger Stirling MossFrancis BeartDNF
1.5.1955Mille Miglia722Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRMoss / JenkinsonDaimler Benz AG1st
7.5.1955Silverstone International37Beart RodgerStirling MossFrancis Beart19th
29.5.1955Eifelrennen Nürburgring3Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRStirling MossDaimler-Benz A.G.2nd
12.6.195524 h Le Mans19Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRFangio / MossDaimler-Benz AGDNF
24.7.1955Monsanto [S1.5]3Porsche 550Stirling Moss1st
7.8.1955GP Sverige2Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRStirling MossDaimler-Benz2nd
20.8.19559 h Goodwood34Porsche 550Moss / von HansteinAFM Ltd.DNF
27.8.1955Oulton Park International14Connaught ALSRStirling MossPeter Bell 7th
27.8.1955Oulton Park International34Mercedes-Benz Stirling MossS MossDNA
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy1TMercedes-Benz 300 SLRFangio / Kling / Moss / von TripsDaimler-Benz AGT-car
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy2TMercedes-Benz 300 SLRStirling MossDaimler-Benz AGT-car
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy9Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRIn entry list onlyDaimler-Benz AG2nd
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy10Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRMoss / FitchDaimler-Benz AG1st
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy11Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRIn entry list onlyDaimler-Benz AG3rd
16.10.1955Targa Florio104Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRMoss / CollinsDaimler Benz AG1st
16.10.1955Targa FlorioTMercedes-Benz 300 SLRFangio / Titterington / Kling / Moss / CollinsDaimler Benz AGT-car
16.10.1955Targa FlorioTMercedes-Benz 190 SLFangio / Kling / Titterington / Herrmann / Moss / Collins / FitchDaimler Benz AGT-car
16.10.1955Targa FlorioTMercedes-Benz 200Fangio / Kling / Titterington / Herrmann / Moss / Collins / FitchDaimler Benz AGT-car
16.10.1955Targa FlorioTMercedes-Benz 300 SLFangio / Kling / Titterington / Herrmann / Moss / Collins / FitchDaimler Benz AGT-car
9.12.1955Nassau [Production +2.0]29Austin-Healey 100Stirling MossDonald Healey6th
9.12.1955Governor's Trophy29Austin-Healey 100Stirling MossDonald Healey11th
11.12.1955Nassau Trophy29Austin-Healey 100Stirling MossDonald Healey52nd

Year: 1956

7.1.1956GP Ardmore10Porsche 550Stirling MossPorsche Distributors (Melbourne)1st
14.1.19566 h Torrey Pines61Austin-Healey 100Pringle / Jackson-Moore / *MossW. B. Pringle4th
29.1.19561000 km Buenos Aires31Maserati 300SMoss / MenditéguyOfficine Alfieri Maserati1st
24.3.195612 h Sebring26Aston Martin DB3SMoss / CollinsDavid Brown & Sons, Ltd.DNF
2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [S+1.5]59Aston Martin DB3SMossGilby Engineering1st
14.4.1956British Empire Trophy23Cooper T39Stirling MossS. Moss Ltd.1st
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S2.0]61Cooper T39Stirling MossStirling Moss5th
29.4.1956Mille Miglia554Maserati 350SMoss / JenkinsonOfficine Alfieri MaseratiDNF
5.5.1956Daily Express Silverstone [S1.5]7Cooper T39Stirling MossStirling MossDNA
5.5.1956Daily Express Silverstone [S+1.5]21Aston Martin DB3SStirling MossAston Martin2nd
21.5.1956National Crystal Palace [S1.5]22Cooper T39Stirling Moss2nd
21.5.1956National Crystal Palace [S1.5]22Cooper T39Stirling Moss1st
27.5.19561000 km Nürburgring5Maserati 300SMoss / BehraOfficine Alfieri MaseratiDNF
27.5.19561000 km Nürburgring6Maserati 300STaruffi / Schell / Behra / MossOfficine Alfieri Maserati1st
24.6.1956Supercortemaggiore1Maserati 200SMoss / TaruffiOfficine MaseratiDNF
24.6.1956Supercortemaggiore2Maserati 200SPerdisa / MossOfficine Maserati2nd
29.6.195612 h Reims [S1.5]38Cooper T39Moss / HillStirling MossDNF
8.7.1956GP Rouen14Aston Martin DB3SMossAston Martin2nd
8.7.1956GP Rouen18Aston Martin DB3SCollins / *MossAston MartinDNF
14.7.1956GP Silverstone27Maserati 300SStirling MossMaserati1st
22.7.1956GP Bari [S3.0]42Maserati 300SStirling MossMaserati1st
29.7.195624 h Le Mans8Aston Martin DB3SMoss / CollinsDavid Brown2nd
5.8.1956Rheinland Nürburgring [S1.5/GT+2.0]32Maserati 150SStirling MossMaserati2nd
12.8.1956GP Sverige10Maserati 300SVilloresi / Maglioli / MossOfficine Alfieri MaseratiDNF
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