Event: SMT Trophy Race Meeting InglistonDate: 17.10.1976
Track: Ingliston Motor Racing Circuit (United Kingdom), 1.658 kmsOrganiser: Scottish Motor Racing Club

SMRC Ingliston [Special GT]

(Car Appearance)

2Chevron B26/31McLaren of Broxburnopenmid
6Mallock U2 Mk.17A. Smithopen CWfront
16Mallock U2 Mk.17BC. Hartopen CWfront
65Chevron B31Mogil Motors Ltd.openmid
72Chevron B23J. Bairdopenmid
74Mallock U2 Mk.16Dalgleish Baillie Ins Brokers Team Isisopen CWfront
75Marquis MagnumR. Forester-Smith--
79Gryphon C75AR. MacNabopen CWfront
80Mallock U2 Mk.17BS. C. Russellopen CWfront
83Lotus ElanD. Palmer-front
85Clan CrusaderAlex Smith Metalsclosedrear
90Davrian Mk.5K & F Metals--
91MG MidgetS. Robb-front
94DavrianB. Stevenson--

Entered cars that did not arrive:

17MallockR. Mallockopen CWfront
66MGB GTT. Brough--
77Lotus ElanA. Smith-front
78Lotus ElanJ. Mackie-front
82Lotus ElanArga (Precision Eng.) Co.-front
84Lotus SevenK. Shade-front
86DavrianK. Coleman--
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21 - Ferrari 250 GTO #3223GT - North American Racing Team