Event: The SMT Trophy Race Meeting InglistonDate: 22.7.1974
Track: Ingliston Motor Racing Circuit (United Kingdom), 1.658 kmsOrganiser: Scottish Motor Racing Club

SMRC Ingliston [Special GT]

(Car Appearance)

21SizzlerM. Martinopen CWfront
55Ginetta G4 FordJ. Absalomclosedfront
57Triumph GT6P. Baker--
60Lotus ElanD. Morton-front
62Lola T212 FordMogil Motors Ltd.openmid
63Gryphon C73J. Hughopen CWfront
65Mallock U2 Mk.11BJ. Bairdopen CWfront
66Fisher SpyderFisher Garage (Edin.)openmid
68Mallock U2 Mk.14M. Rossopen CWfront
69Lotus ElanA. Smith-front
71MG MidgetR. Rollo-front
74MG MidgetA. Woode-front
76Ardua Mk.4L. Aylottopenmid
77Mallock U2 Mk.8/11B FordK. McCormickopen CWfront
78Nathan GTR. A. Ross--
79Clan CrusaderRussell & McIntosh Ltd.closedrear
80Mallock U2 Mk.11B FordA. Mackintoshopen CWfront

Entered cars that did not arrive:

56Lotus ElanA. Souter-front
59Lotus ElanM. Nugentclosedfront
64Martin BM10 FordBradshaw Plant Hireopenmid
67Gryphon C4AR. MacNabopen CWfront
75Ginetta G4D. Rutherford--
82GinettaMarquis Motor Co.--
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