Event: Wynn's 1000 KyalamiDate: 5.11.1977
Track: Kyalami (South Africa), 4.104 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Kyalami 1000 Kilometres

Non championship race

(Car Appearance)

1Ford Escort RS 1800 Mk IIFordblack/yellow (+red)FINDLATER'SGoodyearCastrolclosedfront
2Ford Escort RS 1800 Mk IIFordblack/yellow (+red)Mampe/Halb und HalbGoodyearCastrolclosedfront
6BMW 2002 TurboWurth S.A./BMW Turbo Touring Schnitzerwhite (+red/dark blue/yellow)Rodenstock/WÜRTHDunlopCastrolclosedfront
7Ford EscortFord Motor Companywhite (+yellow)Hertz/RAND DAILY MAIL/FORDSclosedfront
8Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 GTVAlfa Romeo South Africared (+black/white)FINDLATER'S/Agipclosedfront
9Alfa Romeo Alfasud TIAlfa Romeo South Africared (+white)closedfront
10Mazda Capella RSCastrol Sigma Dealer Teamclosed-
11BMW 320BMW Junior Teamwhite (+blue/red)Standard Bank Card/BMW-Junior-TeamGoodyearCastrolclosedfront
12BMW 320BMW Junior Teamwhite (+blue/red)Standard Bank/BMW-Junior-TeamGoodyearCastrolclosedfront
13BMW 320BMW Junior Teamwhite (+blue/red)Stannic/BMW Sourth AfricaGoodyearCastrolclosedfront
14BMW 530i USB.M.W. Racing/Saloraclosedfront
15BMW 530i USBic Ballpoint PensVALVOLINEclosedfront
16Alfa Romeo GTVTeam Valvolinedark greenBANK of LISBOA/D.V.R. WORKSHOP PREPAREDGoodyearShellclosedfront
17Chevrolet 4100Curries Heriotdaleblackcosmetic e/HERIOTDALE/SUM PERLS/DUCKHMASDuckhamsclosed-
19Alfa Romeo GTVTeam Valvolineredmultiglass/D.V.R. WORKSHOP PREPAREDValvolineclosedfront
20Ford Escort GT Mk ITeam Valvolineyellow/blueSMITHS WHEELS/SABAT BATTERY/POWERGoodyearValvolineclosedfront
22Datsun 140YDatsun - Nissan--
23Fiat 132 GLSFiat Castrolblack (+dark green/red)Castrol/FIAT 132Castrolclosedfront
28Mini Cooper STeam Leylandclosedfront
39Mazda RX CoupeTeam Valvoline/Aloes Motorsorange (+white)ALOES MOTORS/WITBANKValvolineclosed-
42Alfa Romeo BerlinaTeam Minor MotorsredMINOR MOTORSShellclosedfront
47Alfa Romeo GiuliaP. Schadlichdark blue/green/redCastrolclosedfront

Entered cars that did not arrive:

3Ford Escort RSP. Booysenclosedfront
4Opel AsconaF. Carelloclosedfront
5Volkswagen SciroccoR. Lloyd--
18Chevrolet FirenzaIndex Machinery and Mining/Johannesburg Paint Suppliers--
21Ford Escort GTH. Dentonclosedfront
24Ford Escort LBroadway Ford Castrolclosedfront
25Volkswagen PassatLindsay Sakers--
26Mini Cooper SG. W. Clifton--
27Mini Cooper SDatona Leyland Fairview--
29Ford Escort GTJ. D. van Rensburgclosedfront
30Ford Escort GTW. Roosclosedfront
31Datsun 140Y CoupeDatsun - Nissan--
32Ford Escort GTBroadway Ford Castrolclosedfront
33Ford Escort LBrut Team Hypermarketclosedfront
34Mini de LuxeTeam Leyland--
35Ford EscortG. Vorsterclosedfront
36Ford EscortBroadway Ford Castrolclosedfront
37Mazda Capella RSCastrol Sigma Dealer Team--
38Mazda Capella RSCastrol Sigma Dealer Team--
40Ford CortinaAutosprint/Rhodesia Super V6--
41Mazda Capella RSRezek's Mazda/Team Castrol--
43Mazda Capella RSPremier Fibreglass--
44Alfa Romeo AlfettaGlenwood Motors--
45Dodge Colt GS CoupeTeam Lubrication Eng/Ronnie Bass Sigma--
46Alfa Romeo GiuliaGlenwood Motors--
48Datsun 140 GXW.W. Motors an derbijlpark--
49Fiat 124 STTeam Valvoline--
50Volkswagen PassatVolkswagen Bellville--
51Mini 1275 GTSJ. Smithclosedfront
52Alfa Romeo Alfasud TIAutosprint/Team Valvoline--
53Alfa Romeo Alfasud TIGlenwood Motors--
54Ford EscortI. Robinsonclosedfront
55Mini de LuxeMini Centre--
56Ford EscortA. Kinnearclosedfront
57Ford Escort GTTeam Castrolclosedfront
58Mazda RX-2A. Goetsch--
59Mazda RX-2R. Lange--
60Mazda RX-2Aloes Motors--
61Mazda RX-2R. Davis--
62Mazda RX-2Team Valvoline--
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