Event: Date: 17.6.1984
Track: Donington Park (United Kingdom), 3.149 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Thundersports Donington

Thundersports (round 4)

(Car Appearance)

1Lola T530 ChevroletAtlantic Computers plcopenmid
4Harrier LR4 Ford TurboAbdex Racingyellowclosedmid
7Grid S1 FordG. I. Baird/Tech-Speed Racingyellowclosedmid
12BMW M1 ChevroletMick Hillwhite/blueclosedmid
13Kellygirl Ford Turbo--
15Harrier RX83C MazdaLyncar Motorsportclosedmid
46Chevron B19 FordOtford Groupwhiteopenmid
48Mallock U2 Mk.20 FordSeppicream--
52Lola T594C VWXerox Copy Centre/Abbey Farm Racingwhiteopenmid
54Chevron B19 FordRichard Budgeblueopenmid
57Chevron B36 HartRichard Simmslight blueopenmid
61Chevron B61 FordChevron Cars/Andreason Racing Spares, Winchesterblackopenmid
71Tiga TS84 FordBrands Hatch Racinggreenopenmid
73Mallock U2 Mk.24B FordReid Wineswhite/redopen SMfront
76Mallock U2 Mk.20/21 FordJames Patrickblue-front
77TOJ SC205 BMWAntifriction-Wessex Fuels Racing Teamblueopenmid
92Chevron B52 FordSouthern Litho/Autotrade Magazineyellow--
104Royale RP37 FordChloride Security Systems/Richard Dutton Racingredopenmid
111Lola T596 FordBob Sallisbury Racinggreen-mid
117Chevron B60A FordChevron Cars/Andreason Racing Spares, Winchesteryellow/b...openmid
137Crosslé 37S FordPeacock International Racing Drivers Schoolred--
144Royale RP37 FordRent Air Freight/Fine Colouropenmid
182Chevron B8 FordApollo Race and Rallyblackclosedmid
Royale RP37 Ford--

Entered cars that did not arrive:

3Capri Mk.3 CosworthFred Cowell Racingred/black/yellowclosedfront
60Chevron B19 FordDeman Tweeks/CCCopenmid
88Lola T492 FordMichael Schryver Antiques Ltd.redopenmid
90Chevron B60 FordIan MacLeod (Engineering)redopenmid
101Elden S2000 FordL.F. Electrical/Connaught Motorsyellow--
Random Photo
15 - Lola T610 Chevrolet #HU1 - Terry Hook