Event: Race of a Thousand YearsDate: 31.12.2000
Track: Adelaide (Australia), 3.780 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Asia Pacific Le Mans Series

(Car Appearance)

0Lola B2K/10 RafanelliTeam Rafanelli SRL Olive GardenMichelinopenmid
1Panoz LMP07Panoz Motor SportsMichelinopenfront
2Panoz LMP-1 Roadster SPanoz Motor SportsMichelinopenfront
5Porsche 996 GT3-RDick Barbour RacingMichelinclosedrear
6BMW M3 E46Prototype Technology GroupYokohamaclosedfront
7BMW M3 E46Prototype Technology GroupYokohamaclosedfront
8Porsche 996 GT3-RHaberthur RacingDunlopclosedrear
10BMW M3 E46Prototype Technology GroupYokohamaclosedfront
12Panoz LMP-1 Roadster SPanoz Motor SportsMichelinopenfront
15Porsche 996 GT3-RDick Barbour RacingMichelinclosedrear
28Lola B2K/10 FordKonrad MotorsportDunlopopenmid
30Porsche 996 GT3-RWhite Lightning RacingMichelinclosedrear
31Cadillac Northstar LMPMotorola - DAMSPirelliopenmid
32Cadillac Northstar LMPMotorola - DAMSPirelliopenmid
37Porsche 911 GT2Intersport RacingDunlopclosedrear
51Porsche 996 GT3-RDick Barbour RacingMichelinclosedrear
61Chrysler Viper GTS-RChamberlain MotorsportMichelinclosedfront
66Porsche 996 GT3-RThe Racer's GroupPirelliclosedrear
67Pilbeam MP84 NissanProject 2000 RaceworksDunlopopenmid
69Porsche 996 GT3-RKyser RacingPirelliclosedrear
70Porsche 996 GT3-RSkea Racing InternationalPirelliclosedrear
71Porsche 996 GT3-RSkea Racing InternationalPirelliclosedrear
77Audi R8Audi Sport North AmericaMichelinopenmid
78Audi R8Audi Sport North AmericaMichelinopenmid
91Dodge Viper GTS-RViper Team OrecaMichelinclosedfront
92Dodge Viper GTS-RViper Team OrecaMichelinclosedfront

Entered cars that did not arrive:

08Porsche 911 GT2Roock Motorsport North AmericaYokohamaclosedrear
09Porsche 996 GT3-RCirtek MotorsportDunlopclosedrear
23Porsche 996 GT3-RAlex Job RacingMichelinclosedrear
62Chrysler Viper GTS-RChamberlain MotorsportMichelinclosedfront
72Porsche 996 GT3-RSkea Racing InternationalPirelliclosedrear
Random Photo
28 - Lola T70 Mk.3B GT Chevrolet #SL76/149